• Mysticality Doorway

    The creation of the universe is the work of God. And the existence of the one who creates is his own business, nobody needs to ponder his mystery of how he came to be because it can only be revealed by Him. The world needs harmony to bring forth prosperity. You are encouraged to step into the “Mysticality Doorway” to learn the way to ETERNITY and all the good things of life, they come only by Jesus Christ. It is better to hearken to His doctrine than anything else.

    About the Author
    The author of this book is Gerald D. Joseph. I believe that God and Jesus Christ is one. And the holy birth of the Son of our Creator was planned by God and was archived by Angels. What comes out of the mind of God is pure and holy. Our Saviour is a page from the books of Heaven who thought Humanity the righteousness of God, he is fully qualified to reign Heaven and Earth.