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  • Little Town of Secrets

    Vydia Trake has just moved to the quiet city of Thymburg with her high-spirited parents and annoying brother, Connor. Upon arriving to town, Vydia explores her new surroundings, only to find her neighbors act stranger than her family.

    When Vydia suspects serious problems among the citizens, Conner is hesitant to agree with her wild accusations – but when the truth is revealed, Vydia and Connor get thrown into a world of magic and mystery, while also accidently casting a curse that could bring an end to their new hometown.

    With the help of unlikely allies, Vydia and Connor must find a way to break the curse and stop a vengeful foe from bringing destruction to Thymburg – but how can they, when they don’t even know what they’re up against?

  • MacGonegal’s Zoo: Animalitos from A to Z

    About the Book
    Oaxacan woodcarvings collected by Susan Striker illustrate an alphabet of “animalitos” from A for Armadillo to Z for Zebra. These gaily colored, wildly imaginative and fanciful carvings from southern Mexico delight children as well as adults! author makes the original carvings available to museums and bookstores for exhibit.

    About the Author
    Susan Striker is the author of the best-selling Anti-Colorin Book® series with over one million books in print all over the world. Designed to stimulate creativity and encourage problem solving and critical thinking, the books help children draw their own pictures as well as their own conclusions about life. She also wrote Please Touch® (Simon & Schuster) which teaches parents and educators how to stimulate creativity through movement, music, art and play. Youn at Art® (Henry Holt) is a comprehensive text about the value and significance of early childhood art. That book clearly demonstrates the important link between early scribbles and later literacy. Named Outstanding Elementary Art Educator by_ the Connecticut Art Education Association tn 2008, Sue was recognized for significant contributions to the field of art education. The author taught elementary school art in Greenwich, Connecticut, where she was designated Distinguished Teacher. She has had a long, successful career teaching art to young children, has taught art education methodology to university students and developed art curricula. Susan’s Young at Art® curriculum for preschool and kindergarten was awarded Connectictut’s Celebration of Excellence for Creativity in the Classroom. She shares her innovative teaching ideas in workshops for parents and teachers in schools and universities all over the country.

  • Magical Wings: The Journey to Fudge Mountain

    Magical Wings the Journey to Fudge Mountain is the continuing sequel of Magical Wings. Join our beloved characters on their next adventures to the mysterious journey to Fudge Mountain; on Abi Gail Airlines and the mystery of the lost “I” sickle. We don’t wish to give away too much, it is a must read of mystery, fun and suspense!

    About the author:

    The author, Bobby Sherman, was born in Worcester Massachusetts. Growing up Bobby enjoyed playing the acoustic guitar, writing music and poetry, later developing a love for golf. He received a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Therapy from the University of Miami with a minor in Psychology, and practiced Music Therapy in Florida.
    When he lived in Texas, Bobby volunteered for the Special Olympics. He has since supported many causes; animal welfare, arts and culture, children, education, environment, health, human rights, politics, science and technology.

    Today Bobby owns a day spa called Essentials Retreat Day Spa. You can learn more at our website, www.essentialsretreat.com.

    For more information or to order any of the Magical Wings wonderful products please visit my website. www.magicalwingsjourney.com. There is also information regarding the Matt Sherman Foundation where all the proceeds of the books will be given.

    I reside in Largo, Florida with my rescues; my doggie Peaches, three cats Titolino, Candy, Manchess and two turtles and fish.


    To receive a dedicated signed copy by the author or more information on any of the fine products of Magical Wings; with much lower shipping prices; please visit my website. www.magicalwingsjourney.com.

  • Meredith Discovers Her Destiny

    Promises Made & Promises Kept

    Meredith, in a lazy mood, was in for a surprise that morning on the beach. A real live paintbrush had washed up on shore, asking for a lift. Yes, this little paintbrush was a chatterbox, actually, he was on a mission. Those two had a day of adventure as Meredith Discovers Her Destiny, that is, a passion and talent for her future. God cares for us by giving certain qualities that will make life fun. Watch out for gentle encouraging nudges that come to us now and again, in unexpected ways.

    About The Author

    Mary Lee Gutwein is an Author & Illustrator, and Artist. Her natural and whimsical style of Character in Caricature Storytelling lets humor and a good message from the Bible shine through. A self-taught and joyful Christian, home and heart are in Indiana and Naples, Florida, with her handsome husband. “Grandkids are just the best resources!”

    www.maryleegutwein.com and www.thecherrytreestories.com

  • Mommy and Daddy Are Having Another Baby Phoooey!

    Sade Grace is a child with a wild imagination , who is used to being the center of attention. When her
    parents announce there is another baby on the horizon, Sadie Grace is not happy. Mom and Dad must figure out a way to convince her that their love for her won’t change and they better do it quick because Sadie makes it clear she does not want to share and that’s that!

    About the Author:

    Kay Nicole Varner carries many titles yet her greatest accomplishment is being a Mom to her beautiful girls. Being an author is a bonus because it allows her to write on what she considers the three aspects of life:
    Love, Faith, Hope. Her messages are simple, Allow Faith and Love to guide you as you continue to have Hope navigating through life’s greatest challenges.

  • Moving Slowly

    Moving slowly, slow as can be.
    Moving slowly, what can it be?
    Moving slowly and carrying its house.
    Moving slowly as quiet as a mouse.
    Carrying its own house!
    How could that be?
    Moving slow, but carefully.
    Moving slow as slow as can be. What
    is it moving towards me?


    About the author

    Shirley Jordan is the youngest of seven children. She is a mother of four, three boys and one girl and a grandmother to five. She was born and raised in Houston, Texas and always puts her family first. Shirley is truly an entrepreneur, owning and operating a haircutting salon for children for ten years. She absolutely adores children. Shirley loves writing children’s books because she says, “Children don’t judge whether or not the pictures are perfect.” Shirley has no enemies and everyone falls in love with her smile. Her smile reflects her true heart and natural beauty. She loves to make people laugh, believing that laughter is good for the heart.

  • Ms. Lavender Periwinkle and the Bully

    Ms. Periwinkle is a daycare owner who teaches core values to her participants. She spins a story with significant moral lessons. When she encounters a bully at her daycare she leaps at the chance to show the bully the error of their ways. Bullying is a dilemma that consumes our schools and society. If the subject is addressed at a young age we can eradicate it from our world. Children learn by example and Ms. Periwinkle discusses subjects that tackle these issues in her books. Read “Ms. Lavender Periwinkle and the Bully” and see how she approaches the topic.

    About the Author:
    Michelle Allen hails from Los Angeles but has resided in Seattle for over forty years. Professionally, Michelle was a Head Start teacher, a Recreational Leader and owned and operated her own daycare. Michelle loves animals, especially dogs and horses. She is an avid reader and loves photography.

  • Mud Flower: The Barefoot Princess

    This is a fictional story about a 7 years old Princess who is curious and disobedient, and these traits lead to her getting lost in the woods and kidnapped to be sold as a slave of a cruel king.

    She is rescued by a family of people who lives in the woods, but loses her memory for 7 years not recovering it until after she is kidnapped and sold again to the bad king. Through this ordeal she learns about family love, the good deeds that strangers can often do for other people, as well as the evil that lives in the heart of many.

    The Princess eventually finds true love and happiness. And all live happily everafter.

  • Narnols, Blumblums, & Friends

    A collection of rhymes and poems for children ages 4-10 or for parents to read to preschoolers for their enjoyment. The themes cover animals, activities that children indulge in, ideas that challenge them or they could pursue creatively. The book introduces new vocabulary not common to everyday use which will be easily understood in their context. There is humor, adventure, and familiar situations which they can identify with.

    About the Author:

    Manila born author, Maryknoll College alumna; graduate studies at Stanford, Santa Clara, USF, 46 years’ experience with early childhood education and administration; owner/director of Lilliput infant/toddler center for 35 years in Palo Alto, California

  • Night Night, My Love

    Night Night, My Love is a short bedtime story that beautifully describes the bedtime process and the love that is shown by a parent for their child during that time. The poetic approach to this book hopefully will be able to put a calm to that sometimes hectic process of going night night.

    About the Author:

    Deborah Lorenzo was born and raised in a small town in Pennsylvania. She left the small town for a few years to further her education and obtain her Bachelors of Science Degree in Nursing. She has since moved back to that small town and today, currently practices as a registered nurse. She loves baking, bike riding, walking, gardening, and crocheting and it was only recently that she began to have a desire to write children’s books. With a strong faith and support of family she was able to turn that desire into a reality with the publication of her first two children’s books.




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