• Emotional Hand Signs

    There’s another world that exist under hand movements. A world from non-material energy where spirits habitate. Hidden beings within humans that use telepathy and signs for communication. I Jonathan Spellman was able to communicate with them even through television after being zapped by George Walker Bush Jr. in the form of kinetic energy 5 miles away from the U.S. military naval base. It stated he was George Bush in the form of kinetic energy and wherever power excites I can be there within a street light pole, car battery, or even your body. He connected with my mental and vision abilities. I was able to see hands wave a form of communication and hear by telepathy. I made a report to the U.S. military that I’ve been kinetic zapped and faces appeared on a wall as something to open, but they would only acknowledge it. I decided to do a study project with freelance doctors through Kolabtree and had it logically checked by Editage scientific team. Together we developed a form of communication with spirits and opened the faces on a wall that are shaped as the five major human races. Each face characteristics give a description of their race. We will unveil the spirits from a cultural aspect throughout historical and modern-day times. Enjoy!

    About the Author:

    Jonathan Spellman studied at Norfolk State University USA (Building Technology) Collaborated with Dr. Jessica Livingston a molecule biologist from London UK. Who works at Sinai hospital in United Kingdom and studied at Universidad de Buenos Aires PHD (Biochemistry). Dr. Nupur Biswas a nano technology expert from India studied at Saha Institution of Nuclear Physics PHD (Surface Physic and Material Science). Professor James at New York University USA Studied at New York University PHD (American Studies). We united from around the world to make this book happen.