• Lord Show Me Your Purpose

    Have you ever started out in life to be successful, only to fail at doing it your way? Well, author Teresa Walls has discovered a better way. rough her latest book, “Lord Show Me Your Purpose” she has found that crying out to God in all sincerity, asking the Lord for His plans instead of her own, and discerning that God’s ways are the better plans for her life is what it would take to become a success in life.

    About the Author:

    Teresa D. Walls is an inspiring author, teacher, conference speaker, and an ordained minister of the gospel. She is co-founder of Walls for Christ Ministries. She is the wife of Pastor Charles F. Walls and the mother of Charles F. Walls Jr.

    Teresa has spent over thirty years ministering to hurting people interceding, praying and standing in the gap restoring God’s people.