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  • The Unseen Hand

    The Unseen Hand

    Time can heal the wounds of the past. Can it also revive the flames of love that was once doused by the cruel hands of fate?

    Vic is always prepared to face the worst challenges that life can throw his way. What he’s never prepared for is meeting Rita and falling in love with her. Now, is his love for her enough to conquer the challenges of love and life?
    A young girl who is ready to give affection to everyone she knew, that is Rita. But when she meets Vic along the way, she is willing to give her heart to him, not just her fondness. She knows he is the right man for her, will everyone agree with her?
    No one is ever prepared to hear the answers when it comes to love and fate.

  • True Confession:  A Close Call Back To Prison

    True Confession: A Close Call Back To Prison

    Neither the Electrical field, clothing store or sale of drugs were able to make a change to bring Peter closer to becoming wealthy, till eventually Peter ended up in prison being caught with cocaine where he became diagnosed with being schizophrenic because he was un able to cope with prison life.
    He was later released from prison and got a job as an electrical inspector where he later decide to abstract electricity from the power company and was caught and barely missed going to prison for a second time as he was given a suspended sentence.
    Now Peter is presently employed with an electrical company where he is in the process of seeking a loan from an institution to pay off the back fees that he owes the power company.

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  • Truth To Our Scandal

    Truth To Our Scandal

    Truth to Our Scandal is about a woman named Rees, that goes through life wanting this happily ever after but the choices she made took her life through some things she didn’t expect to happen. She has a son from a previous relationship that she expected to last but didn’t. She falls for this church boy named Lay whom she has another baby but only to find out that he wasn’t heaven sent. So in the midst of the confusion this guy name Macc was coming around they started kicking it but she chose to stay with Lay, the guy she had a baby by and she married him. Three years went by and there was no happily ever after with them.

    An old flame which is Macc comes back into her life as she goes through her separation with her husband. Macc and Rees this go round just couldn’t leave each other alone. But this time around Macc is not single. He is actually in a relationship with his on and off again fiancé. The risk and choices Macc and Rees make you will not believe! There are secrets, lies, sex, scandal and truth based upon real life situations. Read how the story unfold as I take you through the Truth to Our Scandal.

    About the author:

    My name is Teresa Johnson I am from Roselle NJ. I am a wife and a mother. I am a very passionate and strong woman that involves God in everything that I do. I live by faith, love and loyalty. I’m young at heart and a mind of wisdom. I always used to write when I was a kid, it was one of my favorite things to do. But, I took a break. Life was taking me in all different directions but when things started to come together in 2015-16 my husband brought to my attention that I should write again and that’s what I started to do. Now this is my first book and I am so pleased and ecstatic to share a part of my life with everyone. I hope you all will enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed writing it.



    Mi nombre es Israel Coy, Proveniente de Centroamérica, Estoy completamente orgulloso de compartir mi historia con todos ustedes quienes lean mi obra.

    A mi temprana edad he pasado por muchas cosas de la vida, como cuando busqué mi primer empleo en la ciudad de Poptun Peten, Allí fue que comencé a valorar a cada paso que daba.

    Por eso el 12 de febrero inicie mi viaje en la tierra de las oportunidades en Norteamérica, para un mejor futuro, un mejor empleo, una mejor visualización de perseguir mis sueños, En cuanto llegue en Norteamérica de inmediatamente me ingrese en una escuela; efectivamente me gradué en junio 2016, obviamente para mí no fue fácil para lograr lo que ahora tengo, luche en contra de los obstáculos sin importar lo que se imponía en mi camino.

    Ahora en la actualidad me he dado cuenta que yo estoy en contra del aborto porque es un acto criminal.

    Les digo yo no soy político, pero estoy en contra de las políticas del señor presidente Trump.

    Por lo tanto, me he motivado de motivar a ustedes que suenan por llegar a una tierra de oportunidades por lograr sus sueños por llegar a la cima resuelven las dificultades y les dará un resultado de prosperidad y la gran importancia de cada uno de ustedes que deseen llegar a sus destinos.

    Author Bio:

    Mi nombre es Israel Coy; Tengo 20 años de edad, Nacido el 1996 en la aldea de La Compuerta Poptún Peten Guatemala, A los cinco años de edad me había ingresado en la primaria, estudié sin importar lo que se interponía en mi camino, finalmente me gradué y luego, quise ayudar a mis parientes, fui en la ciudad de Poptún en busca de un mejor empleo, pero la situación en mi país es muy escasa, por eso decidí cruzar la frontera de los Estados Unidos de América. En busca del sueño americano, Literalmente ha cambiado mi vida y mi forma de pensar, Me he graduado en la preparatoria y finalmente tengo un mejor empleo.

  • What Christians Missed in Sunday School and the Others Missed by Not Going: Christian vs. New Thought

    What Christians Missed in Sunday School and the Others Missed by Not Going: Christian vs. New Thought

    It is very common in Christian evangelical circles to hear criticism of New Thought new age ideas as both wrong and demonic even. In New Thought circles, it is also common to think and hear that the Bible is a myth book and Jesus was only a great teacher or ascended master etc. Both groups would be helped if they listened to each other and see what is true and not true without judging having never listened to each other. The author has taken three years of his time to listen to New Thought teaching having been trained in Evangelical schools and attended those types of churches all his life. He is best able to put the two together in a helpful way to understand both.

    We are making new discoveries in Mind, body, spirit connection. The best understanding, we have is from those who in the past were geniuses and pioneers in this area of energy, vibration and frequency. He brings in both Swedenborg the genius mystic and Tesla who was the greatest mind of the last century so said Einstein.

    Having six months to live in 2002 nearly dying from Cancer and 15 years later being told he is in the top 3% of health for men his age, this quest took on a personal journey which is told in story form in exciting detail. How we process our journey of life is more important than anything else about living. People who live each day in anger, fear and stress need to read this book.


    About the Author:

    Timothy Sauder is Canadian and has travelled extensively in North America including Alaska and Hawaii. He has been in Asia visiting China, Cambodia every year, Laos, Indonesia and Thailand. He is in the top 2% on trip adviser as a world class traveler. He drove through Central America lived in Panama and Korea. Presently he lives in Phoenix Arizona with his wife Susan. His background studies are in Theology, Biblical literature where he holds a BA degree and has post graduate degrees in Education and in the History of Christian Doctrine. He is a scholar in Ancient history focusing on the pre-flood civilization evidences which appear around the world.

    Having gone to a Science Mind Church in Phoenix for three years he has a good grasp of the thinking of New Thought people and their message. Having been in many evangelical groups and churches including Campus Crusade for Christ, Youth With a Mission and Maranatha Ministries he knows the thinking of most Christians and their theology. It is with this in mind that this book was written, putting the strengths and weaknesses of Christian and New Thought or positive thinking groups together. This book is also written to the one million who are leaving the church each year in order to take a second look at what they believe.

    He and his wife are members of First Chinese Baptist church in Phoenix Arizona which is part of the Southern Baptist convention.

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  • PO693.indd

    Where’s Margaret: A Soul Searching Adventure

    There are many times in our lives when we feel out of touch or a little lost and cannot figure out the reasons. “Where’s Margaret” is a story or adventure in finding and discovering those reasons. Perhaps in this story you will find a little of yourself and if you are in the predicament I found myself in will find the answers.