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  • Chidi Asika Enahoro - The Cancer Game

    The Cancer Game : Reflections on the Mystery Journey

    “You have Cancer”

    Cancer is the most dreaded diagnosis currently ringing true in every hospital around the world. Too many people (young and old), are helplessly succumbing to cancer at an alarming rate.


    The Cancer Game is a fascinating in-depth peek at what it feels like to be diagnosed with a deadly disease like cancer. It explores simple uplifting techniques victims can utilize to cope with the inevitable fear and complications associated with this new health epidemic. 

    Chidi has gone through this deadly disease 3 times, yet she is upbeat about life. She knows an amazing amount about utilizing a variety of healing modalities and has experienced what it’s like to be on the brink of death but come back fully to life through the miraculous grace of God. Discover new dimensions of a miraculous journey through Chidi’s unconventional treatment escapades in Africa and beyond.

    The Cancer Game attempts to provide alternatives by succinctly delving into established norms. Chidi utilized a wealth of pragmatic information from a variety of tested and tried tips. She uncovered and realistically presented well arranged basic concepts of what every victim of this disease needs to consider in order to survive. Learn how cancer victims can matintain comfortable and dignified life styles while going through the stages of the illness by discarding all fears and staying present in each moment. Explore the healing powers of fearless faith and not religiosity.


    About the author:

    Chidi Asika Enahoro is a Rehabilitation Consultant and a certified Master Life Coach. She has an extensive counseling background in mental health for more than 25 years. Chidi is a spiritualist who has a deep understanding of human nature and believes in oneness. She is an avid reader and a prolific writer who has published 5 acclaimed books; (A Slice of Africa; Innocence Interrupted; Till Cheating Do Us Part; Hear Me Out and Lifeline); all available on www.amazon.com; www.innocenceinterrrupted.com; www. loveandbalance.com and www.lifelinemiracle.com. The Cancer Game is the reflections on Chidi’s trials and tribulations while surviving cancer 3 times.

  • The Chauncey Street Monster: Domestic Violence Is a Worldwide Epidemic That Has to End

    He gave the girls $8.00 and sent them to the corner store to get some chicken. He then took my sister in the house, shot her 3 times in the torso, and as she laid on the floor helpless, he pointed the gun to the back of her head and shot her 3 more times at the back of her head, to ensure she was dead. After this heinous act, he ran into hiding. That monster was on the loose and the hunt was now on to capture THE CHAUNCEY STREET MONSTER.

    About the author:

    Dr. Kirt Gonzales is an ordained minister and conference speaker, who holds doctoral degrees in Theology and Christian Counseling. At his private counseling practice, he specializes in Anger Management, Depression, and Grief, and after the murder of his baby sister, he had to use all of his counseling techniques on himself. Dr. Gonzales has now devoted his life to being an advocate for domestic violence with the hopes of shedding great light to this world wide epidemic.

  • The Chosen Path: Based on the Life of Elizabeth Van Lew

    This is the true story of an unsung American hero who put her desire for the preservation of the Union, and the ending of slavery before her very own life. When supporting the breakaway Confederacy was the proper thing to do in Richmond in 1861, she chose to support the North. Her genuine humanitarian efforts on behalf of the Union prisoners lead to her gaining military information from them that she securely passed on continuously to Washington. She is rated one of the best Spymasters of all time and is in the Military Intelligence Hall of Fame.

    (She is America’s second Spymaster, George Washington was the first)

    Author Bio

    Born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Dr. Wyman is a veteran of the US Army and a retiree with 22 years with the Central Intelligence Agency. He has served 4 years in the Middle East and traveled extensively domestically and worldwide. He is an author, artist, athlete, public speaker, creator of over 100 historical PowerPoint presentations, a watercolor portrait painter, professional Ballroom Dance Instructor and a 10-year Board Member of the Sons of the American Revolution. Dr. Donald Paul Wyman, BS, MA Ph.D.

  • The Edge of the Field

    The Edge Of The Field is based on my personal experiences of “gleaning and gathering after the Reapers and Gleaners at the edge of the Field”.

    The Harvest is great and enormous. Not only is there a need for “Ruths” to glean and gather after the Reapers and Gleaners in the Fields, there are times that we are called on immediately and urgently for a specific purpose that needs attention right then.

    About the author:

    Austine Royer Smith is a mother, grandmother, great grandmother, homemaker and member of the First Baptist Church of Garden City, Georgia and serves her Lord by fulfilling speaking engagements in churches, civic organizations and broadcast programs. She has a three-year Diploma from Rhema Bible Training Correspondence Center of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

    The author is Founder of Ruth 2:7/Founding House Ministries established upon a vision given to her by God during her mission trips to Haiti. The purpose of these ministries is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to provide a shelter as well as secular and religious instruction for many of the homeless Haitian children found abandoned in the streets and jungles of that impoverished, voodoo-infested nation. Statistics have shown that only about half of such children will survive.

    All proceeds from this book will go to the
    Ruth 2:7/Founding House Ministry
    P.O. Box 18114, Garden City, GA 31418.

    Austine is also a Trustee of the Zechariah House Ministries that is involved with the Salvation, Health and Prosperity of street addicted women and women who are in jail. This ministry offers Salvation, Deliverance and Bible Training to get these women back into society victoriously.

    For further information on these Ministries, for speaking engagements or for ordering additional copies of this book and of Mrs. Smith’s other titles. Haiti is Waiting, If that isn’t Love, The Edge of the Field, Present Bouquets, Boci’s New Shoes, Grandma Waves with her Heart. Please write to the author at the above address.

  • the GIFT

    The author is writing this book to let you know how the legal process is supposed to work. Stories been told that the system is corrupt. If you don’t believe in the process, if the system is abused and we must stop blaming what is written to reveal who are abusing the law.

  • The Hard Way

    This book is the story of one man’s journey through life. It is about his life from birth until the present and features the ups and downs of his life. There are tragedies and triumphs, many that are unique just to his life. His life was normal until his mother died when he was seven years old. The following years were a difficult time for him and his siblings. Does he ever find
    happiness and peace? Read and see.

    About the author:

    Barnie is and has been an accomplished artist for more than sixty years but has found the joy of writing included in his talents late in life. He has done paintings for covers of books for other authors and have illustrated several books but did not know he could write until in his late sixties. He enjoys writing and hopes to write in years to come.

  • The Knock

    The Crockett family is a soccer family. All three of their sons grew up playing on tournament teams, so naturally when their youngest son, Dusty, scores the winning goal for the state championship game, the Crocketts host a celebration for the teammates and their families. The only downside to the get-together is that their oldest son, Travis, is unable to be there. Travis Crockett is a hero to all of the members of Dusty’s soccer team, especially after he singlehandedly beat all fifteen of them at King of the Mountain last summer. But as a Navy SEAL, he has the respect of most people. His love for family and country is catching, so even though he is currently serving in Afghanistan, the partygoers can’t help but ask the Crocketts how he’s fairing and reminisce about their favorite times with Travis, especially after his wife, Laci, shows up with news from her ultrasound. The Crockett family thought they had planned the perfect day, that is until The Knock. Join new author Marc Hardage in this heartbreaking novel about the impact one man’s life has on those around him.

    “As an enlisted member and a chaplain who has served in this admirable community for thirty-six years, I consider The Knock extraordinary. It is a picture of the countless sacrifices that are continually made by the brave service members who serve in this nation’s military and their families. Less than 1 percent of the population of this nation is willing to serve in that capacity. The Knock reminds the reader that freedom is never free!”

    —Chaplain Ted Wilson, OCFD

    Author Bio

    MARC HARDAGE lives in Norman, Oklahoma, with his wife of thirty-four years, Janet. They have three sons, Seth, Ty, and Colt. Marc is a regional marketing director for 5Star Life Insurance Company and has been in the insurance business for over twentyfive years.

  • The Last of the Pioneer

    This story is unusual but true – as told by those who lived overlapping lives with those who were eyewitnesses. The story is about the lives of four generations of ancestors beginning in old Europe and then coming to America in the 1800’s with a wave of other immigrants. They moved westward, lured by the promise of homesteads. They became the last of the pioneers as they reached the wilderness frontiers of Canada and the far West. They were held back by the Dust Bowl and the Great Depression but escaped to something better in California.

  • The Life of the Leader: In Loving Memory of Deng Ter Thach

    The Life of the Leader shares personal stories and leadership principles of an unsung hero who successfully applied his leadership skills and talents to change lives of hundreds of people both in South Sudan and Gambella Region of Ethiopia. Deng Ter Thach, 45, who died on November 24, 2017 in Assosa, Ethiopia after a short heart related illness, attained remarkable achievements through hardwork and collaborations with many people across different races and backgrounds.

    His principles of success as a leader are shared by more than 100 people interviewed and provided their perspectives and experiences of Deng Ter Thach during six and half months long interviews.  The qualities of leadership, which include planning, relationship building, visioning, changing, action taking, valuing, focusing, charisma and supplying, as shared by participants and grouped in chapters in the book, are the major reasons for his success.  The recommendations and suggestions of how to tackle big issues and overcome personal, political and economic challenges are provided at the end of the chapter 10, and this book also incorporates encouragement and sympathetic comments from number of people across the globe.


    About the author:

    Gatluak Ter Thach, PhD is the founder, president/CEO of Nashville International Center for Empowerment (NICE). He is an adjunct professor at Tennessee States University’s Public Service Leadership Department, as well as a visiting professor in a number of universities. Dr. Thach is a refugee and an immigrant rights activist, who serves on board of directors for several organizations in USA and globally. The author received numerous awards in leadership, management and in community services, including White House Champion of Change Award from President Obama, CEO of the Year Award, Distinguished Service Award, Human Right Rising Advocate Award, Community Empowering Award, New Immigrant Leadership Award, among others.

    He is also the author of My New American Dream. His upcoming books comprise of, “The Sustainable Integration for the New Hope” and “Why My People Continuing to Suffer in South Sudan.” He is a management and leadership consultant; an expert in community and organizational development, program and budget plan and management, strategic planning, collaboration, partnership building, resource development, strategic advocacy, and executive coaching. The author earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics, Master’s degree in Public Service, and a Doctorate degree in Organizational Leadership with an emphasis on Strategic Planning and Management.


    After Father left to catch the last train, I stood there looking in the direction of the train station until it was too dark to see anything. Afterwards, I went to my bed, lay down, and covered my face so my roommates could not see me cry. I was seventeen years old, almost a man, and a grown man didn’t cry even if he felt so terribly alone. Growing up in Poland at the start of World War II, Bogdan Tukiendorf lived through the clash of German, Russian, and Polish armies, the German occupation, the separation of his family, and a difficult immigration to the U.S. The Long, Hard Road details his journey from a farm in Poland to inner-city Chicago. Saddled with a knee injury from an early age, Bogdan limped through childhood and visited makeshift wartime hospitals as his knee worsened. His health prevented him from migrating to the U.S. with his family, so at seventeen he was left alone in a strange German city. The Long, Hard Road shares Bogdan’s experiences from the war, such as his family’s cooperation with the Polish freedom fighters, tenuous friendship with the occupying German commander, the fear of neighbors betraying them, his life in the netherworld while waiting to immigrate, his voyage to a free land, and his struggle to succeed in a new country. This engrossing autobiography will capture your attention as you read firsthand the story of one who survived World War II.