• Come Into My Garden Volume 1

    “Poems written during the “LONG WAIT”

    Imagine the all-consuming yet innocent young love of a 15 year old boy and a 14 year old girl. Suddenly all contact is lost due to a conspiring grandmother who intercepted and destroyed U. S. mail. 60 years roll by. They each had married and raised large families and they meet again. Time passes. Another six years before they are both widowed and then…

  • Everyday I Love You

    Hearts are beating in unison
    In this collection of newly-discovered poems
    For when it comes to love and life
    There is only one thing left to say
    That is… every day, I love you.
    May we all believe in love again.


  • The Unseen Hand

    Time can heal the wounds of the past. Can it also revive the flames of love that was once doused by the cruel hands of fate?

    Vic is always prepared to face the worst challenges that life can throw his way. What he’s never prepared for is meeting Rita and falling in love with her. Now, is his love for her enough to conquer the challenges of love and life?
    A young girl who is ready to give affection to everyone she knew, that is Rita. But when she meets Vic along the way, she is willing to give her heart to him, not just her fondness. She knows he is the right man for her, will everyone agree with her?
    No one is ever prepared to hear the answers when it comes to love and fate.