• The Egg in the Crate

    About the Book
    “My book is about a family that moves into a castle that has creatures running around it. The oldest daughter is now in a situation of trying to protect her family, the kingdom, and trying to rid the castle of them. While trying to find the answers to the situations. She learns the history of the castle. Are you brave enough to find out? If so read this book.
    Take a breath and then put yourself into the challenge of solving how to defeat the creatures or parish with Rosecena. Be brave, strong and enjoy the book .”

    About the Author
    My name is April Smith. My hobbies are writing, reading, playing games and watching tv. I went to high school, got my diploma and in sixth grade learned that I like to write. I love animals, and going to church. I would like for my book to reach all ages of people. Let’s see if Rosecena survives or does everyone dies. The book will encourage you plus keep you interested in the story. Whoever reads this book must be brave because you’ll find a lot of yourself in Rosecena. Enjoy this book and find the hero that is in you.

  • Let’s Go Fishing: Evangelism – Go Into All the World!

    About the Book
    Dr. Carol is the founder of I.N.R.E.A.C.H. Ministries, which combine training and instructions for church leadership as they provide education to church workers to grow, develop, and “close the door” to addition that are the results from the work of evangelism. I.N.R.E.A.C.H. is the acronym for (Intercessory Prayer; New Beginning classes for new members, which include living life victoriously; Evangelism Outreach, one on one way or corporate; Administration, Adjutancy, Altar training, serving as an Armor Bearer in the local church; Church Protocol; Harvest Outreach or Worldwide Outreach.

    The I.N.R.E.A.C.H. MINISTRIES is pursuing its first “LET'S GO FISHING CRUSADE 2022″in Costa Rica during that summer. Evangelist Carol is determined to fulfill “The Call” written in St. Luke 14:23 “Go out unto the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled.”

    About the Author
    Dr. Carol J. Pryor was born in Jackson, Michigan by the Late Deacon Willis Pryor, Sr. and Mother Flora B., as they served God wholeheartedly as examples for each of the eight out of nine born to strive to achieve all. Her grandfather established one of the first Church of God in Christ in southern Illinois during 1917. The church was later renamed the Pryor Memorial Church of God in Christ, in Villa Ridge, Illinois; fondly named Pryor Town, since all occupants are related to the Pryor family. Dr. Carol received degrees in education from Jackson Community College and Eastern University, which certified her as an elementary teacher, teaching children from kindergarten through nineth grades in Flint, Michigan. After retirement from Flint Community School District in 2007, she retired and relocated to Houston, Texas. She challenged herself to pursue higher education, by achieving her Master and a Doctorate Degrees from the North Carolina College of Theology in Wilmington, North Carolina in 2011. During that same year, she received certification as a Christian Counselor from the International Christian Institute in Houston, Texas.

  • LAW of WAR of LAND for the REPUBLIC of VIETNAM

    About the Book

    Law of War of Land of Bright Quang, he struggles for justice as a prisoner of war. Just because the unjust laws are to be the self-evident-truths of the constitutional rights, the use of the greatest power deprives the rights to life of the innocent humankind without having regrets. Significantly, the insensitivity of the powerful nations does not only rob other sacred foreign nations but also lack of ethical consciences has trampled down the weakest people in order to satisfy their aggressions. Despite this, these powerful nations have not respectfully expressed religions, but they’ve used figures of religion’s powerful expression of their sublime’s powers.
    His struggle takes wisdom to conquer the delusive laws whilst a modern civilization expresses a play on trick in the laws. Obviously, all of the laws of a great power America have been enacted for the Vietnam War which is why a great power has not enforced any laws. When great power America did not only abuse the laws in order to bully a weak nation but also trampled down the sovereignty and self-determination of a small country as the Republic of Vietnam. In this event, the laws are expressed belligerent by inhumanity without having been enforced for justice-cause. So the respectfulness of the laws is lost by the chicanery.
    The super values of the law are clarified by the justice-cause if law has not been enforced thoroughly, we would call the delusive laws of the greatest power. Therefore, we the people should fight for justice as a nation because law is logic symbolized by the rule of law without having dictatorship. Furthermore, the law is expressed by the honor, dignity, and constitution of the people’s race and the nation- as a result, law is law. Finally, when a great power has enacted unjust law to become the constitutional rights, the Great Power America can not represent for modern civilized and progressive society. Of course, a great power and modern civilization does not only esteem law but also loves human beings in all without having to be discriminated against for human rights and deprived of the rights to life of mankind.

    About the Author

    Bright Quang Author has been composed for the eighteen books, whilst he’s poet, sculptor and painter’s specialist. He struggles for justice as a prisoner of war of proxy war America in the Republic of Vietnam without having compensated for prisoner of war when the US Congress enacted H.R. 7885 Pub-L 88-205 Approved December 16, 1963 in order to occupy his country. While he came to US on November 23, 1993, graduated a Bachelor Degree in Art, and earned Nonprofit Management in CSU Hayward, East Bay. As a result, the rest of his life fights for justice because perform justice that’s peaceful as demagogy’s anti-justice of the unjust law is become the constitution rights.

  • Ramblings & Other Thoughts: A Collection of Modern Poetry

    About the Author
    Rambling and Other Thoughts: A Collection of Modern Poetry is a set of work regarding the daily grind where thoughts are entangled and enmeshed with other people thoughts, song lyrics, movie quotes, and such and a person’s thoughts are not their own. Confusion daily? Confusion constant. Living out loudly one’s life while combatting not being a duplicate of everyone else.

    About the Author
    Michael Mohan Joshua is an eccentric/eclectic author/artist in search of same things as everyone else in the world— Freedom!

  • U.S.A. is still the World’s No. 1

    About the Book

    America’s strength as the superpower extraordinaire came from conquering the impossible things, especially those things that, throughout man’s history, have been thought of as absolutely impossible, and perhaps pertaining only to the realms of fantasy. Soaring through the sky effortlessly, invention of the ultimate weapon, and unlocking of nature and life’s Enigma Code are three such monumental milestones of mankind’s biggest successes. These are all the results of American painstaking efforts, admirable ingenuity, and undaunting quests for the unchartered waters. Before these famous successes, there were in fact uncountable epic failures.

    About the Author

    Elvis Newman is a highly sought-after motivational and futurist writer. He has written thought-provoking books for those of us who have chosen to be on our life path, who have cared about the latest trends in technology, society, and the world. He is known for his lively and conversational way of presenting abstract concepts in the fields of science, business, and sociology to lay audiences. He hopes that this book will help you become the best version of yourself. Please list my website: www.ElvisNewman.com

  • Our Parents Sins Breaking the Cycle

    About the Book
    Every soul has an agreement with God to fulfil a certain purpose. But fulfilling this purpose will not be fully achieved until generational sins are broken. God has given us all the choice of free will but unfortunately, humanity has taken it for granted. The naivety of mankind not being aware of the power in choice, or how it affects souls especially within a family. The repercussions to some of our choices that are made can last for generations. Life‘s journey is not a singular one, each individual is part of a soul group that is plagued by emotional disappointments created from the choices made by not only themselves but that of our parents. The ego repetitiously uses the emotional pain we carry, until we successfully energetically fall to lower consciousness. Where we continue to make choices from a place of disconnectedness, discouraging us from fulfilling our destiny This memoir is about how I dared to take the journey within connecting to my inner child. With the guidance of Spirit, I was able to unravel my parent’s stories revealing threads that lead back to me. Uncovering family secrets forced a healing deep within me, by consciously breaking a repetitive cycle of Our Parents Sins.

    About the Author
    Traveling to over thirty countries, living in six, Bernard Fisher a native New Yorker, a former international model, currently an actor. Embarked on a journey around the world, unaware that it would lead him on a journey with in, healed by becoming aware of self, freeing him of generational sins.

  • The Easy

    About the Book

    Amanda Bucelli is a twenty-something waitress aspiring writer/producer frustrated with having to wait on tables to make a living! Amanda needs a a change for fulfillment; frustrated thus far with what LIFE has offered her. Amanda writes a screenplay about the day in the life of Amanda Bucelli at the restaurant THE EASY! Filled with crazy co-workers as well as crazy customers…this is a story that will sell! Right?

    Along comes Danny, Amanda's life partner— reading the screenplay THE EASY that Amanda Bucelli has written for you all. His critique is that, “”this a not a well written story, She(Amanda) should pursue a more steady career such as Advertising/Marketing, Something! She isn't getting any younger working tables at THE EASY!””

    Anyway, he didn't take time off from work to discuss THE EASY, he came to have sex!
    As they discuss this subject and start to get it on, The PHONE RINGS!! It is Mark, the manager, at THE EASY! THE EASY has a shift available!

    About the Author

    “Michael Mohan Joshua is an author/artist/filmmaker attempting to survive each day to the fullest. This is Joshua's attempt at capturing a moment in his life when waiting tables was par for the course when trying to make independent movies. THE EASY will be in production as a motion picture in the near future. Other works by Joshua include screenplays, poetry books, novellas, and novels.


  • Joy Cometh in The Morning!

    About the Book
    Joy is one of the Characteristic of the Holy Spirit or Fruits of the Spirit. When you receive Salvation, Holy Spirit is a gift that come and make his home inside of you. He is that Power that Raise Jesus from the dead and he will complete his job by leading you to live eternally in Heaven.

    He is a person, with himself he brings you joy and 8 other Characteristics. Joy is the jubilation you feel inside that which is peace and contentment, even in the times of great troubles. However, the devil is always trying to steal your Joy, but he can’t, because greater is He that is inside of you, than he that is in the world!

    Read this book to learn more about him, the Holy Spirit.

    About the Author

    Author Bio: Rev. Dr. Loretta Yvonne Howard is a born-again Christian of 40 years. I am an Ordained Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I attended Bethune-Cookman University of Daytona Beach, Florida I received a B.S Degree in Elementary Education in 1975 and my Doctor of Divinity from St. Thomas Christian University in Jacksonville, Florida I. 2017.

    I taught Elementary School in the Duval County School System for over 20 years after which the Lord called me to authorship.

    I reorganized and restocked, along with establishing on-line books, put on awesome Book Fairs at the Library of the Potter’s House Christian Academy in Jacksonville, Florida.

    I am a mother of 5 successful Children, (the Lord has blessed each of them), 10 grandchildren, and 2 great-grandchildren. I also have 2 Son-In- Laws and 1 Daughter-In Law. I am a Widow.

  • Life and Times of Carl E. Franklin

    About the Book

    This is a true story about me, Carl E. Franklin; a young Black man that grew up in a smal southern Texas town. In my autobiography or memoir as some would put it. Here I talk about how I and my family grew up being poor. I will tell you about my experiences with my family as we moved from place to place as migrant workers. I talk about the hardships we endured along the way. In this book I talk about the racism that I have encountered as I grew up. Not all Blacks grew up poor, but unfortunately my family was one that did. I am here to tell my story.

  • Walking And Thinking In Manhattan

    Walking and Thinking in Manhattan takes you on a poetic journey to and through New York City. As the poet is confronted with loss, the words expressed in the poem are those of loss. As the poet feels optimism the words take a twist and convey this positivity. If you ever wanted to shout out at the top of your lungs in one of the greatest cities in the world, walk and think with me in N Y C!

    About the Author
    Michael Mohan Joshua is an eccentric/eclectic author/artist in search of same things as everyone else in America— Freedom!