• Love Your Wife

    Hi this is W.R. Stowe with my wife Jocelyn. We were married in the Philippines where she is from. My “Love Your Wife” book of poetry is compiled of all the poems I wrote to my wife while we were courting online some 10 months, and then while we were separated while her VISA was pending. I also included some poems about a person that was grieving after his wife had passed away. I know I installed true emotions within my poetry and I think you will feel the love and longing we had for each other.

    A little bit about myself, I am 62 and live in Ohio and mostly I have spent some time in Texas, Michigan, Maryland, and California in the United States. Then a few trips to the Philippines.

    I trust that many wives will acquire this book and share it with their husband so they can see how much love I have for my wife. God bless you and may all your marriages be successful.

  • Blood Upon The Cross

    My name is W.R. Stowe. I have written poetry all my life. Just recently, I decided to publish my poems from the prompting of my friends. I believe that writing is a natural gift from God. I used to write from pictures alone. I would gaze at the picture and the words would just flow. Then I became able to write from thoughts and ideas. Then I would just turn some easy listening music on and start writing, not having any idea of what I wrote until I read it, and sometimes it would make me cry. I become able to jump into another person’s eyes and write what I felt they were thinking. My style of poetry is simple. I feel that people should not need a dictionary or a degree in English to read poetry. “Blood Upon the Cross” has poems of praise, and many poems about salvation and prayer. I hope you will be blessed by what you read. Thank you for your support and may God richly bless you.