• The Way Leaders Think

    The only limitation on your leadership potential is the one you create by how you think.

    When a leader completes the necessary positive action to change the way they conduct business, the whole organization completes the same postive transformation. At the end of the day, “Leadership is all about you”. But also remember, “It’s more about the people in your organization who you influence and lead.”

    The individual who receives critical lessons in thinking on how to think like a leader is given an advantage in life.

    About the Author:

    JOHN E. MARKLEY is recognized for his work in program and leadership development. He has developed curriculum, written books and materials and provided training programs for local, county, state and federal government employees and leaders. He has developed training programs, written curriculum and provided training programs for private sector employees and leaders. He developed a pilot training program for the U.S. Department of Labor: OSHA Consultation Program in conjunction with The Small Business Development Centers and the University System in West Virginia. He was appointed by the U.S. Department of Justice National Institute of Corrections Academy Division to serve a three-year term as a Northeast Region Field Coordinator. In this capacity he developed curriculum and provided training programs to corrections employees and leaders on a national level. He was appointed for an additional year as an alumnus to assist in training newly appointed field coordinators. He has worked as an adjunct professor teaching university students Criminal Justice theory and practice. He has worked for the Department of Education teaching OSHA approved courses. He has assisted in supporting community programs for the youth.