• Acting Out: Carrying the Gospel to the Ends of the Earth

    Do you know the story about how the church began? The book of Acts begins with Jesus going to heaven, but first promising the disciples that the Holy Spirit was coming to give them power, and that they would go around the world carrying the message that Jesus was alive.

    Jesus called His followers to be witnesses, not to keep the good news to themselves, but to act out for His name.

    Come follow the Apostles on this 30-part study of Acts, and see how God is calling you to continue to Act Out for the sake of the gospel.

    About the Author:

    Tommy Mann is a pastor and author of nine books on theology, including Asleep in Heaven’s Nursery. His latest book, Acting Out, is the third Bible study he has released. Tommy is married to Alicia, and they are raising their children Reagan and TJ in South Carolina. In 2009 Tommy Mann Ministries was created to spread the message of Jesus Christ through the written and spoken word.

    All of Tommy’s books are available at www.TommyMannMinistries.com.

  • Asleep in Heaven’s Nursery: Second Edition

    Have you experienced the loss of a child? Tommy Mann felt the grief of losing four children to miscarriages.
    Asleep in Heaven's Nursery includes his personal story and offers comfort, addressing questions like:
    *When is a baby considered life? *Is my baby really in heaven?
    *What will she look like in heaven? *Is there an age of accountability?
    *Is God punishing me?
    *Can I be forgiven for my abortion?
    Each issue is thoroughly addressed and given scriptural and logical support. As one who has found hope picturing his children Asleep in Heaven’s Nursery, Mann brings a powerful message of consolation.

    About the author:

    Tommy Mann is the Pastor of Putman Baptist Church in Buffalo, South Carolina, where he resides with his wife Alicia, and their two children Reagan and TJ. Tommy is a graduate of Arlington Baptist University and the author of eight books, including Asleep in Heaven’s Nursery for Kids. Please visit http://www.tommymannministries.com