• Revelations Road to Armageddon

    From the beginning of time, man has questioned himself as to where mankind came from. Obviously, the human race is the creation of the almighty God, who created mankind in his own image. We have to accept the fact that we didn’t evolved from animals as others may say. Mankind is the greatest creation of God, and the way mankind has developed in technology, is proof of this. Mankind can do just about anything, which animals don’t have the same privilege of, with the technology that they have developed, other than breathing breath into man. The human DNA cannot change, nor can animals DNA change from animals DNA to humans DNA. However, mankind found it hard to live in harmony and unselfishness, and kept on fighting among themselves; this fighting led to the great war of the super powers of our modern world, as we read about in Revelations, predicted in the Bible. However, after the battle of Armageddon, mankind will finally reunite and live in harmony. The “Revelations Road to Armageddon” begins here.

  • Seasoned Practitioner’s Path to Healthy Living

    Adam was a guy who enjoyed helping people in need of medical attention. He was a well-seasoned and experienced practitioner. Adam got all of his medical experience from various medical courses and Medical Encyclopedia books of medicines, along with a long range of other medical books. Adam actually knew so much about medicines that he would lecture to international physicians and others about his success with natural hormones and nutritional therapies in his practice. This book will include some drugs on the market that don’t work for certain medical conditions and Natural Therapies that do. Adam’s medical testimonies will walk us through this seasoned practitioner’s path to healthy living, as we will also hear from some of Adam’s customers who called Adam “The Miracle Doctor”. We will see and witness the ways that Adam treat and make miraculous turn a rounds for cancer patients; Find out why we need and can’t live without Iodine; Salt your way to health; The miracle of Natural Hormones; Overcoming Arthritis; Overcoming Thyroid Disorders; The guide to a Gluten-Free Diet; The guide to healthy eating; and the guide to a Dairy-Free Diet.
    Here is Adam’s testimony on The Path to Healthy Living.

  • True Confession: A Close Call Back To Prison

    Neither the Electrical field, clothing store or sale of drugs were able to make a change to bring Peter closer to becoming wealthy, till eventually Peter ended up in prison being caught with cocaine where he became diagnosed with being schizophrenic because he was un able to cope with prison life.
    He was later released from prison and got a job as an electrical inspector where he later decide to abstract electricity from the power company and was caught and barely missed going to prison for a second time as he was given a suspended sentence.
    Now Peter is presently employed with an electrical company where he is in the process of seeking a loan from an institution to pay off the back fees that he owes the power company.