• Purple Blues

    Purple Blues opens a window into the varieties of language used by a community, and offers a taste of the rich culture that identifies them as uniquely Caribbean. Tales of childhood discovery and
    sibling rivalry evoke echoes of a cherished past and nostalgia for the ‘good old days’. The lighthearted playfulness that pervades the collection is punctuated by stark, often painful, reality which jolts the reader and triggers a visceral response, while the short-shorts command the readers’ attention for a moment and invite them to return to savour the experience, to laugh or cry again or simply to ponder.

    About the Author:

    Esther O’Neale was born in Grenada and has been a teacher and teacher educator for most of her life. She is a graduate of Sir George Williams University (B.A. in Sociology and Applied Social
    Science) and Manhattan College (M.A. in Education) and has served in several Caribbean countries in the area of education. She has published De Red Petticoat, Sunday Morning and is the senior
    author of Caribbean English.