• Our Parents Sins Breaking the Cycle

    About the Book
    Every soul has an agreement with God to fulfil a certain purpose. But fulfilling this purpose will not be fully achieved until generational sins are broken. God has given us all the choice of free will but unfortunately, humanity has taken it for granted. The naivety of mankind not being aware of the power in choice, or how it affects souls especially within a family. The repercussions to some of our choices that are made can last for generations. Life‘s journey is not a singular one, each individual is part of a soul group that is plagued by emotional disappointments created from the choices made by not only themselves but that of our parents. The ego repetitiously uses the emotional pain we carry, until we successfully energetically fall to lower consciousness. Where we continue to make choices from a place of disconnectedness, discouraging us from fulfilling our destiny This memoir is about how I dared to take the journey within connecting to my inner child. With the guidance of Spirit, I was able to unravel my parent’s stories revealing threads that lead back to me. Uncovering family secrets forced a healing deep within me, by consciously breaking a repetitive cycle of Our Parents Sins.

    About the Author
    Traveling to over thirty countries, living in six, Bernard Fisher a native New Yorker, a former international model, currently an actor. Embarked on a journey around the world, unaware that it would lead him on a journey with in, healed by becoming aware of self, freeing him of generational sins.