• No Excuses: Train Survivors – Lead Warriors

    It’s about school safety and leadership…

    About the Author:

    Inspired and driven to help others, Dr. Mike Steele dedicates himself to serving the needs of others and helping them build leadership capacity. As a former United States Marine, and law enforcement officer, Dr. Steele needs no encouragement to be highly motivated and passionate about life.

    Dr. Steele currently serves as an Executive Principal of a 5-12 STEM school in Nashville, Tennessee and is a highly sought after motivational speaker on topics such as leadership, bullying, school safety/survival mindset and experiencing excellence with underserved and minority students.

    Dr. Steele consults both nationally and internationally, and has helped districts develop safety plans. As a former school resource officer, S.W.A.T. team member and firearms instructor, Mike knows what it takes to keep you and your students safe. In this most recent book, Dr. Steele gets to the bottom of school safety and what is needed to survive a rampage shooter. Mike and his beautiful wife Joyce have been married for 26 years, and have four incredible children and three adorable grandchildren.

    “What more are you expecting out of life, and why can’t you find it?” – Mike Steele