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    No Son of Mine

    No Son of Mine, Kevin L Backer’s second novel, stands out as a story of love and perseverance during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. The novel addresses some of the consequences of gay youth come out to their families as well as the plight of throwaway youth on America’s streets. And in the end, love truly does conquer all – no matter who one loves!

    “I liked everything about this book. Kevin Backer showed a wonderful depth of feeling for his characters. I would recommend this book for everyone.”


    “Backer again shows in his writing a wonderful depth of feeling for his characters. They come to life and jump off the pages. I could not put this book down.”

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  • Skin


    A doctor is diagnosed with an incurable skin cancer. As he faces his mortality, and attempts to avoid it, his life parallels a New York family immediately recognizable as having a common thread with him. The doctor was adopted and has no known siblings or relatives. The doctor is offered an experimental stem cell transplant protocol and he matches someone from the international stem cell bank. The reader is led through the preparation for and the actual stem cell transplantation as seen through the eyes of an experienced physician, with detailed treatments and unexpected side effects. The reader will tour the cutting edge of cancer treatment at one of the world’s great institutions, and its effect on two families separated by 3000 miles. Adoption and its psychological legacy color the emotional roller coaster of stem cell treatments. It’s a story of two families, touched by and brought together by cancer.

    About the author:

    This is the first novel by Paul Raffer, MD, a Neurologist from Chula Vista, California, who like the protagonist in this book was adopted in New York City and grew up on a chicken farm on the Jersey shore. He attended Franklin and Marshall College where he played football and acted in the Green Room Theatre. He attended The New Jersey Medical School in Newark and received the Faculty Award at graduation for outstanding contributions to the school. He interned at Mt. Zion Hospital in San Francisco where he met and married his wife Donna, and they moved to San Diego for Neurology training at UCSD where he was Chief Resident. Paul had a solo private practice of neurology for 32 years until he got cancer and sold the practice. They have four daughters and four grandchildren, and he has returned to work part time as a Neurologist and medical-legal expert. He plays golf and tennis, and loves sports and music. He is especially fond of red wine and is known to sing at the Godfather Restaurant in San Diego after a few glasses.

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    T. Baby

    “Inside, I was terrified the bogey-man was coming to get me. ‘Mama help me…. I screamed’. Mama closed the door and walked away. Grandma said to me, ‘Tonya you have no use to a man in life, you can’t make a baby, what man is going to marry you, you are trash. How you are finish you may as well do what your Mama tells you to do’. My brothers and sister showed me no love. I was alone among them.”

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  • Rhiannon Mellen & A Bradbury

    Tablets of Immortality

    “Myron Selkirk finds a cave crystal that teaches him magic, but his friends find a nest of vampires who try to destroy them. Myron saves only one and takes Andy Hand to Los Angeles. They fall into a plot to recover stolen Egyptian artifacts and reunite them in ceremony. On the way they will fight vampires, werewolves, and entities from the void between the galaxies, rescue damsels in distress and get involved in many plots. Will Myron be able to bring Andy and Steve back from the dead? Exciting urban fantasy adventure awaits!”

    About the author:

    A. Bradbury is a fat old man with thinning hair and a love of exciting tales of might-be. He works as a railroad signalman, is married with five children and six (living) grandchildren. His hobbies include music (he plays guitar, organ & piano), role-playing games, chess and writing award-winning poetry. He has the obligatory housecat, although it isn’t the obligatory enormous.

  • Tales of Rattail the Squirrel

    Tales of Rattail the Squirrel

    This is a story about a little squirrel that has very little fur in his tail. He gets constantly teased by all the other squirrels that named him Rattail. Saddened by the way he was being treated he turns to his mother for consoling, which helps him. When his mother leaves to find some food Rattail watches her from his nest and spots the Big Black cat that lived close, who was getting ready to pounce on her. He runs down the tree and saves her. During his adventure he meets Logan who becomes his best friend. That was the beginning of many adventures for him which in the end makes him the hero to all the squirrels.

    Author Bio

    Born in Massachusetts and have lived there all my life. I have had many life experiences to write about. I have 4 children, 8 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren, all of who also give me inspiration for my stories. I love my family, children, animals and traveling.

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  • The Guardian: Book One The Misfit Series

    The Guardian: Book One The Misfit Series

    “Ms. Callahan offers a delightful and surprising story blend of history and fantasy set both long, long ago and also not quite so far away. Be sure to find a comfy chair before settling in with Cassie and Micah. Once you open the book, you won’t want to leave till it’s finished.”

    - Sandra Byrd, author of the best-selling Secret Sisters series.

    A misfit. An unlikely friend. A journey through a reality shattered by the tragedies of WWII. A discovery of a world beyond the pain of her own with the power to come out of the shadows and into a role that is hers alone. A battle between two worlds – will it always be one or the other_ Poverty or royalty; weakness or bravery; who she is or who she wants to be? Can this Misfit, united with another, find a way for their dreams to become reality? Or will their dreams remain just that…a figment of their imagination?

    About the author:

    KARRIS CALLAHAN a young adult author and mentor who helps misfits embrace their differences and find their unique identity. Ever since she was young Karris has never been satisfied with the ordinary, leading her on many adventures in the process of pursuing studies and exploring her interests. She refuses to settle for anything less then to dream big dreams and is happiest while using her creativity to tell stories of all shape, size and form. Her deepest desire is to help others find their own voice and story in the midst of a world that has silenced many.

  • The Honor of the Alejandros

    The Honor of the Alejandros

    Carolina was pregnant and abandoned by her husband and her family. She has had a rough pregnancy and has run out of money to support herself. Her brother-in-law has arrived to see her unexpectedly to tell her, her husband is dead. What will become of her? Read the story and find out.

    About the author:

    The author, Alyss Morgan, lives in Vilonia, Arkansas. She lives with her husband of 47 years and her cocker Spaniels and cats. She lives in the peace and quiet of the country and loves it. She is a devoted reader of fiction.



    Have you ever felt like something was watching you, in the place you’d least expect; out with friends on a warm summer night. You’re taken on an unexpected journey and discover a secret hidden within someone or something. This book is based on true events so brace yourself.

    About the author:

    Author Randall B. Linn has a very descriptive style of writing. He expresses his ideas in specific ways by using just the right word and putting it in just the right place. He developed his style from reading copious amounts of literature and studying science. The stories he writes tap into feelings of unfamiliarity within one’s self and spirituality. He writes non-fiction short stories that come from unique experiences he himself went through or things he seen happen to others in his past. The Thriller “The Night I Met the Devil” is the first of 5-series published from his collection. He writes stories based on true events that some might call scary; sometimes the truth is scary. Some people can face it head on; some run from it….

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    The Preacher’s Son, Kevin L Backer’s first novel, stands out as a heartwarming coming of age story for America’s gay youth. The exemplary novel details the decisions all gay youth must make-do they come out to their parents, family and friends? And face the consequences of their decisions? Or do they continue to hide who they are and who they love?

    “This was a great book, written very well, and a subject which affects so many lives today. It was very refreshing to hear that other people endure what others do. I would love to see more books like that.”

    “I love this book and had a very hard time putting it down. I couldn’t wait until the next day to read more. I kept wondering what was going to happen next with Paul and Jeremy. This book was very emotional for me because I grew up in a Pentecostal Free Will Baptist church and had heard all my life that being gay was a sin. I could feel the emotion of the characters in the book based on the experiences I have had in my life…this book is well written and would make a great movie. I could picture the characters in my mind as I read the book. This book made me anxious, laugh, cry and was a healing experience for me. I hope Kevin Backer will pursue the movie idea and write other books. Thanks Kevin I will never forget this book.”

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  • The Silent Armageddon

    The Silent Armageddon

    The events about to unfold could have taken place five years ago or could very well happen a week from now. The origin could come from any of many sources, with slight variations in the onset, but each leading to the same inevitable conclusion. These multiple sources could be the results of an economic collapse, pandemic, solar flare or as in this case an electrical magnetic pulse or E.M.P. The fundamental results would have been nearly identical. Banks would suddenly close, the government would shut down, and government checks (all subsidies) would come to an abrupt end. The inner cities would be the first to explode into violence throughout the streets and erupting into total and complete social chaos evolving into anarchy.

    Stores would be vandalized and food deliveries to these urban hell holes would stop immediately. This would then lead to escalating violence. Most people would seek shelter in their homes waiting for the local or federal government to intervene, while others would try to fend for their families. Then there would be those that would see this as an opportunity riot, steal, rape and destroy. Hence in the blink of an eye an unsuspecting nation is swept into “The Silent Armageddon.”.”

    About the author:

    Eugene Itnyre resides in Las Vegas, Nevada. Received a B.A. in History at Aquinas College. Having worked at the M.G.M. Grand Hotel and Casino for nearly 14 years in the Security Department. I had the opportunity to work many various special details. Often this included the Security of various dignitaries. This allowed me to work alongside and in conjunction with various other security forces. This including: Secret Service, Scotland Yard, Mossad, Department of Homeland Security and Las Vegas Metro Police Department.

    Being a licensed Open Water Diver and avid snorkeler it was from these multiple experiences that assisted me in drawing various ideas for the construction of this novel, along with a lot of research. The majority of the book is based on fact with only a few cases of falling back on literary licensing. This is a wake-up call to the people that haven’t had the time or opportunity to keep up on events taking place in the world today.

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