• Unspoken Agreements: A Twin’s Journey and Beyond

    ‘The information in this book has the power to change your life. Purchase two and give one to your best friend.’
    – Bob Proctor, Speaker, Author, and Featured Teacher from the Movie, The Secret
    ‘Wendy fearlessly explores the complexity and richness of her identity as a twin and thereby establishes herself as a powerful individual who humbly assists singles and twins alike, celebrating their journey to wholeness.’
    – Dr. Robert Dee McDonald, Speaker, Author, Creator of The Destination Method and Founder of The Telos Healing Center
    ‘It’s been a long time since a book moved me from one place to another! Do yourself a favor; pick up a copy for yourself and for someone you really care about. Being a ‘twin’ not required!’
    – Liz Hanley Raci, Bicoastal Talent and Literary Agency, Owner/Literary Agent
    Ready to uncover life’s roadblocks so you can feel good about yourself?
    Ready to break free from old stuck patterns and negative thinking?
    Would you like to live the life you love?
    Unspoken Agreements: A Twin’s Journey and Beyond is a book for everyone whether you are a twin or not. In this book you will…
    _ Read interviews from 15 sets of fraternal and identical twins that illustrate how unspoken agreements operated in their relationships.
    – Be guided through the processes of awareness, uncovering and rewriting your agreements, forgiveness, and healing.
    – Take an inner journey to create a more joyful life.

    About the author

    Wendy J. Vitalich is owner and CEO of Vital Associates, providing job placement services in her community for over 26 years. Wendy also has a private practice providing Marriage and Family therapy. The main focus of her practice addresses family issues, parenting, and divorce issues. Wendy knows first-hand about twins – she is one! Her journey to uncover and rewrite her unspoken agreements in her relationships changed her life. She is inspired to help others wake up to their unspoken agreements to live a fuller, freer life. Wendy is a featured speaker for schools, parent conferences, and teen groups.