• The Seven Churches of Asia Minor: The Churches in Revelation

    If you have ever read about the seven churches of Asia Minor, or the seven churches in Revelation, and wondered what they are all about, this book will help you get a deeper insight into the character of these churches. You will get a look at their geographical locations, their historical backgrounds, and their experiences that shaped the way Christ addressed them. Christ introduced himself to these seven churches in seven different ways because their works were different, and he wrote them according to their works. The church of Ephesus—the first of the seven, left its first love, and the last of the seven, the church of Laodicea focused on material wealth without recognizing that Christ was on the outside knocking, seeking the opportunity to come in. The Seven Churches of Asia Minor, (The Churches in Revelation) will take you through each church one by one; it will help you to identify actions for which they were chastened or encouraged. Five out of these seven churches were admonished, warned, and given specific steps to take for their restoration. They could take these steps of face the consequences that were meted out by Christ himself. This book will certainly be an eye-opener for any church or individual who are curious to know more about the seven churches in the book of Revelation.

    About the Author:

    Dr. Orville Beckford Sr. has been a pastor for thirty years, in Jamaica, the Easters Caribbean, Rochester New York, Rochester New York (1995-2011), and now in New Rochelle New York, 2011—present. He has a Bachelor of Divinity, a BA in Biblical Studies, a MA in Psychology and Christian Counseling, and a PhD in Philosophy in Biblical Studies. He and his wife Deana, have three children, and lives in Peekskill New York.