• Life With My Only Son

    Her first book “The Girl Who Cried Daddy” was an autobiography of her as a preacher’s daughter growing up in a very religious family. This 2nd book is about riveting family interactions, which reaps laughs, fun, and ultimately tears.

    Living with My Only Son,” talks about the tragic ending of her son’s life that was never expected.

    About the Author:

    This first time author, is the only girl of three siblings, she’s a preacher’s daughter, and the mother’of only one son, and the grandmother of one 5 year-old energetic, lovable grandson, she was born and raised in the city of Atlanta, in 1963.

  • The Girl Who Cried Daddy

    The girl who cried daddy.! is a book of heart-wrenching, but deeply ultimately, uplifting story of family, love, loyalty, about the Author, an autobiography of little girl, that grew up without a loving mother, wandering through her early life as a young girl and lady, unaware of danger, wrong and right, because she had no one to teach her anything about the facts of life, Her mother passed when she was only 2 years old. She was just 11 years old, when she was taken from her previous step parents, whom she thought were her biological parents, she was taken after when her dad first became a preacher, she learned that she didn’t have a real mother, when she began staying with her father and two brothers at the age of 11, a young girl that age really needed a mother’s love and someone to give her advice. but she managed to get through Grammar school, living with her step parents, and she lived with grandmother , which was my dad’s mother the rst year of high school, even though was called a holy roller girl, and teased by other kids, by the little
    head coving I was made to wear, by my 3rd step mom, and I never went to my high school prom, because our holy family didn’t think it was appropriate, and none of the boys would talk to me, also it was against her family religion ,her dad didn’t allow her to have a boyfriend ,or even talk to boys, so after high school ,she went on and finish her nursing , at Ga Medical Institute, Atlanta GA in 1993, doing things, little girls did
    was all missed, SHE WANTED TO be A CHEERLEADER IN HIGH SCHOOL, BUT HER DAD SAID THAT THE SKIRTS THEY WORE WERE TOO SHORT! and no daughter of his is gonna wear anything like that, those were his rules, that I had to live by! as long as I were a minor in his house, my father Bishop Smith ,was a very strict, Preacher., with his 3 kids, family and his church. But any time anyone in the church or in our family had any type of problems, they would always cry to my Daddy! Bishop Please pray for me, but my father failed to realize , is that his three children especially his only Daughter, was Crying all the time asking God why did her
    Biological Mother!! DIE? So young! At age 24, never ever got to see us reach puberty, or even start school, I was a Sad Girl for years missing the Love of a REAL Mother.