• Life of Inventing

    Life of Inventing is to example a systematic approach to enhancing creativity in the line of inventing mechanical devices that perform work, or some type of product that has usefulness.

    What I intended by writing this book is to provide a step-by step recipe to create perceptually from an idea for the purpose of acquiring a United States patent. An idea is the ­first wave of intellectual property that develops into three-dimensional personal property of the creator or inventor. There is a certain mind-set required to create and become successful. The text in this book is meant to enhance your inventing experiences.

    It takes many years of inventing and writing provisional patent drafts to acquire the knowledge that will make an idea come to life, in a way, so rewards can be collected for twenty years into the future for the person who spends the time reading and understanding this successful method to create a product from an idea.

    Also written within the text of this book are experiences learned while developing products as an independent inventor. The designs of inventions exhibited within the content of this book are intended to example a timeline to produce a tangible result from the onset of an idea to the completion of the product invention. In short, the writer of this text is an expert in this field of creativity and writing really good provisional patent drafts—from thirty-three years of inventing experiences. The written text can become your gold mine of information once clearly understood.