• Take the heat & Stay in the Kitchen: Becoming A Successful Chef

    Take the Heat and Stay in the Kitchen is an engaging how-to book as to the challenging yet rewarding path to becoming a successful chef. It provides wisdom and guidance that aspiring chefs need to keep with them as they evolve throughout their careers. Author, Chef Pambo, even shares some of his experience along his journey to encourage aspiring chefs to stay their course, no matter how hard it gets. Lastly, it gives a refreshing perspective as to what entails true growth as a learner of culinary, professional, and a leader in the industry.

    About the Author:
    Born in 1972 in Libreville, Gabon, Serge Pambo is a French-Gabonese chef and author.
    He attended Domaine du Gue à Tresmes, a culinary school in Meaux, Paris. Throughout his career, he has worked for some of the most celebrated chefs in France and in the United States and made several appearances on The Food Network. He is the former co-owner of Café de Paris in Birmingham, Alabama where he was also a television host. In 2013, he moved to Maryland where he currently resides and now owns Pure Kitchen Culinary Concept, a catering company that also specializes in consulting, wine, cheese, and cooking. Pambo’s ultimate passion aside from cooking is to share his love for his craft and to encourage the future generation of chefs that they can also achieve greatness through their love for culinary.