• Truth To Our Scandal

    Truth to Our Scandal is about a woman named Rees, that goes through life wanting this happily ever after but the choices she made took her life through some things she didn’t expect to happen. She has a son from a previous relationship that she expected to last but didn’t. She falls for this church boy named Lay whom she has another baby but only to find out that he wasn’t heaven sent. So in the midst of the confusion this guy name Macc was coming around they started kicking it but she chose to stay with Lay, the guy she had a baby by and she married him. Three years went by and there was no happily ever after with them.

    An old flame which is Macc comes back into her life as she goes through her separation with her husband. Macc and Rees this go round just couldn’t leave each other alone. But this time around Macc is not single. He is actually in a relationship with his on and off again fiancé. The risk and choices Macc and Rees make you will not believe! There are secrets, lies, sex, scandal and truth based upon real life situations. Read how the story unfold as I take you through the Truth to Our Scandal.

    About the author:

    My name is Teresa Johnson I am from Roselle NJ. I am a wife and a mother. I am a very passionate and strong woman that involves God in everything that I do. I live by faith, love and loyalty. I’m young at heart and a mind of wisdom. I always used to write when I was a kid, it was one of my favorite things to do. But, I took a break. Life was taking me in all different directions but when things started to come together in 2015-16 my husband brought to my attention that I should write again and that’s what I started to do. Now this is my first book and I am so pleased and ecstatic to share a part of my life with everyone. I hope you all will enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed writing it.