• You Are Your Brother’s Keeper

    Reading this book will encourage you to allow the love of God to live within you. You’ll be able to forgive, show love, make sacrifices, mentor and care for someone else other than yourself.


    About the author:

    My name is Minnie Russaw Jordan. I live in a small town called, Clayton, Alabama. I love the peace and quiet of country living. My hobbies are reading, writing, and gardening. I like to see things grow and I have a passion for outreaching. I have five brothers and five sisters. I also have two sons, seven grandchildren, and three great grandchildren.

  • When I Was A Little Girl, My Father Taught Me How To Pray

    This book is about how God used a man that could not read nor write to instill Godly values into his children’s lives. He was a man that prayed with his family, making sure that prayer was a number one priority. He worked hard to provide for the family, walking in authority. He knew how to discipline, yet show real love in the anointing of God. This caused a small child to realize how important it is to pray. She saw the difference in the life of a father that prayed and lived a life before her. Even through near death experiences, divorce, tragedy, and sickness, she finds out that the power of prayer is real, and now she is also walking in the same spirit of prayer to instill into the next generation. There are seven steps in this book that God used to orchestrate this which is guaranteed to work.