• The Battle For Eve: Biblical Combat Training for Women in Spiritual Warfare

    This side of Heaven, women sometimes experience frustration and heartache that will one day be a thing of our past. We often struggle with disappointment or failure with alarming regularity. Well, the Scriptures have an explanation as to why the world, as God created it, isn’t playing out in the living rooms of our lives. We have a crafty, well-organized, unrelenting, powerful enemy who often camps out on the couch. He is strong against the people and things of God. But I have read the end of the Book and I know who wins. And ladies, you are on the winning side. In this Bible study you will learn how Satan works against you. You will uncover how he gets power over your tomorrows
    and just how much stronger you are than he! You will uncover his lies and his weaknesses in order to triumph over every scheme against you. So put on each piece of your Armor of God and join me in this great epic battle. You cannot fail. You are the daughter of the King!

    About the Author:

    Sara Dyer has been a student of the Word for over thirty years. She spent twenty of those as a professional interior designer before going back to school for her masters degree in Theology. She
    served as women’s director for a large church in Canton, OH before moving to the Nashville,TN area. She continues to write and teach where she is invited and serve the women of her local church. She and her husband Dan have three married children and one fabulous grand-daughter.


    What do we know about the seven deadly sins? Have you ever wondered what makes them so deadly? I mean, certainly we can understand how sloth might be socially unacceptable or how gluttony might not represent a good life choice—but what makes them a sin, and deadly at that? In this Bible study, we are going to look at pride, greed, gluttony, sloth, envy, anger, and lust with a feminine eye. We want to know what it looks like for a woman to live with a root bed of, say, envy or anger in her life. What does it feel like to have a gluttonous friend? What are the dangers of a mother full of pride or greed? How do I harm myself by being slothful? And, correct me if I am wrong, but I thought lust was attractive? Not only will you gain a strong biblical understanding of how these sins eat away at the foundation of your faith, but you will gain powerful insight into which of them plague your own walk with God, and with that knowledge comes victory! You are going to be blown away!

    About the author:

    Sara Dyer has been teaching the Word of God for over thirty years. She spent the first half of her career as a professional interior designer before returning to school to get her Masters in Theology. She currently serves as women’s director of a large church in Akron, Ohio, and as a consultant with Habitat for Humanity. This is her second Bible study. She and her husband, Dan, have three married children.