• Mara Entering the Book

    Mara is a teenager who likes to read. She always thought it would be fun to pretend to be one of the characters in a book. A new one was on the market and came recommended. Her interest was activated, and she bought the book. Once her chores were done, she climbed to the attic and began to read. She heard the caution, watch what you wish for, yet moved forward anyhow.

    About the Book:

    Sharron L. Ensign is a published author and spends her time writing in her home state. She enjoys reading, traveling, and meeting new people. Her dream is to be able to travel some of the world where she has not been before. She is a published, as an author, international poet where she received an award, and short story writer. Her book is available to blind people via the Montana Library. An invite to an International book show was presented and she attended. Now it is time to return to writing.