• Maryland: The Story Continues

    My first book, Lord Baltimore’s Dream, set the stage for the sequel, The Story Continues. In the first book a great deal of European history was used to explain why and how the state of Maryland came into being, and the important role both Maryland and the city of Baltimore played in the history of this country. Through the story of the of the Kerr family, I explained why people would leave their homes and lives to venture into an unknown, primitive, and dangerous land. We have been told that religious intolerance and class prejudice were the primary reasons, but through my story we learned that most people who came here, came for very personal reasons. We also learned that those who came here created all of the same societal problems they tried to leave behind.

    In this book the story of Maryland continues as the Kerr family lives through all of the trials and tribulations of a new but maturing country. Sectionalism, slavery, war, economic catastrophe, prejudice and hypocrisy would profoundly affect the Kerr family and nearly destroy the country. All of these events, along with a family legend dating back to the family’s patriarch, lead to a very exciting ending. For those who read my first book and were left with loose ends, will find then all tied together in the second book.

  • Maryland – Lord Baltimore’s Dream

    Bill Hart has lived his entire life in and around Baltimore Maryland. He received his undergraduate degree from the University of Maryland and his MBA from the University of Baltimore. After a thirty seven year career at McCormick and Company as VP of Global Information Technology, he became an entrepreneur owning several internet based businesses as well as a securities trader. He decided to write a book about the history of Maryland and the important role both Maryland and Baltimore played in the development of the United States. Although this book is an historical fiction, it is based on stories of his family that have been passed down through the generations. The book, Maryland, Lord Baltimore's Dream is the first part of a two book series about how and why the colony was founded. The second book in the series, Maryland, The Story Continues will be coming out soon. He sincerely hopes you enjoy reading these two books as much as he enjoyed writing them.