• A Strange Noise

    “A Strange Noise” is a collection of poetry and illustrations which portrays a cynical and humorous view of the issues which plague contemporary inhabitants of our planet today. It bounces issues like codependence, anxiety, hypocrisy, and obsessions around irreverently, accompanied by illustrations to enhance each thought provoking viewpoint.

    About the Author:

    Louise won the poetry award for the city of Houston at the age of nine, while attending elementary school. She has two poems published in the National and International Library of Poetry; “Barrel Racing”, and “Green In My Blue”. While attending high school, she was awarded a five-year art scholarship to The Museum of Fine Arts, in Houston, Texas. She majored in art at Lamar High School and continued on this path at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. Her poems and illustrations were on display at a once well-known downtown hangout called The Twelvespot.