• The Perfect Woman

    There is a hermaphrodite born in about one of every 250 thousand births annually! Paula, or shall I say Paul, was one of them.

    An overzealous Dr. Meggett would further complicate nature’s cruel error by ordering the wrong surgery. Being raised as a boy with two brothers by just his mother brought confusion and emotional turmoil to this human being.

    Nature at work, Paul’s body began changing at the onset of puberty, so his mother finally revealed his birth. Now he understood his confusion and could start his life as Paula, like nature originally intended.

    As this story winds through her life, she encounters many, many obstacles.

    Get ready to experience the ride of your life.

    About the Author:

    SPIKE LYNCH resides in Southern California and has written more than twenty-three screenplays and/or stories, some of which have been produced or published, such as the films Dead in the Morning, Windshield Wiper, and Tough Competition. Watch for his next thriller, Zeke’s Peak.