• Amazement

    Poetry and short-fiction are, Miss Bostic’s forte. She
    is her own kind of writer. Loving creatures of Nature
    as subjects, and rhyme in her poetry. Ramona
    shares little with Shakespeare, some with Longfello yet she
    shares hardly as much as she would like with our “Beloved,
    Maya AngeLou.” Ramona’s main focus in her literature, is
    the youth and young at heart! Her, “Spring Has Sprung!”,
    “Halo” and “Pest?” are a few of the poems; not to mention,
    her short-fiction, that attest to this! Why don’t you, her many
    readers, from then and now Enter-In & Read On!

    About the Author
    Ramona S. Bostic

    Born November 24, 1948. Was raised to her early teens in Worcester, Massachusetts.

    Miss Bostic relocated to Columbia, South Carolina, do to her Father's line of work.

    She enlisted in the United States Air Force, after graduating from C.A. Johnson High School, with Honors!

    Now, a resident or should I say, “”a Floridian””, since 1988. Ramona has been a journey through life. This has added some expertise toher desire to be a writer.

    This novice authoress, is delighted to admit, “”Life begins at 60″”.

    Her fancies are: nature, meeting people, music and the thought of Romance…