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  • Of Raincrows and Ivy Leaves


    This is a remarkable book. It tells the story of an apparently ordinary American who happens to be born in extraordinary times and who is, therefore, forced to live an exceptional life. Edgar Brown is a member of that generation which fought both the Great Depression and World War II, and prevailed! Thus, this story of one man’s life becomes the story of the history of our country through some of its most dramatic and significant times in microcosm. But beyond that, “Of Raincrows and Ivy Leaves” reveals a very human life. In detail that is startling, unsparing and remarkably straightforward, we get to know a person, better perhaps than we know even some of those closest to us.

    About the author:

    Dr. Judith A. Brown first met Edgar Brown, World War II veteran, music teacher and counselor, in
    1974 when they were employees at the same school facility. They married soon after. She, like him, is an educator with an advanced degree in the subject. Together, they built a number of houses and lived with their family of children and pets, amidst their circle of students, advisees, colleagues, and friends in Missouri.

  • One Year in Africa

    Hans van den Houten. One Year In Africa: 1964-65

    A man’s experiences of his life in Africa (Congo, Burundi and Rwanda) during 1964-65.

    “I felt wrapped in a dense heat, laden with moisture and many indefinable odors. Decaying vegetation from strange and exotic trees and plants mixed their fragrances; these were the smells of Africa.” (p. 1).

    Hans van den Houten vividly talks about his experiences of one year in Africa from the moment he arrives in Congo Léopoldville, for his first assignment as an international employee of Shell, to the moment he departs: “Now with the closure of the door, the envelope sealed, and experiences –some bad, but mostly good– were contained and locked into my memories of one year in Africa.” (p.182).

    Social life, parties, dancing and music events, politics, business issues and challenges, sports and everyday life, love affairs, weekends on the Congo River, difficulties and risky situations, such as crocodiles and burglars, Burundi drummers and dancers: those are some of the topics that come across the entire book to illustrate the author’s adventurous and rather interesting life in Africa.

    His writing style with the simplicity and immediacy of his voice makes it a fascinating book!

    About the author

    Hans van den Houten started his career with Royal Dutch Shell and spent several years in Africa, the Republic of Congo Leopoldville, the Kingdom of Burundi, and the Republic of South Africa, in several managerial positions. He has been a senior executive with The Chase Manhattan Bank, Moody’s Investors Service, Dun & Bradstreet International, Fitch Investors Service, and the Republic National Bank of New York and he served as Director/Finance of The Museum of Modern Art in New York.

    Hans was President and a longstanding Board Member of The Netherland-America Foundation in New York. He was a co-founder The Chase Alumni Association, the Dutch Financial Club of New York, and The Artist Choice Museum. He also became a Board Member of the ReachAnother Foundation based in Bend, Oregon, USA.

  • Outhouse to Whitehouse

    In his autobiography, Jimmy Mosley portrays what life was like for a young black man living on a plantation in southern Mississippi. During his lifetime, he was also exposed to the racist practices within the infamous ceremonial unit serving at the White House. Even in extremely different circumstances. Jimmy found that life is not about what you are given, but about self-motivation, determination to win and succeed, and willingness to make a change. It is still possible for people to overcome barriers, even in a country where fathers often abandon their children, where people ignore the wisdom of the past, and where people have turned away from the teaching of God.

    In his life, Jimmy Mosley has seen numerous examples of God freely giving grace to the needy. As a teacher, Jimmy Mosley has found that his students have always enjoyed listening to his stories about his past. By remembering the past and being committed to being the best we can be, we will realize how blessed we truly are.

    About the author:

    Jimmy Mosley is a father, educator, veteran, husband, and a Christian believer. He is fifty-three years old and has a message for humankind. His book is a generational message about responsibility, hope, commitment, encouragement, and change.

    His thirty-five years of military service and thirty-three years of committed married life have taught him many
    informative and inspirational lessons. Jimmy Mosley is a Sunday School teacher and a mentor for youth challenge programs, and he enjoys fishing.

  • Phyle of a Scorpion

    Every individual is distinctly unique—–almost

    You live a perfectly normal life, going shopping, work, working out all the rest. You know yourself and you have never remotely suspected that anything is even faintly amiss. Imagine the shock coming face to face with you—–and it’s not a mirror. No apparition or trickery, it’s just you staring back…

    Now you are close to understanding Shawnyboy’s confusion. Coming face to face with an ultra real mirror with no glasses. Having being unaware of his clone’s existence and suddenly discovering that there is not just one, but 8 can be too much for anyone to handle.

    Phyle of a Scorpion returns with an all new fresh comedy adventure, and this is the prequel to how it all began— it’s very genesis. The main character “Shawnyboy” has been cloned, but he lives his normal life oblivious of this. As nothing can remain a secret forever, he eventually finds out. Not just one as he hoped. Not even two or three but full 8 of his look alikes are out there, and he’s trying to find them all as he figures out why he was cloned to begin with.

    Author Bio:

    Born in Roswell, NM, Shawn is very certain he had nothing to do with the aliens! Known to be mysterious, he is usually the quiet one and giving off the personality of being shy. Little did everyone know, all it took was a moment in the spotlight to get him going. Shawn became known for being very creative when it came to writing and acting. After seeing how friends and family responded to his random skits, he knew he had found his one true gift. Things began to take off in the right direction bringing in more and more positive results on a consistent basis. The guy that was supposed to be quiet and shy soon became daring and bold. Shawn’s accomplishments have given him the reputation as “The Chosen One” of his family.

  • Pop A Yellow Smoke and Other Memories!

    Pop A Yellow Smoke – has 28 chapter/stories. They are all true, poignant, yet often humorous stories that people need to read. They are the kind of stories our children need to have in their mind and heart about Vietnam. There has been so much bad print, this is a refreshing point of view suitable for the whole family, and very entertaining too!

    These educators and leaders have said:

    Pop A Yellow Smoke and other memories by W. Charles Truitt, a vivid story of a United
    States Marine in the Vietnam War. Chuck Truitt was a student at Tennessee Temple University, Chattanooga, Tennessee, beloved by faculty and students. The man lives with a burden for others. His deep concern led him back to the work of missions and helping others to trust and follow Christ! I received his book – read it with great interest! Note the pictures and illustrations.

    Dr. Lee Roberson, Chancellor, Tennessee Temple University

    *** ***

    Pop A Yellow Smoke is a must-read! It is a true gripping story from the Vietnam war. The author, Chuck Truitt, has been a missionary to our military for the last 20 years. As a true champion soldier and missionary, Truitt’s heart for America and God is revealed in this story.

     – Dr. D. Bradley Price, Charlotte, North Carolina

    *** ***

    Pop A Yellow Smoke is a must read for any Vietnam veteran or for family and friends who know a Vietnam Vet! For those who served in Nam it will bring back lots of memories. I read it in one sitting.

    -Dr. Tim Lee, USMC – Retired

    *** ***

    I have known Chuck Truitt for many years and was in correspondence with him while he served on Okinawa. I believe he is a faithful missionary pastor, and has a heart for people… His book will be a source of encouragement to you.

    Dr. J. B. Buffington, Lakeland, Florida

    *** ***

    Pop A Yellow Smoke is captivating history of being ‘in country” during the Vietnam War.

    Chuck Truitt is a Christian, a missionary, a husband and a father, but he is also a MARINE. These first-person stories are captivating and challenging. There is no doubt in my mind that a student of history, Vietnam, or military conflict of any era will enjoy this book heartily. Chuck Truitt is a man who has stood for his country and for his Lord.

    Dr. Mark Rasmussen, Dean at West Coast Baptist College, Lancaster, California

    *** ***

    Pop A Yellow Smoke Factual! A description of a courageous war by many of our American young men and women. As a fellow Marine, it brings back many memories. Anyone wanting a personal insight into Vietnam should read this book. Chuck is a great Marine and a wonderful soldier of the cross.

    Dr. David E. Bouler, President, Tennessee Temple University, Chattanooga, Tennessee

  • Prescriptions for Boredom: Take Two a Day

    In the wildly colorful custom of storytelling from the Midwest, Prescriptions for Boredom brings to life many fanciful, eccentric, and earthy characters, from great-grandma Celie LeFlambeau wearing army fatigues when she died and being buried as an “Unknown Soldier” by those who knew her best in her small town, to Uncle Pud whose wartime wounds took away his face but left him with uncanny ability to inspire those around him.

    Clark conveys a feeling of the oral storytelling tradition, as if the words have been handed down over generations family history right alongside Indian tales that waver at the edge of the unreal at once entertaining and culturally significant.

    Of the thirty-six superbly descriptive stories herein, twenty are historically accurate while only sixteen are fiction. But as Clark says, “Truth is stranger than fiction, and it’s hard to differentiate between the two!”

    Author Bio

    Ruth Ada Clark was educated at the University of Dubuque, Loras College and the University of Iowa. Mrs. Clark has written numerous short stories, an operetta, songs for motion pictures, as well as a memoir published in 2011 entitled Beauty in Bent Grass. She has retired from her teaching position, still lives in Iowa, and is still writing. Prescriptions for Boredom is Clark’s second published book.

  • Present Bouquets

    Austine Royer Smith is a mother, grandmother, great grandmother, homemaker and member of the First Baptist Church of Garden City, Georgia and serves her Lord by fulfilling speaking
    engagements in churches, civic organizations and broadcast programs. She has a three-year Diploma from Rhema Bible Training Correspondence Center of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

    The author is Founder of Ruth 2:7/Founding House Ministries established upon a vision given to her by God during her mission trips to Haiti. The purpose of these ministries is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to provide a shelter as well as secular and religious instruction for many of the homeless Haitian children found abandoned in the streets and jungles of that impoverished, voodoo-infested nation. Statistics have shown that only about half of such children will survive.

    All proceeds from this book will go to the
    Ruth 2:7/Founding House Ministry
    P.O. Box 18114, Garden City, GA 31418.

    For further information on these Ministries, for speaking engagements or for ordering additional copies of this book and of Mrs. Smith’s other titles. Haiti is Waiting, If that isn’t Love, The Edge of the Field, Present Bouquets, Boci’s New Shoes, Grandma Waves with her Heart. Please write to the author at the above address.

  • Proud American: The Migrant, Soldier, and Agent: Revised Edition

    The writing was thought-provoking, and I enjoyed the little instances of humor that were thrown in.

    The Hungry Monster Book Review

    During an era of contentious debate about immigration, especially regarding immigrants from Mexico, Tinoco provides a fascinatingly complex perspective as a first-generation American citizen.

    Kirkus Review

    This is a touching, heartfelt story of survival and overcoming struggle.

    Michelle Dwyer, You First Review

    This book is riveting and engaging from the first page to the last. I enjoyed every moment and honestly was sad when it was over.

    Kathryn Bennet, Reader’s Favorite

    A well-told tale, Proud American is one of those stories that succinctly captures what it takes to succeed as a migrant in the United States.

    Arya Fomonyuy, Reader’s Favorite


    * * * * *

    Being the only child of a single mother, Sergio was raised by his maternal grandparents in a South Texas region better known as the Rio Grande Valley. This memoir details the upbringing of a poor Migrant worker of Mexican descent having to pick crops for a living since the age of seven. As a way to break from the family cycle of picking crops and depending on government welfare programs, he joined the United States Army and served ten years active duty. He deployed to Bosnia-Herzegovina shortly after the Bosnian War only to find and deal with the aftermath of the genocide that took place there and be caught in the middle of several attacks. His experiences in Bosnia ultimately led to experiencing signs and symptoms related to PTSD. After completing ten years of military service, Sergio joined the U.S. Border Patrol. Being of Mexican descent, having family in south Texas, and in Mexico gave way to new issues of having to counter threats against his family and ill-willed opinions of him for arresting and deporting “his own kind”.

    * * * * *

    Bravery, hard work, and perseverance – Sergio Tinoco lived by these qualities to escape the life of a humble migrant laborer in the United States. Follow his journey from a bullied child who struggled with learning English to a man who has lived through war, tragedy, and poverty and came out on top.
    Between the Army and the DHS, he has worked in government service for over twenty years. He earned a master’s degree in organizational management. His wife, also a military veteran, works for the Department of Veterans’ Affairs. Together, they strive to provide greater opportunities and aspirations to their kids.

    Connect with Sergio Tinoco through his website, www.proudamericanjourney.com

  • Prune City: GROWING UP IN PRUNE CITY, DALLAS, OREGON (1917 – 1936)

    Marianna Peters, the daughter of German-speaking parents, takes us back to quieter times when a family’s life and industry was centered in the family farm. As you read Growing Up in Prune City, you will walk through that delightful time at the turn of the century when the “stuff” of life for many families consisted of hard work, making clothes, cooking, baking, and canning, along with social breaks for church and school. In 1917, the Peters and other farmers planted many acres of prune trees around Dallas, Oregon. The town became known as “Prune City.” Prunes were shipped from Dallas throughout the United States, to other countries, and to troops deployed in Europe.

    You will enjoy getting to know Marianna, the youngest of four siblings, as she goes to the small country church where she learned, and then embraced, her family’s religious values and practices. You will sit beside her in a country school as she learns. You’ll smile with her at cherry and prune-picking antics and activities. You will watch her play with other young friends as they wait for the daily mail delivery. You’ll hear her gasp, a few years later, when her name is called as valedictorian for Dallas High School’s graduating class of 1934. Then after a few years in college, your heart will be warmed as you see her falling in love and becoming Mrs. Elvin Quiring.

    About the author:

    JULIA D. QUIRING-EMBLEN is Marianna Peter’s daughter and Jason M. Quiring is her first grandson. Both spent countless hours listening to the stories Marianna told about her life on the farm. For years, Grammie, as Marianna is called, entertained neighbor kids, her own children and grand children, and the children in her classrooms as she told these delightful stories. With her permission, we have captured a few of these stories of her life in Prune City, Julia Quiring-Emblen lives in Dallas, Oregon

  • Pursuit of a Passion

    “After being pronounced dead in the hospital, I came back to life…”

    In this manuscript, the author writes about his drama-filled existence that has taught him many important life lessons. The book begins with Mr. Finkley sharing memories of growing up under the roof of a strict father in Virginia. Enlisting in the United States Army pushed Mr. Finkley’s personality and beliefs to the brink of falling apart. After barely escaping service with his personality intact, the author began to embrace his true self. Writing helped guide Mr. Finkley into following his dreams. The manuscript concludes with “Abraham Jr.’s Corner,” a story about following “one of the few free black families in the south” following World War II. This work may appeal to readers who enjoy inspirational books.