• The Creation

    This book was written to enhance the readers concerning the making of the whole universe and all that exist according to scripture and who made it and placed everything in its’ proper place. It dismisses all theories and myths that have been taught throughout the world. There is only one God who have created everything including the atmosphere. No other gods created this world as we were taught in our schools. It dismisses all myths and theories that exist by Scientist, and Astrologist. Everything was discussed thoroughly from the Holy Bible, King James Version. Everything that was created was explained and the way it was created.

    About the Author:
    My name is Rev. Carlton Whaley and I am an ordained Baptist preacher from a town called Ladson which is in South Carolina in the United States of America. I was born and raised in a town called Mount Holly in the same state. I have a Bachelor of Theology from International Seminary located in Plymouth Florida. I Have a Bachelor in Christian Counseling and Master of Divinity from Carolina Theological Bible Institute located in Bowman SC, where some of my understanding came from in writing this book and working in the Ministry. I am married with one daughter.