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    Poetry and short-fiction are, Miss Bostic’s forte. She
    is her own kind of writer. Loving creatures of Nature
    as subjects, and rhyme in her poetry. Ramona
    shares little with Shakespeare, some with Longfello yet she
    shares hardly as much as she would like with our “Beloved,
    Maya AngeLou.” Ramona’s main focus in her literature, is
    the youth and young at heart! Her, “Spring Has Sprung!”,
    “Halo” and “Pest?” are a few of the poems; not to mention,
    her short-fiction, that attest to this! Why don’t you, her many
    readers, from then and now Enter-In & Read On!

    About the Author
    Ramona S. Bostic

    Born November 24, 1948. Was raised to her early teens in Worcester, Massachusetts.

    Miss Bostic relocated to Columbia, South Carolina, do to her Father’s line of work.

    She enlisted in the United States Air Force, after graduating from C.A. Johnson High School, with Honors!

    Now, a resident or should I say, “”a Floridian””, since 1988. Ramona has been a journey through life. This has added some expertise toher desire to be a writer.

    This novice authoress, is delighted to admit, “”Life begins at 60″”.

    Her fancies are: nature, meeting people, music and the thought of Romance…

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    Nordic Runes: Their esoteric meaning. And context.

    The Nordic runes are taken off an ancient model for the structure of an Indo-European's mind. It is called Yggdrasil. That model was known to the ancient Greek philosophers, it underlies Gnosticism and Alchemy and it is consistent with Yoga and Hinduism. The common factor is that all of these peoples were Indo-Europeans. Explaining this model and the esoteric meaning of the runes is the principle purpose of this book. It also puts the runes' development into their historical context. The contemporary importance of this model is that it underlies Carl Jung's work in psychology, and also tells how to reach the highest level of person development.

    About the Author
    My ancestors were of English and Danish origins Consequently, they were Pagans for many generations, So, if ancestral memory exist, I may have them. Nevertheless, they were in North America since colonial times and I was raised an Episcopalian in a family that was of that denomination for many generations. So, I have strong conscious connections to the Anglo-American, English, and enlightenment traditions. My professional training was in biology, statistics and modeling and my job experience has been in consulting mostly on biology-related public policy issues. I have written one book on history and many reports on public policy issues.

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    INTEGRATING DIPLOMACY IN SEARCH OF HUMANITY: A personal biography, experience in community and Humanitarian work

    This book is a real testimony of my life experiences and career journey. It is about a humble life fulfilled by desire to serve and change the living standards of the underprivileged and conflict weary people of South Sudan. The book is segregated into four parts.

    Part one that is further divided into four chapters that dwell on the initial life experience in Kenya and Australia as a refugee and how it contributed to my resolve to take a career path in Community service.

    Part two that also comprise of four chapters carries personal background; experiences in Kenya, about my life and community work in Australia and South Sudan. It also contains inspiring testimonials of friends and people around me that influenced my early work as humanitarian worker.

    Part three consists of two Chapters and generally divulge more on my engagement in government before and after the crisis of 2013. Sharing the difficult moments for the people of South Sudan.

    The last two chapters in part four of the book is dedicated to my involvement in search of peace and for the people of South Sudan. In Overall, the book is very interesting and made simpler for readers.

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    When God Showed Up: Manifest the Miraculous

    As Christians we have the right to experience the blessing of God in our life. The blessings should not only be for certain times of great need. This book will guide you to the truth about praying and why we should pray continually. It is by praying in faith that you are able to experience the goodness of God. Faith is essential to have and effective prayer. By experiencing the goodness of God your faith could grow and you learn to trust and seek God.
    Let this book help you dwell in the shelter of the Most High when you pray.

    About the Author
    The author is a dedicated member of Shalom Outreach Ministry, AG/NY since 2009. Nancy takes pleasure in sharing her strong faith and trust in the Lord and the wisdom of God. She writes from a perspective of one who has gone through life’s threatening experiences and prevailed over them victoriously with the inspiration of the Word of God.

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    Either Everything Was Wrong from the Git Go or Right From the Start

    “The author, Debbie Lynn Lewis, writes:
    “We never know who, what, and when our lives will be touched. What impact it will have after It’s been
    touched… Things that happened and didn’t happen in the past, with the things happening in my present
    was starting to bring sadness and grief to my heart. I believe in Love, beating the odds and letting things
    go to see will they return to me; but that doesn’t mean time will stand still for us to capture all our dreams.
    I’ve made my decisions in life and I’m all right, but it’s okay to dream and to ask “What If ” I had one
    more try? Well, I did that, now I’m writing about the “one more chance” in life to do something else. The
    question is what will you do? I’m doing my “What If ”, I’m writing. I hope you enjoy my precious gift to
    you from above with continuous LOVE.. There’s no greater gift without Thee.

    About the Author
    Debbie Lewis

    Greetings I'm a Mother, Actor, Writer, Director, Producer, Model and Private Duty Nurse Debbie Lewis.
    I started acting at John F Kennedy Junior Summer Camp in Atlanta Georgia. I was under the direction of Mr. Eddie Murphy. His summer camp provided a summer of Unforgettable moments of and productive work. This is the first stage I was on as a yellow brick in The Wizard of Oz. From there I continued and participated in every Stage production I could from Elementary through college. As an adult, I've thrived in the business as an independent artist. Now it has equal up to 30 years of active acting, writing, modeling and nursing. During my college days, I became a private duty nurse, to continue as an independent artist.

    My accolades for playwrights throughout this journey until now are awards in:
    JB Star's 2007 Atlanta Georgia Play Fest
    ● Best Production
    ● Best Writer
    ● Best Male Lead
    ● Best Vocalist
    ● JB Star's 2013 Atlanta Georgia Play Fest
    ● Dare to Be Different

    Published Author of:

    “Either Everything Was Wrong from the Git-Go or from the Start””
    '… From the Beginning Il Now…'

    Projects completed this year (2017)

    ● Wins and Losses Full Movie – Director Spike Jones
    ● The Cleansing of Lake Lanier – Director Jibril Haynes
    ● He'll on Earth – Director Jiwe Morrison
    ● G Warriors – Director Jerome Enders

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    Conversaciones de Adulto

    Se ha encontrado alguna vez en una conversación que va de lado a lado y no sabe porque. Seguro que le ha pasado, a todos nos ha pasado. No importa si ha sido con su conyugue, con sus hijos, amigos, clientes, jefe o empleado. Se encuentra usted perdido porque no sabe que causó el cambio repentino en la conversación.
    Esto es de lo que se trata el libro. “Conversaciones de Adulto” le dará la herramienta para redirigir la conversación o le dará señales para terminarla.
    Mi esperanza es que a través de mis historias, esta herramienta o concepto se pueda transmitir y aplicar en su vida cotidiana. Nada viene fácilmente. Usar esta herramienta de comunicación lleva tiempo y paciencia.

    About the Author
    Durante mis años de escuela secundaria el curso de Tecnología Electrónica fue el que me dio el conocimiento principal para lo que fue el trabajo de mi vida. Luego de la escuela superior, ingresé a la Fuerza Aérea de los Estados Unidos y continué mis estudios en electrónica.
    Luego de la Fuerza Aérea, he trabajado por treinta años para grandes compañías electrónicas las cuales incluyen: Honeywell, IBM, Kodak y Toshiba.
    Observar a mi padre leer durante mis años de crecimiento implantó en mí la curiosidad de saber que había en los libros. Me inculcó el amor por la lectura, así fue como comenzó esta travesía. Comencé a seleccionar libros al azar basados en lo que se encontraba en sus portadas. La mayoría del tiempo los temas de los libros no tenían nada que ver con los títulos, pero tan pronto comenzaba a leer un libro no podía dejarlo por temor de perderme algo importante.
    Mi educación formal viene de la lectura. He leído libros sobre todos los temas que se encuentran bajo el sol.
    Todo lo que necesitamos saber viene de los libros. Construí una terraza para mi casa de tres niveles, cuarenta pies por treinta pies, leyendo un libro llamado “Terrazas 1-2-3”.
    Siempre que veía una biblioteca en la televisión, sabía que mi casa algún día tendría una biblioteca.
    Mi amor por la lectura ha evolucionado hasta el punto donde quiero compartir los temas más importantes con otras personas. Esa es la semilla que le dio nacimiento a este libro.
    Vivo y trabajo en las Islas Vírgenes. Mi esposa y yo hemos estado casados por treinta años y tenemos dos maravillosos hijos. También tengo dos hija y tres nietos de un previo matrimonio.

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    Pockets Presents: The Introduction of Pockettes

    The reason why Melody just laughed it off about the items she bought being magic. She thought Mr. Lee was just making small talk. She finds out later that her pockets really are magic. Mr. Lee could have told her that the pockets were magic. But they’re only magical if the owner’s heart is good and because Melody is good …the pockets are magical. The same way if the owner’s heart has bad intention to do wrong. Then their pockets will have no reaction. They would just be regular old pockets with no meaning. So make your pockets shine and filled them up with good things. Even if you just put a pen in your pocket. You will never know when someone needs something to write with. They may not need one today. But, you are doing good because you are putting good and useful things in your pockets for others. That’s a great way to start

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    Mysticality Doorway

    The creation of the universe is the work of God. And the existence of the one who creates is his own business, nobody needs to ponder his mystery of how he came to be because it can only be revealed by Him. The world needs harmony to bring forth prosperity. You are encouraged to step into the “Mysticality Doorway” to learn the way to ETERNITY and all the good things of life, they come only by Jesus Christ. It is better to hearken to His doctrine than anything else.

    About the Author
    The author of this book is Gerald D. Joseph. I believe that God and Jesus Christ is one. And the holy birth of the Son of our Creator was planned by God and was archived by Angels. What comes out of the mind of God is pure and holy. Our Saviour is a page from the books of Heaven who thought Humanity the righteousness of God, he is fully qualified to reign Heaven and Earth.

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    Flowers, Butterflies and Bees

    An interesting and unique take on Nature as a whole, with some great imagery. It describes the life cycle of flowers, as well as that of butterflies. It appeals to toddlers and beginning readers, while it’s charming enough to also appeal to adults reading it to younger children.

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    A Personal Testimony

    Psalm 23 is a lyrical masterpiece that exposes the power of relationship. The relationship between Shepherd and sheep shows how David feels as he speaks about God as his Shepherd.
    A Personal Testimony is a practical, transparent, and encouraging guide to the relationship dynamic. In in you’ll learn:
    • He Guides Us.
    • He Guards Us.
    • He Guarantees Us.

    Gain knowledge of what the Shepherd does for the sheep.

    About the Author
    H BERNARD YOUNG Sr. is the senior pastor of the Thankful Baptist Church in Rome, Ga. He is the founder of Relevant Rhema Ministries and author of the book Bridging the Gap.