• A Tie Between People: Advance Japanese Reader

    A Tie Between People: Advanced Japanese Reader allows students of Japanese to continue their language study in greater depth. Its lessons feature Japanese texts, English translations, grammar notes, exercises, vocabulary, and illustrations—all designed to challenge and entertain Japanese language students who have taken introductory courses and want to improve their skills at a higher level. Each story has a powerful narrative drive, and readers will find that Professor and Japanese language expert Seiko Kawakami Mieczkowski has used her two decades of college-level teaching to write a book that enthrall and instruct students of all ages.

    About the Author:

    Seiko Kawakami Mieczkowski is a native of Hokkaido, Japan. For nearly twenty years, she taught Japanese language at Eisenhower College and Binghamton University. Seiko has published articles on Japan in Asian Thought and Society and numerous book reviews on Japan for Choice and Libraries Unlimited. She currently resides in Cocoa Beach, Florida.