• Sex: Baddest Sin or Goodest Pleasure

    Sex: Baddest Sin or Goodest Pleasure

    The purpose of this book is to help you, the reader, enjoy physical and spiritual intimacy to its fullest. Perhaps getting to know the author will help you understand why he is so passionate about this subject. A beautifully carved eagle by an artist who won first place in international competition is mounted on a beam under the peak of the gable above the front entrance to Ron Vieselmeyer’s home. This eagle symbolizes what Ron is all about (FREEDOM). John 8:32 “The TRUTH will set you Free.”

    About the author:

    It is Ron’s goal in everything he does, whether through preaching, teaching, counseling, serving on a board, or in the realm of politics, to help people experience and enjoy their sexuality to its fullest through healthy traditional marriage. He believes that freedom from sin, guilt, its consequences, and the penalty of sin comes from Jesus Christ who said, “I am the TRUTH”. Ron’s desire is for you to embrace the TRUTH and experience FREEDOM.