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  • Memories; Argentina, Austria, and the United States

    Memories; Argentina, Austria, and the United States

    This book features Esther’s Biography

    Author Bio:

    Esther T. Surany (Ethel) started her artistic career in 1996 in Los Angeles by studying Watercolor with Ed Krimston at San Fernando Valley, CA. Later that year she continued her studies of various media with Marilyn Lazarus. She furthered her talent from 1997 to 2001 at Pierce Colllege in Woodland Hills CA. Also for two years she has studied with Rosa Odow and continued to do until her move to Sun City Anthem. She has been a past board member of the San Fernando Valley Art Club, a member of the San Fernando Watercolor Society and the Pacific Art Guild and was a member of the Nevada Watercolor Society, the Boulder City Art Guild and the City Light Artist’s Gallery and Co-Op. She holds a Teaching Certificate in Multi-dimensional Paper Art with Miju Lee and “Simple Painting” by Frank Clark. With her first love for abstract art she also taught Watercolor, Acrylic, Collage and Cloisonne techniques at Sun City Anthem, Jo Ann,and the Department of Parks and Recreation. In the past her art was juried-in at many places including the Derfield Center Exhibition and the Las Vegas Fine Arts Museum. She has received many awards for her art.

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  • miz-bambo-front

    Miz Bambo

    Carol Craig Cowan-Lanyon had an idyllic childhood. Her mother, “Miz Bambo,” embodied comfort, filling her world with art and magic. Her father kept her safe and told her she could be anything she wanted to be. But when Carol’s father died just before her fifteenth birthday, the foundations began to crack. Without warning, Bambo became volatile and impossible to please. And at the end of Carol’s sophomore year in college, Bambo disrupted all of her plans for the future with a declaration: they would be spending the next year abroad. What followed was the adventure of a lifetime. Though rooming with her mother didn’t exactly represent the bohemian freedom Carol had yearned for, their experiences together would teach her how much she still had to learn about the world-and force her to grow up in ways she couldn’t have anticipated. Miz Bambo tells the story of a unique mother-daughter bond, and of mysteries that will forever remain unsolved.

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  • molly-front


    The story Molly is about a little black girl named Molly who goes through trials and tribulations of pain and suffering and has to watch her parents brutally beaten and her dad is fatally wounded by a gang member from a past mistake which is ultimately drug related and results in his violent death at the hands of mobsters and the KKK’s.

    Molly grows up learning the truth about her mother being nearly fatally beaten at the hands of the gang members and KKK’s she is just an innocent bystander who just happens to be a target of the horrible crime.

    Molly ends up going through racism brutality verbal assault and sexually assault by the hands of Caucasian men and by the KKK members she ends up getting help by a mysterious man whom he saves her by defending her and fighting off the men.

    He later takes her to his hide out and then later tells his wife of her troubled life by what Molly had told him previously.

    The old man is named Ronald Stinger and the older lady is named Debra Stinger.

    Molly ends up meeting two white girls named Summer and r Rain who become her friends and help her gain independence and control of her life she later learns that the people responsible for her father’s death were the KKK’s and the mobsters and to Molly’s surprise the leader of the clan was the two girl’s father whom Molly became friends with and the helped her face all her struggles in life. Summer and
    Rain’s father is against Molly being friends with his girls.

    But after he later goes through suffering of his own with his two girls Rain and Summer being hurt by a gunshot by him unknowingly he has a change of heart and tries to make amends with his demons and he asks for forgiveness from Molly in an apology letter which Molly discovers after his sudden death.

    Molly reunites with her mother who is thought to be dead and she tells Molly of her reason of being gone for so long in a concentration camp hideout by the KKK’s in attempt to kill her she tells Molly of how she escapes and makes it out alive to reunite with her daughter once again.

    The story is about overcoming your challenges and making yourself a better person through the negative situations and make it a positive.

  • Mommy's Coming Home A Little Different

    Mommy’s Coming Home A Little Different

    Yes, Mommy came home a little different that year, but the love that a parent and child shares is magnificently unbelievable and, most importantly, unbreakable!

    Allow my story to assist you on your journey, discovering the fascinating strength we all possess. I hope that a positive outlook and uncompromising expectations take you and your family to a place you may have never known existed.

    This could be a valuable learning experience for everyone involved and, most importantly, for your children.

    I choose to show our children that we have to adapt and adjust throughout our entire life; this is what helps us to have inner strength that will allow us to be successful and accomplish great things.

  • Harminder Gill - Annihilation of Infectious Diseases

    My Bridge Over Troubled Waters

    In the wee hours, on October 14th, 1981 a breezy, foggy morning, my partner driving our police unit along with other Atlantic City police units were in a high speed, approximately sixty miles per hour pursuit, of a possible assault suspect, shots had been fired when my partner and I joined in on the pursuit; my partner who was driving and wearing his own personal bullet proof vest. Sadly, he was not able to put his side panels to his vest on, I was inched down in the passenger seat with the shotgun between my legs, while my eyes were leveled with the dashboard, when suddenly more shots were fired by the suspect, at both police cars that had the suspect's vehicle sandwiched in, heading westbound out of the city, crossing over the bridge. Shots rang out, my partner screamed “Mom!” suddenly we spun out on top of the bridge, me not realizing it; my partner had been shot twice, one bullet behind his left ear, not penetrating his scalp, the other shot, piercing the side of his vest; which if it didn't would have exited the other side striking me in my head. But God allowed me to step out with faith twice, once surviving the shootout, and second, surviving the mistreatment of the Atlantic City Police Department, but God had me when I didn't have myself. Some thirty plus years later, I give the testimony of “My Bridge Over Troubled Waters.”

  • My Father’s Daughter: A Story of Survival, Life, and Lynch Syndrome Hereditary Cancers

    My Father’s Daughter: A Story of Survival, Life, and Lynch Syndrome Hereditary Cancers

    As a child, Lindy Bruzzone knew how she would “someday” die. It would be from cancer as what occurred with almost everyone in her family up to her generation.

    Bruzzone tells the story of an American family coming to America in the early 1600s, through today. Defying the odds of fate while pioneering a new country, the stories Lindy’s ancestors leave behind inspire the following generations to endure future challenges of facing hardship and survival.

    Lindy shares the fear and uncertainty earlier family members experienced living with an unknown hereditary cancer syndrome during the eugenics movement in the early 1900s. Its mission was the mass sterilization of individuals considered “inferior” in an attempt to develop a “better breed” of persons.

    Bruzzone takes the reader inside the notorious San Quentin prison and upon California’s mean streets where she works as a parole agent. There, she learns there are many ways to die as she flirts with danger and defies mortality.
    Finally, embarking upon a genetic journey, Lindy recounts the challenges of her own battles with cancer and how she learns to save her family and herself from hereditary cancers.

    Providing inspiration and serving as a working guide of how one family confronted difficult challenges in life, My Father’s Daughter serves as a guide in how to survive life’s challenges and live with the hereditary cancers of Lynch syndrome.
    This revised 2017 edition of My Father’s Daughter: A Story of Survival, Life and Lynch Syndrome Hereditary Cancers, is scheduled to be released to the public in August of 2017.

    About the Author:

    Lindy Bruzzone is a retired peace officer, an investigator, and an author. In 2007, the diagnosis of a late staged, Lynch syndrome hereditary cancer changed her life. She and her husband Steve founded Lynch Syndrome International, a global, nonprofit organization.

    For five years she served as the CEO and Executive Director. That commitment ended July 1, 2014, when she handed the reins to others to further its development. Lindy and her husband Steve reside in the Southern Nevada desert with their Australian shepherd, Gus.

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  • Not An Empty Promise

    Not An Empty Promise

    Not An Empty Promise gives first-hand accounts, of the author’s experiences during her mission in war-torn Vietnam, in Indonesia, and in a ministry to Asian immigrants in California. It was a time of wonderful fulfillment of Jesus Christ’s promise to His followers: “Lo, I am with you always…”

    Is it true? Is it possible? Is it a faithful promise?
    The question is worth pondering: was He there as he promised during times of serious illnesses, uncertainties, or devastating grief as well as times of blessing and joy?

    Author Joyce Trebilco addresses these questions as she strives to make us all keenly aware of His presence and care, even in difficult times.

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  • Not by Chance: God's "Coincidental" Guidance of My Life

    Not by Chance: God’s “Coincidental” Guidance of My Life

    “A wonderful, inspiring, unforgettable, rollercoaster ride that will leave you breathless and amazed at God’s goodness.”

    Doug Wead
    -New York Times bestselling author

    Not By Chance is the inspiring true story of God’s coincidental guidance of one woman’s life journey. A series of remarkably improbable events signal the path she should follow as she confronts myriad challenges: polio, devastating accidents, major depression, divorce, unemployment, multiple sclerosis, and a miraculous rescue from a house fire. Discover how, during this arduous journey, God faithfully provides for her employment, her education, and then gives her a sense of purpose. Rejoice when God also blesses her with improved health and leads her on a path of service to others who also confront physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges.

  • Of Raincrows and Ivy Leaves

    Of Raincrows and Ivy Leaves


    This is a remarkable book. It tells the story of an apparently ordinary American who happens to be born in extraordinary times and who is, therefore, forced to live an exceptional life. Edgar Brown is a member of that generation which fought both the Great Depression and World War II, and prevailed! Thus, this story of one man’s life becomes the story of the history of our country through some of its most dramatic and significant times in microcosm. But beyond that, “Of Raincrows and Ivy Leaves” reveals a very human life. In detail that is startling, unsparing and remarkably straightforward, we get to know a person, better perhaps than we know even some of those closest to us.

    About the author:

    Dr. Judith A. Brown first met Edgar Brown, World War II veteran, music teacher and counselor, in
    1974 when they were employees at the same school facility. They married soon after. She, like him, is an educator with an advanced degree in the subject. Together, they built a number of houses and lived with their family of children and pets, amidst their circle of students, advisees, colleagues, and friends in Missouri.

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  • One Year in Africa

    One Year in Africa

    Hans van den Houten. One Year In Africa: 1964-65

    A man’s experiences of his life in Africa (Congo, Burundi and Rwanda) during 1964-65.

    “I felt wrapped in a dense heat, laden with moisture and many indefinable odors. Decaying vegetation from strange and exotic trees and plants mixed their fragrances; these were the smells of Africa.” (p. 1).

    Hans van den Houten vividly talks about his experiences of one year in Africa from the moment he arrives in Congo Léopoldville, for his first assignment as an international employee of Shell, to the moment he departs: “Now with the closure of the door, the envelope sealed, and experiences –some bad, but mostly good– were contained and locked into my memories of one year in Africa.” (p.182).

    Social life, parties, dancing and music events, politics, business issues and challenges, sports and everyday life, love affairs, weekends on the Congo River, difficulties and risky situations, such as crocodiles and burglars, Burundi drummers and dancers: those are some of the topics that come across the entire book to illustrate the author’s adventurous and rather interesting life in Africa.

    His writing style with the simplicity and immediacy of his voice makes it a fascinating book!

    About the author

    Hans van den Houten started his career with Royal Dutch Shell and spent several years in Africa, the Republic of Congo Leopoldville, the Kingdom of Burundi, and the Republic of South Africa, in several managerial positions. He has been a senior executive with The Chase Manhattan Bank, Moody’s Investors Service, Dun & Bradstreet International, Fitch Investors Service, and the Republic National Bank of New York and he served as Director/Finance of The Museum of Modern Art in New York.

    Hans was President and a longstanding Board Member of The Netherland-America Foundation in New York. He was a co-founder The Chase Alumni Association, the Dutch Financial Club of New York, and The Artist Choice Museum. He also became a Board Member of the ReachAnother Foundation based in Bend, Oregon, USA.

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