• Hurricane Strikes Rhode Island

    About the book:

    Doug Stone inherits a house in Pawtucket Rhode Island he invites, Hurricane on a fishing vacation. Upon their arrival, there’s a tension in the air, Doug discovers his uncle was killed. With so many unanswered questions, they decide to do their own investigation. Doug and Hurricane stumble on a cult forming, with the odds stacking up against them. Hurricane calls his Commanding Officer Colonel John Jones for help. When Hurricane’s plan takes a wrong turn, trouble soon arises. Hurricane is forced into a big fight. Beaten down and bloody, could this be the end of the mighty Hurricane.


    About the author:

    My name is Joseph J. Cacciotti (Ca-shot-ee) This is the forth book in a series of Hurricane stories, I started writing seriously, when my friend asked me on his dying bed, (Joey, never stop writing) Now I’m on a rampage with over twenty stories ready to come of age. I decided to release the forth story with a detective named Hurricane.