• Seek Help Or Die Trying: Surviving Drug Abuse

    The book is a riveting account of real life stories of how drug abuse affects one family. As you read mom’s story and her children’s stories, you will feel like you are on a roller coaster ride of conflicts and consequences.

    The family becomes dysfunctional and family structure breaks down. All three children suffer their own consequences for the choices they made. Mom struggles to find sanity in her home as each child violates rules. The challenges to keep her home drug free continues with relapses, financial losses, homelessness, overdoses, and time in jail.

    About the Author:
    Esther Morgan wrote this true story with pen names to protect the character’s identities. Drug abuse is a topical subject in our world today. It continues to rob many lives of success. The author wrote this story to reach out to all the parents, relatives, and friends who have been experiencing the effects of drug abuse and alcoholism. This book is for anyone who needs help. You are not alone.

    Esther has enjoyed writing since age 14 when she won a radio contest to complete the story. Since then she has written many successful stories.