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    FRITZ VON ERICH: Master of the Iron Claw

    Fritz Von Erich: Master of the Iron Claw is the story about the life and times of Jack Adkisson, also known as pro wrestling legend Fritz Von Erich, and the famous Von Erich wrestling dynasty. “Not since the Kennedys of Massachusetts has an American family publicly suffered personal tragedy after personal tragedy like the Von Erichs of Denton County, Texas.”

    While the Kennedy family became famous worldwide for their political accomplishments and the tragedies of their sons, the Von Erich family became famous worldwide for their athletic accomplishments and the tragedies in their family.

    Read how Fritz Von Erich and his five sons impacted the wrestling world with their family’s show World Class Championship Wrestling, which at one time was syndicated in 66 U.S. television markets, Japan, Argentina, and the Middle East. The story, as told to Ron Mullinax by Jack Adkisson himself, follows his wrestling career and family tragedies beginning in the 1950s and continuing until his death in 1997.

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    FROM GREEN HILLS TO BLUE SEAS: Memoirs of Vice Admiral James A. Sagerholm, USN (Ret.)

    From Green Hills to Blue Seas is the memoir of a young American determined to be a midshipman at the United States Naval Academy. With no nominations available from his state’s members of Congress, he enlists. From such humble beginnings, the young man makes his own way and retires from the US Navy thirty-nine years later in the rank of vice admiral. Beyond being a compelling story of personal success, From Green Hills to Blue Seas is one of a family’s triumph over tragedy and a military community’s legacy of strength and national service. Author James Sagerholm’s only son went on to attend the Naval Academy. Though his life was cut tragically short during a military aircraft accident, his own son grew up knowing his father had been a hero. That boy became a third-generation graduate of the academy, served his country in Afghanistan, and is now a Marine Corps captain. He encouraged his grandfather to write this memoir, drawing together one family’s story―and opening it up to touch the lives of other US Navy families.

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  • From Horror to Hope

    From Horror to Hope

    Lisa was a victim of Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA). Bound by demons and forced by trauma to develop multiple personalities, she beats all odds for survival: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. These pages provide hope for recovery from the most extreme and damaging forms of child abuse.

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  • From Movie City to Music City USA

    From Movie City to Music City USA

    Randall Rutledge has for years been pursuing all avenues of the entertainment industry. His interest being initially sparked at the early age of six when meeting country music star and legend Johnny Cash. The movie “The Trail of Tears” was being filmed in his home town of Calhoun, Georgia in 1967 at New Echota which is a historical site of the second capitol of the Cherokee Nation prior to the Trail of Tears.

    Although he has yet to accomplish the success in the industry that he is so dedicated to achieve, he has refused to give up, after being bit by the showbiz bug in 1967 he has actively been pursuing his dream since 1982. Relentlessly refusing to give up on what he is so determined to embrace, and that is to join the ranks of those who have successfully preceded him in the industry.

    Lacking any formal theatrical, vocal, production or creative writing training, with nothing more than the dream, desire, and drive, he took on Hollywood, Nashville, Las Vegas, and New York head on learning all phases of the entertainment industry while actually working on movie sets in Hollywood and recording studios in Nashville as he went. With on set and in-studio experience being his teacher, if degrees were awarded for experience only he would have a Masters.

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  • God and I and Elvis

    God and I and Elvis

    God and I and Elvis, a striking title if ever there was one, merely hints at the eerie, complex subject matter of Ilona Bauer’s memoir. Chronologically, her story beings in post-WWII Bavaria, moves to New York and Memphis, and concludes in Tupelo, Mississippi (Elvis’ birthplace). But this is more than a travelogue.

    While a teenager, Ms. Bauer hears, falls in love with, and eventually meets Elvis Presley, who was a soldier stationed in Germany at that time. What begins as a teenage crush takes on far-ranging spiritual aspects, as the author comes to recognize the singer’s degenerate lifestyle and struggles to reconcile this with her ardent Protestant faith. This obsession motivates her to travel to Memphis, where she marries “Little Elvis,” a Presley hanger-on and wannabe, by whom she has four children.

    The story of this unsuccessful marriage, and the impulsive, disastrous second marriage to a physically and emotionally abusive man, by who she has her fifth through seventh children, all of whom wind up in self-destructive situations of their own, is the largest, and most affecting, section of the book. The end of the story, to date, is a welcome and well-deserved dose of tranquility after an extraordinary raw slice of life.

    About the author:

    ILONA BAUER was born in Würzberg, Germany in 1941. As a twenty-one year old, she managed to find a job as an au pair in Scarsdale, New York. A year later, her employment obligations fulfilled, she moved to Memphis, Tennessee in hopes of re-establishing contact with Elvis Presley. Eventually, having survived marriage to two less than suitable husbands and mothered a flock of seven rebellious children, she moved to the quiet little town of Tupelo, Mississippi, where she found the time and peace of mind to write her memoir.FREEDOM.

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    God, Golf, and Parkinson’s

    Struggles can demand action on the part of the person who is affected, whether it be positive or negative. My faith has carried me through 26 years of Parkinson’s. Attitude, exercise, and doctors have gotten me through trials and struggles in a positive manner. God has opened doors that have led to helping others who are struggling. He has put people in my path who have helped me learn what is needed to have a positive attitude toward my advocacy work for Parkinson’s awareness.

  • God, Rocky Trails & the Mountains

    God, Rocky Trails & the Mountains

    My packhorse had just plunged off a 300 foot cliff in the rugged Cascade Mountains. I cried out, “God, DO something!” Then, as an afterthought I threw in, “I know! Send angels!”…. And He did!

    Two giant ten-foot angels appeared before me, and hovered off the cliff. One seemed to be the leader. He asked me, “What do you want?”

    I blurted out, “WHAT DO I WANT? SAVE MY HORSE!”

    The angel was NOT in a hurry. With calm authority, he asked me, “Do you want the load, too?”

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    How To Pray In Combat When Your Mind Is Off

    How do you pray in a time like this when your mind is gone so fast, you can’t think? How do you pray in combat when your mind is off? When we went to South Vietnam, I could go to the front line to fight the enemy, but I couldn’t ride on the front of the bus, illegal in south. Draftee were ordered to join the armed forces, most of the men were from the south and southwest. President Kennedy had asked fellow Americans, asked not what your country can do for you but asked what you can do for your country. We were all drafted by him. No one knew for certain if this was the start-up that changed the prejudiced of the country. I believed that we want to serve our country and would overlook our own prejudices in order to serve. We were together all of time in training and fellowship, on and off duty. We would overcome culture and ethnic differences. The army had a timetable set to get this division in the war in Vietnam (First Cavalry Airmobile). So the training was very hard and fast. This was the first time helicopters would be used to fight in a battle. The battalion commander Col. Moore had us well train and disciplined. By the fellowship we had become brothers before going to Vietnam. After fifty years, we still go together; we meet once a year. We would need this brotherly love to fight for each other in the bigger battle of the war. In combat, you don’t have time to think about what you are doing; you just do it. Your training takes over. How do you pray in a time like this when your mind is gone so fast, you can’t think?

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    I Called Myself Cassandra

         With his confession, I realized Robin was torn and left ripped apart by two lovers who demanded from him two completely different things. One wanted to start a new family, while the other wanted him to stick around for her aging, maturing, and now trifling self. Verna gave him a fresh opportunity, while the only thing I had to offer was to grow old together in our not-so-golden years, which could very well become eclipsed by our darkest times apart. The promise I was willing to see through with him, no matter the bumps and bruises it has caused us, was companionship, continuing what we started ages ago. As young lovers, we once vowed to each other that our love would survive the test of time. However, Verna’s newer promise of a more youthful life seemed to be more riveting to him.

  • Identical Companions: Birth Through Nineteen: Autobiography From Childhood Diaries

    Identical Companions: Birth Through Nineteen: Autobiography From Childhood Diaries

    Our brothers and other older boys, cousins and neighbors, always protected their precious identical twin angels, us. These are true diary chapters from our country, surprise births through our “city-fied” nineteen.

    Judith M. Leftoff spent most of her working life teaching chemistry, physics, and studio art. A mother and grandmother, she makes her home in Valley Center, Kansas. Her previous book, also nonfiction, is titled TWO DANIELS.

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