• Foundations of Mathematics and Statistics: Probability and Statistics with an Introduction to Fundamentals of Mathematics

    Foundations of Mathematics and Statistics is a summary of the basic principles of math and statistics for students of the sciences. The goal is to provide a good foundation of knowledge and ability with the basics of math and statistics that students need. This includes logic, sets, number systems, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and the calculus. Then the remainder of the book deals with the fundamental topics of applied and mathematical statistics, including probability, random variables, expected value, samples, distributions, hypothesis testing, confidence intervals, and an introduction to linear regression and correlation.

    The book is meant to be used by college and graduate level students that need a good review of math fundamentals, with an introduction to basic statistical thinking and methodology. Those that need a good familiarity with math and statistics at the college and graduate levels would find this book a valuable supplemental reading, along with the fair amount of exercises that are included in order to reinforce the important ideas.

    About the author:

    The author, Timothy C Kearns, has a BS degree in Statistics and Mathematics from Virginia Tech, 1983. After college, he worked at the U.S. Census Bureau and has more than 15 years of tutoring experience at the college level in mathematics and statistics. He has gained extensive knowledge and experience with applied and theoretical mathematics.