• Do You Love Me? : Discover How To Deepen Your Love For God

    “Do you love me?” Imagine Jesus asking you this question. How would you answer Him? What really constitutes loving God? In the Gospels, Jesus proclaims that loving God is the greatest of all commands. He even asks the Apostle Peter this question three times! But how do we really know what Jesus thinks of what we call ‘loving God’? This book of daily devotions addresses human heart issues that everyone faces, regardless of culture, giving practical illustrations and valuable insights on how we can grow more passionate and genuine in our love for God, bringing joy to His heart.

    About the Author:

    Don was born in St. Joseph, Michigan. He graduated from Michigan State University in 1970 and earned a Masters degree from Wheaton College Graduate School in 1978. Most of his career was in business in NE Ohio but from 2009-2011 Don served as VP of Operations and Director of Student Life at Williamson College in Franklin, TN. There he began writing a devotional blog for Staff and students at the college. He and his wife Donna have 4 wonderful married sons and 10 delightful grandchildren. They reside in NE Ohio and recently celebrated their 48th wedding anniversary.