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  • INTEGRATING DIPLOMACY IN SEARCH OF HUMANITY: A personal biography, experience in community and Humanitarian work

    This book is a real testimony of my life experiences and career journey. It is about a humble life fulfilled by desire to serve and change the living standards of the underprivileged and conflict weary people of South Sudan. The book is segregated into four parts.

    Part one that is further divided into four chapters that dwell on the initial life experience in Kenya and Australia as a refugee and how it contributed to my resolve to take a career path in Community service.

    Part two that also comprise of four chapters carries personal background; experiences in Kenya, about my life and community work in Australia and South Sudan. It also contains inspiring testimonials of friends and people around me that influenced my early work as humanitarian worker.

    Part three consists of two Chapters and generally divulge more on my engagement in government before and after the crisis of 2013. Sharing the difficult moments for the people of South Sudan.

    The last two chapters in part four of the book is dedicated to my involvement in search of peace and for the people of South Sudan. In Overall, the book is very interesting and made simpler for readers.

  • Isaac: One Boy Faith and Survival

    Isaac: One Boy’s inspirational story of a young boy who clutching his infant baby sister, is forced to escape into the dark, cold and unforgiving forests of the Nazi-occupied Eastern Europe.With his whole world ripped apart, and unable to trust anyone, he eventually joins the underground resistence to seek revenge on those who harmed family. His adventure leads him to experience loss of home and family, new friends and enemies, forbidden love and betrayal. His journey ends with his way to a new home in the land of Israel.

    About the author:

    Ziva Reuben was born in 1940 on collective farm called The Kibbutz Shfayim. Her parents were pioneers from Eastern Europe. Her father was an artist and she followed his foot steps as artist and a story teller. She immigrated to United States in 1983.

    Ziva loves gardening and outdoor activities. She currently lives in Culver City, California.

  • It’s About Time To Get Up

    This real life adventure is about persistence which has always been with me. Persisting to be the best at whatever I do, would lead me to a successful life. I faced many path ending situations and obstacles along the way. My story is rich with memories, fun, love, adventure, happiness, unbelievable dog escapades, comedy, death, sadness, and conflicts. A conflict with my boss ended with me quitting and my boss retaliating against my wife who later died from brain cancer. A conflict with a neighbor whose Pit Bull attacked causing my broken hip. Is there justice and success?

    Author Bio

    Gary Slemaker is a first time book writer. The idea came from his dog and a friend to write an autobiography of his life. He graduated from high school ranked 83rd out of 390 students. He attended various colleges and has earned credits over the requirement for an AA degree. The colleges were CSUN in Northridge, CA and Pasadena City College in Pasadena, CA. He submitted a poem that was selected and recognized by the International Library of Poetry. He produced many analytical screens of data for over 15 years that were published in a daily national business newspaper.

  • J to the 4TH

    In this personal memoir, the author shares engaging stories about being a latch-key kid growing up in the American Midwest during the 1930s and `40s. Her father, `shellshocked’ in World War I, had a dramatic impact on the family. Her mother, as a single parent, raised her through the hardships of the Great Depression. Janet grows from a lonely child to a twenty-year old mother, and blossoms into a complex woman who has uncommon experiences with family, friends, work, travel, health, and her sixty-five years of marriage to one man.

    About the Author:

    Janet Jean was born in 1927 in South Dakota and grew up in Nebraska. She attended the University of Nebraska and married after World War II. The couple moved to Denver where they had three daughters. Relocating to San Francisco in 1969, Janet Jean worked for United Airlines in management. She is the published author of The Daughter I Lost and Found; The Adventures of Harry and Claire; and a historical article about perfume, “The Joy of Scent: An Uncommon Love Story,” in The Californians Magazine. She spent the last 30 years of her life on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State, reveling in its beauty and living her passion as a writer.


    This is the true-life, roller coaster-ride story of a multi-talented, Earth-toned American singer, musician, and comedian, born and raised in Portland, Oregon, who survived a bullish upbringing that left him with a sense of unworthiness and not belonging, which metastasized into a wall of hopeless resentment and led to a rebellious, systemic journey of grapefruit-sour relationships, including a bogus military-based marriage, followed by a dysfunctional relationship in college, which led to a disastrous internship with the Portland Fire Department. He recognized early on his susceptibility to alcohol, and fell in love with a succession of women well-versed in the art of manipulation, relationships he respectfully describes as strange grapefruits. Having become involved in a biracial romantic entanglement, he relocated to the City of Seaside on the Pacific Northwest Oregon coast, working his way up to the position of supervisor of that city’s most popular beachfront hotel. However, he bites off more than he can chew as he is a convenient and continuous target, of police brutality, and endemic, rural-region bullying racism for eleven consecutive months. While attending the post-nuptial reception of a friend, he and the newlywed bride find themselves cornered by an invading gang of racist bikers with murder on their minds, which turns into an all-out melee in the host’s kitchen. After forcefully subduing the leader of the pack, he is elevated to instantaneous-hero status by the Seaside Police Department, who do a one-hundred-eighty degree turnabout regarding their treatment of a civilian they now hold in high regard. Despite this newly developed détente with the town heat, our plucky protagonist is still faced with another two-and-a-half years of constant death threats from the remainder of the notorious biker gang out of Portland, Oregon, who try to exact their racist revenge when they corner our hero once again. He escapes their clutches through a strange twist of fate, is arrested, charged with another infraction, goes to trial, and is found not guilty, twice, for acting in self-defense; Double jeopardy in a court of law, due to racism in the State of Oregon = Justified License To Kill in the eyes of the law.

  • Keep on Believing

    Keep on Believing is the second of two book chronicling the five generational history of a family that took place on several continents and is multiple countries. The first book is entitled, “It is Appointed Unto Men.” It includes many tragedies and triumphs. The victories were the result of “Keeping on Believing.” The Payton story begins in St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada with the death of the four year old brother of Edwin Payton, and the death of Elsie Jones’s and her five sibling’s Mother before she was fourteen years old in Liverpool, England. How Edwin and Elsie found each other is one of the early miracles. The story of their lives together and that of their four children reminds us that when God is involved in people’s lives miracles happen.

    About the Author:

    The authorship of the book, “Keep on Believing” is the result of the combined cooperation of Edwin and Elsie Payton’s four children, Ernest who passed away in May of 2017, George, Frank and Margaret.

  • Latvia’s Faithful Son

    About the author:

    Astrida Tiss was born in Americana, a city in San Paulo State, East Brazil. The elder daughter of Latvian parentage; her formative years were influenced by the diligent care of her maternal Grand-mother.
    At her Pastor-father’s behest she attended music Conservatory where she studied piano, earnestly. This endeavor proved not to be her forte. Instead, Astrida elected to pursue a Nursing career, receiving her degree from the prestigious San Paolo University. She practiced her expertise in the Surgical sphere for a span of forty-one years.
    Over the course of several decades she has meticulously compiled several journals; depicting Their journey across the globe; prior to, during her family’s Brazilian experience, and beyond. Much of these recordings have been transcribed in “Latvia’s Faithful Son”
    Currently, Astrida utilizes her God-endowed seamstress talents in her Ministry. As a Vitas Hospice volunteer, she brings solace to Bereaved families, providing consolation and hope only the inimitable comfort her custom-crafted ‘memorial’ Bears can supply.
    Married, and living in Texas USA., she and her husband parent a blended family comprised of five adult children, and eight grand-children.

  • Life With My Only Son

    Her first book “The Girl Who Cried Daddy” was an autobiography of her as a preacher’s daughter growing up in a very religious family. This 2nd book is about riveting family interactions, which reaps laughs, fun, and ultimately tears.

    Living with My Only Son,” talks about the tragic ending of her son’s life that was never expected.

    About the Author:

    This first time author, is the only girl of three siblings, she’s a preacher’s daughter, and the mother’of only one son, and the grandmother of one 5 year-old energetic, lovable grandson, she was born and raised in the city of Atlanta, in 1963.

  • Living a Second Chance

    A Story of Survival

    Fred grew up in the city with not a lot of money. As a young man he survived a terrible accident, only to find himself paralyzed from the neck down and his fiancée dead. But with two children to think of, he couldn’t give in to despair.
    Waking from a months-long coma, he endured many surgeries and much physical therapy, went into a nursing home, and learned everyday living all over again. Breathing, talking, eating, drinking, and sitting up in a chair. Through all the hard work, pain, and humiliation, he fought for a second chance at life. It was all worth it to be with his family.

    Fredrick Sipe was born in Charlottesville, Virginia in 1976. He is a quadriplegic and lives at home with his mother and two kids. His family overcame a lot of tragedies in their lives. So Fredrick decided to write about his accident, and other things that happened throughout his life.

  • Living on the Edge Beside God

    “The autobiography of John Hitchcock is a true life story that will make you laugh and it will make you cry. All readers will find comfort in the acceptance and easiness to relate to his stories. The stories of adventure, danger, deliverance, and the unseen hand of God in John’s life will keep you engaged. John stutters, yet every time he prays, preaches or sings he is totally fluent. He is an example that miracles do happen. The pages will become addictive and it will be almost impossible to put the book down. You will read stories about the wildlife in Africa that almost killed him to the eerie acquaintances with spirits and ghosts that are sure to make the hair on your neck stand up. Readers will cry as they turn each page as they become John’s friend and feel his pain as they discover his heartaches and setbacks, but will smile as they learn that all things happen for a reason. Read the story of a classic romance that will give others hope in the low times of their lives. There is a story for everyone, from young to aged, I dare you to enter John’s world and quickly become a friend of his literature.”

    Charlene Hitchcock, daughter.

    www.johnhitchcockministries.blogspot.com [email protected].