• Beyond White Superiority Syndrome Conditioning In America

    This book is a primer to inspire and inform those persons working to change America’s political and social culture from its white supremacy conditioning posture by advancing America’s ideals of a culture that truly attempts to build a land of equal opportunity and equal justice for all Americans.

    These essays provide information to help both Black and White people to understand how they have been affected by America’s White Superiority Syndrome (WSS) conditioning; a conditioning or acculturation that teaches them that a white supremacy culture is good and proper. These essays provide lessons learned by the author that will prompt average people to become more self-aware and better able to identify and resist the various WSS conditioning processes that surround them, and recount some of America’s racial hypocrisies and the courage that helped many Americans to challenge them.

    About the Author
    Dr. Bell is a seasoned educator and teacher. He is also a veteran observer of the motivational and behavioral effects of America’s White Superiority Syndrome (WSS) conditioning on both white and black people. He has studied and written about racial issues for over 20 years, and has facilitated interracial discussion forums for over ten years. Dr. Bell shares in this book information and techniques that he believes will be helpful for those who wish to begin sincere efforts to help eliminate racism in America.