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  • Deprived: “Mary Lou West”

    Don was born and raised in North East Texas and is well acquainted with the friendly people, conservative values, towering pine trees and beautiful lakes that make that area an attractive place to live. At the age of 21, he came to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, and immediately began sharing his faith with others. Surprisingly, he began hungering to know and understand the Word of God. Little did he know that the hunger he felt would only increase as the years transpired. At the invitation of another new Christian, he left his home in Longview and moved to Dallas where he joined a church and was taught by other, more mature Christians. As good as it was, life did not remain the same. It was not long until he was moving again-this time to study the Bible so that he could one day be in full-time ministry. God also gave Don a wonderful, ministry-minded wife along with two children. The years at Bible school flew by, and Don was called to be the pastor of a small church in the town where he was born some 26 years before. Those were great years, and God raised up a loving church that was successful in reaching many young families for Christ. Moving, however, was not over for Don. He felt an uninvited call on his life to start a new church in Houston, Texas. Don submitted to that call of God and rented a house with no church members, no building and very little money. He believed God would somehow take care of his family as he did God’s work. He was right. God did indeed raise up a church that Don still pastors to this day. The years have passed, and Don and his wife now have 10 grandchildren and another one on the way. There is one overarching lesson Don has learned through the journey of life. God is faithful.

  • Diving Deep for Sea Shells

    Stella Castellucci tells the story of her remarkable life in music. Born in Los Angeles in 1930 to musician father Louis Castellucci, Stella would go on to continue and further his legacy. Stella joined Peggy Lee’s touring jazz group in 1953. They would form a close friendship that would endure past Peggy’s life. Stella witnessed and took part in a very creative time for Peggy Lee in the 1950’s. They would closely collaborate on the 1958 Decca release Sea Shells.

    Stella would also appear on the Peggy Lee albums: Songs in an Intimate Style (Decca, 1954), Black Coffee (Decca, 1956), Dream Street (Decca, 1957), The Man I Love (Capitol, 1957), Jump for Joy (Capitol, 1958), Pretty Eyes (Capitol, 1960) and Christmas Carousel (Capitol, 1960).

    Learn the story behind the making of these and other classic recordings, including the Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong album Porgy & Bess. Stella remains a devoted friend to her “Big Sister” Peggy, even appearing for Lee’s 92nd birthday celebrations in North Dakota. This book was created through extensive email exchanges, phone conversations and visits between Stella and Edgar. We hope that the love and joy in writing it carries over to our readers. Fans of Jazz, Peggy Lee, harp music and the album Sea Shells are sure to enjoy the look back.

  • Dr. Love & His Party Girl: Wow!

    In New Jersey during the 1980’s, for six years, Dr. Love and his Party Girl gave parties for many different nationalities. Dr. Love, a loving doctor, is older than his Party Girl, but that is part of his charm. He spares no expense entertaining family and friends. His Party Girl does all the work: she cooks, and bakes cakes such as cheese and carrot, which she decorates to the hilt.

    For the most part, she is the entertainer. She dances primarily to Tom Jones Pussy Cat, and Arabic belly dancing. She picks up other dances along the way. In Arabic dancing, she shakes her hips, carries wine on her forehead, and holds a sword on top of her head. She whirls around, causing the audience to be on the edge of their seats.

    While Party Girl is having a ball partying, her teenage son, who is living with his father and step mother, is not doing so well in school. He’s making C’s and D’s. All that his mother can do is to encourage him to do well. They write letters back and forth. And when she sees him weekly, she helps him with his Spanish lessons. Then, graduation comes. Is his mother in woe or in joy? Read and find out.

    As for partying, it is like Dr. Love said, “People want bread and circuses. They work hard for the bread and expect to be well entertained.” That’s why our parties were a big hit. We entertained our guests which brought them back time and time again.

  • Escape From Hell: A Woman’s Story

    This inspirational memoir follows the author as she suffers from hardships and horrors and rises to become a confident, caring woman who helps others find their self-worth and path to a better life.

    Finding strength in her friendship with God, Ronni frees herself from an abusive family, learns from mistakes with men, and manages to form loving households with her daughters and sons, friends, and foster children. She shares her remarkable story–sometimes tragic, sometimes hilarious–to help others think positively, value themselves, and escape their own unhappy circumstances.

  • Every Cook Can Govern: At Friendship And Kay Street

    The book is my story but I was motivated to write after my mother survived a blood clot and an autoimmune skin disease at 96. I have relied on non-western medicine throughout my ordeal. I recommend that we embrace alternatives in medicine, home care and housing.

    My website is http://www.cmhamilton.com

  • FRITZ VON ERICH (Revised Edition): Master of the Iron Claw

    Fritz Von Erich: Master of the Iron Claw is the story about the life and times of Jack Adkisson, also known as pro wrestling legend Fritz Von Erich, and the famous Von Erich wrestling dynasty. “Not since the Kennedys of Massachusetts has an American family publicly suffered personal tragedy after personal tragedy like the Von Erichs of Denton County, Texas.”

    While the Kennedy family became famous worldwide for their political accomplishments and the tragedies of their sons, the Von Erich family became famous worldwide for their athletic accomplishments and the tragedies in their family.

    Read how Fritz Von Erich and his five sons impacted the wrestling world with their family’s show World Class Championship Wrestling, which at one time was syndicated in 66 U.S. television markets, Japan, Argentina, and the Middle East. The story, as told to Ron Mullinax by Jack Adkisson himself, follows his wrestling career and family tragedies beginning in the 1950s and continuing until his death in 1997.

  • From Canoe to Computer

    In today’s tumultuous world, one of the most controversial sciences is that of wildlife management; the conservation, use and management of populations of wild animals and their habitats. This book summarizes the author’s years of work with beavers, muskrats, black bears, grizzly bears, wolves, skunks, bats and other species in the Canadian north and with the various hunter, trapper and non-consumptive wildlife peoples that interacted with those species. Included are descriptions of long-term research projects, public education programs, studies of wildlife disease, and historical management programs. The author explains the necessity of involvement of various governmental agencies, public associations, wildlife users, agriculturalists, aboriginal peoples and academia in the successful management of populations of wild animals. The needs to change certain aspects of wildlife management education are presented. The continuation of recreational, subsistence and commercial hunting and trapping is recommended.

    About the author:

    John Raymond Gunson is a retired wildlife biologist now residing in rural Alberta, Canada. He developed an interest in wild animals in early life in Ontario’s harsh northern environment and participated in hunting, fishing and trapping as a youth. The life ways, habits and behavior of the northern wildlife became a life-long interest and led to a professional career in wildlife management. During his years of work in western Canada, he authored numerous technical reports and popular articles of his work. He is a member of the Wildlife Society, the Saskatchewan Archaeological Society and the Ottawa Field-Naturalist Club.

  • FROM GREEN HILLS TO BLUE SEAS: Memoirs of Vice Admiral James A. Sagerholm, USN (Ret.)

    From Green Hills to Blue Seas is the memoir of a young American determined to be a midshipman at the United States Naval Academy. With no nominations available from his state’s members of Congress, he enlists. From such humble beginnings, the young man makes his own way and retires from the US Navy thirty-nine years later in the rank of vice admiral. Beyond being a compelling story of personal success, From Green Hills to Blue Seas is one of a family’s triumph over tragedy and a military community’s legacy of strength and national service. Author James Sagerholm’s only son went on to attend the Naval Academy. Though his life was cut tragically short during a military aircraft accident, his own son grew up knowing his father had been a hero. That boy became a third-generation graduate of the academy, served his country in Afghanistan, and is now a Marine Corps captain. He encouraged his grandfather to write this memoir, drawing together one family’s story―and opening it up to touch the lives of other US Navy families.

  • From Horror to Hope

    Lisa was a victim of Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA). Bound by demons and forced by trauma to develop multiple personalities, she beats all odds for survival: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. These pages provide hope for recovery from the most extreme and damaging forms of child abuse.

  • From Movie City to Music City USA

    Randall Rutledge has for years been pursuing all avenues of the entertainment industry. His interest being initially sparked at the early age of six when meeting country music star and legend Johnny Cash. The movie “The Trail of Tears” was being filmed in his home town of Calhoun, Georgia in 1967 at New Echota which is a historical site of the second capitol of the Cherokee Nation prior to the Trail of Tears.

    Although he has yet to accomplish the success in the industry that he is so dedicated to achieve, he has refused to give up, after being bit by the showbiz bug in 1967 he has actively been pursuing his dream since 1982. Relentlessly refusing to give up on what he is so determined to embrace, and that is to join the ranks of those who have successfully preceded him in the industry.

    Lacking any formal theatrical, vocal, production or creative writing training, with nothing more than the dream, desire, and drive, he took on Hollywood, Nashville, Las Vegas, and New York head on learning all phases of the entertainment industry while actually working on movie sets in Hollywood and recording studios in Nashville as he went. With on set and in-studio experience being his teacher, if degrees were awarded for experience only he would have a Masters.