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  • The Challenge

    The Challenge

    The Challenge is a contest about being self- sufficient and living off the land for five years. The cast of characters come together in many unsuspecting ways. This is a journey that takes many twists and turns on its way to a competition winner and surprising destination. The competition is a story based on true grit and living a life from days gone by in a modern world. Everyday brings a new twist to an ever changing and exciting plot. In the Challenge you never know what will happen next and something always does!

    About the Author:

    Over the years my friends have tried to talk me into writing down some of my adventures that I always considered to be my dull and boring life. Once I retired I was out of excuses not to write so I really hope that you will all enjoy my story and future stories. Also for all of my many friends who have been both willing and unwilling participants of my life, I changed your names to protect your innocence. Thank you so much for being my friends. Please enjoy my book.

  • The Champion


    A misfit. A hero in disguise. A boy trapped in a reality where fear and pain keep him locked up inside, a prisoner to himself. His freedom can be found in another world that depends upon courage
    and bravery. A battle between the two worlds… between two selves. Will it always be one or the other? Weakness or bravery? Imprisonment or freedom? Who he is or who he wants to be? Can this misfit, united with another, find the courage to face the enemies that stand in his way or will he only ever be the hero of his imagination?

    About the Author:

    Karris Callahan is a young adult author and mentor who helps misfits embrace their differences and find their unique identity. Ever since she was young Karris has never been satisfied with the ordinary, leading her on many adventures in the process of pursuing studies and exploring her interests. She refuses to settle for anything less then to dream big dreams and is happiest while
    using her creativity to tell stories of all shape, size and form. Her deepest desire is to help others find their own voice and story in the midst of a world that has silenced many.

  • Patricia Crommett - The Folk of the Moth

    The Folk of the Moth: An Earth Legend

    In this world of myth and faery tale transportation is by one’s own hoofs or wings or the wings of the great-moth. Long distance communication is by “speaking mind.” Two tiny, six-winged faery go to seek the riders of the great-moth to learn the secret of the mother moth, twah.

    Led by the Black Faery, Sorro of the many dreams, they visit the mountain home of Gormaak, the Centaur. He guides the Faery and the Twahin across the glaciers to the edge of a high plateau. The small folk plunge into the unknown and come again to the City-on-the-Edge-of-the-World, the ancient home of their common ancestors.

    About the author:
    Patricia Crommett is a retired reading teacher. The Folk of the Moth is her first novel. She has recently completed a sequel.

    She lives with her dog and cats in a rambling house in a small town. She enjoys quilting and reading mysteries, especially Agatha Christie’s novels.

  • Kermit L. Krueger - The Gold Redemption

    The Gold Redemption

    For Jesse Riddle, time had brought too much change. Caught between the excitement of life on Harrison Avenue and his commitment to the Lord, it was time to decide. Work in the mines had exposed him to a new world of hard living and excitement. He knew the direction his life was taking was hurting his preacher-father, and he could not let that go on. As a boy, the church had been the center of his life. Now, he was being drawn to the exciting life that could be found in the saloons. Soon, he gained a reputation as a man to stand aside for on the Avenue. Yet, he could not shake the commitment he had made to the Lord. He needed to get away for a while where he could think. The mountains had always been his place of sanctuary. Would he find the answers there?

    About the author:

    All of my youth was spent dreaming of a land called Colorado. My life began in Iowa and from that perspective, it was hard to imagine what it would be like to live in a world so different from the one I knew. I was 29 before I got my chance and for the next 40 years, I worked and played in those magnificent mountains. I discovered a land of high places and vast expanses of wilderness. I visited the old mining camps and sought out the history of the colorful people that lived in those places so long ago. In so doing, I discovered a world of high adventure and larger than life characters that created an empire of freedom and opportunity like the world has never seen. I decided to put some stories together that closely paralleled the actual history of those places from a Christian perspective.

  • The Order of Seven

    The Order of Seven

    The Order of Seven is the spellbinding debut work of fantasy and science fiction by Charles J. Saporito that melds ancient history, dark drama, and mind-bending magic as it charts the journey if the Order of Seven, an ancient alliance formed to save humanity. Spanning seven planes of existence, this engrossing, fantastical foray into new realms pits a few choice mortals against fierce beings that may just hold the puppet strings to all of humanity.

    When the Order of Seven finds its ranks all but depleted, they must work fast to ensure that they can continue their mission to guard mankind against the forces from beyond this realm. Guided by prophetic scripts from the past, they must act quickly to stop the marauding entity named Seeker, who aims to capture Earth on his way to gaining mastery over the seventh plane. The Order of Seven renew their alliance with their longtime ally the Stamens, formerly the Knights Templar. Jon Andrews, leader of the Stamens, brings the two ancient allies together to quell the evil doings of the Scrutatores, as they attempt to unleash the full power of the ancient text upon the Earth.

    The Order of Seven and the Book of knowledge is the first book written by Charles J. Saporito. The Order of Seven is the first series from Charles J.

  • The Streets Keep Calling Me

    The Streets Keep Calling Me

    A young girl tries hard to fight her drug addiction cold turkey, but due to the skeletons hidden in her closet the streets keep calling her back.

    About the Author:

    Shirley Jordan is a mother of four and a grandmother of five, she was born and raised in Houston Texas and is a true entrepreneur. For ten years she was an owner, founder and operator of PlayHouse Cuts, a hair salon that catered to children of all ages and disabilities.

  • The Trauer Complex_front

    The Trauer Complex

    Randolf Servige a professor of English comes across the body of his colleague and with the assistance of an unorthodox psychiatrist Dr. Leopold Trauer sets out to find the killer. The novel is a satire on academia and psychiatry.

    About the Author:
    Stanley Nass has been a professor for 30 year at a New York City University. He is the author of 5 books in psychology including his best seller Turn Your Life Around. He has advance degrees from New York University and Columbia University.

  • 9781643988580_front


    When the ghosts met, there was much confusion. Stacey watched them come down the wide concourse, coming generally in his direction but without intention or purpose, appearing from the mist of months and birthdays and years and Christmases missed, a thousand greetings forsaken, ten thousand moments lost.… He had become accustomed to his being dead to them. Now. What. A resurrection? It was the older brother’s face that caused Stacey to think to turn and to run, … from the two revenants.

    About the Author:

    Earl Griffin was born in Childress County, Texas on February 20, 1953. He graduated from Texas Christian University and Texas Tech University School of Law. In 1992 he returned to Childress County to ranch with his brother. He has written The Escadara, The Last Orphan Maker and Trips.

  • Tropical Heatwave

    Tropical Heatwave

    Dennis, a young aspiring academic, becomes infatuated with a girl he meets while jogging on a beach in Barbados. An unplanned pregnancy ensues, and Dennis finds himself straightjacketed and dispatched into a marriage for which he is not ready. Now caught in a marriage of almost total incompatibility
    and one in which he saw a weak future, he tries to free himself. This opportunity comes in London when he meets his Venus, Pam, on a London Underground train on his way to work. But Pam is caught between her husband with whom she is not in love, Dennis and Sidney a friend with whom she had a brief relationship before meeting Dennis. Pam is ready to break free of her horrible marriage
    but must decide whether it will be Dennis or Sidney she settles for. But, unknown to her, her very good friend Jean is also making a bid for Sidney with whom she claims she had something going before
    Pam. She now sees Pam not as a friend but as a serious competitor and sets out on revenge grail which sees her spilling the beans on Pam and doing all it takes to prevent her getting close to Sidney. This boiling cauldron of deceit, disappointment and intrigue comes to a head in a volcanic outburst at the airport in Barbados where Pam declares her hand.

    About the Author:

    Dr Dean Alleyne was born in St Andrew, Barbados and educated at The Alleyne School, St Andrew and Harrison College, St Michael. After four years teaching, he moved to England where he completed a BA degree in Geography at Birkbeck College, London before resuming his career in teaching. He later completed an MEd at the University of Keele, North Staffordshire, and after retiring as a head of a secondary school, completed a Doctorate in Education at the Institute of Education, University of London.

  • War of the Fairies

    War of the Fairies

    The Baker children are visiting their grandparent’s farm after the death of their father. Life on the farm was a new experience for the children who were used to city life. It is here they discover strange insects with tiny voices.The scouts, who flew about in search of threats, the keepers, who were protectors, and the royal fairies. Now the children find themselves in the middle of a war between the forest fairies and the garden fairies and they find themselves protecting the royals from the dreaded grasshoppers and praying mantises who want to kill them.

    THE WAR OF THE FAIRIES is the eighteenth novel by Judy Lennington. It is written and dedicated to her grandson, Corey Baker, who left this world too soon, and his five children, Nikolas, Nathan,
    Adrienne, Vaira, and Kai.