• The Brainwashing of The American Investor

    The Brainwashing of The American Investor – Revised Edition is the updated, hands-on, practical investing manual that challenges the prevailing wisdom to put your trust blindly in Wall Street. Author Steve Selengut has spent over forty years in the financial services industry developing his tied-and-true Working Capital Model. Selengut tells you why you need to think outside the Wall Street box and proceeds to outline a practical, realistic and safe strategy for long-term, profitable investing.

    About the Author:

    Steven R. Selengut, MBA, RIA, has been in the financial services for more than forty years. He started investing while employed in a life insurer’s pension investment department. At age 25, he gained responsibility for a modest trust portfolio and began his trading career using the working capital model outlined in this book.

    Selengut’s twelve-year adventure in financial services produced an appreciation for the Wall Street environment that helped him fine tune his unique investment strategy. The program’s success propelled him into early retirement at age 33 and a new career as a private portfolio manager. He developed a unique cost-based approach, with individually managed portfolios, low annual fees, and commissions to an uninterested third party. He has built a loyal following of dedicated clients, many of whom have been with him since the beginning. More information about his investment management business can be found at www.sancoservices.com or by calling 800.245.0494.

    Selengut, a native New Jerseyan, lives near Charleston, South Carolina, with his wife and best friend of fifty years, Sandra. They have grown children and two growing grandchildren.