• Human Relation

    There are two grades of human beings, high and low. Their grades have nothing to do with material wealth, title etc . . . But have something to do with character wealth. These character grades determine whether one is likeable or not, and if one lives a happy and meaningful life or not. High grades enrich other's lives while low grades tire and bore others. High character grade doesn't mean “perfect” but is the one and probably the only one important factor in life. Not only in relating to others but also in relation to oneself. Material wealth doesn't matter much once economic independence is achieved, but character wealth matters most in life. For instance, high grades are always sufficient in life no matter what, while low grades are always insufficient. Not only that, you always have to be careful of low grades since they are opportunistic and manipulative, therefore using others. While high grades are genuine, therefore enriching not only other's lives but also their own lives.