• Of Age and Edges

    “John Donne would love Odessa’s poetry. It is beautiful, thought provoking and unforgettable.”

    —Steve Holmes, Esquire

    “As a direct result of reading Cleveland’s poetry, my soul feels a warmth stirring my imagination. It causes me to relax and enjoy her witty lyrics as they describe life and human nature. She uses a fresh approach to her stanzas, which tends to seduce readers, bringing them into the heart of her thoughts and wisdom.”

    —Gerald W. Jones,
    Faust Award Winner for Listen To My Soul

    “Odessa’s poems make her readers laugh and cry, look inside themselves, feel the depth of her verse, connect, and simply enjoy the _ ow of words like river water dancing in the sun.”

    —Wendy Knepp, Educational Consultant

    “Of Age and Edges is _ lled with wisdom. Some of it is edgy, some humorous, but all is insightful because it is based on a common sense approach to living in the world as it is.”

    —May Sinclair, PhD, Karmic Tribunal

    “Evocative prose … discerning … profound.”

    —Janice Cipriani-Willis,
    Dorland Mountain Arts Colony

    Poet, artist, educator, actress, and author, Odessa Cleveland, shares some intriguing imageries—pencil drawings on uncharted skin, the Potter’s mold, and Pharaoh ants. In her American contemporary style, these poems open up a world of understanding life, love, death and delectation. Cleveland is off the beaten path with language and wit. The reader will explore, discover and reflect.

  • Thank You

    Thank You may be Odessa Cleveland’s first best-selling book on how to say thank you in different languages. She presents her poetic voice in various textures, colors and it is rich in gratitude for everyone.
    Each page emanates with synchronized images and words that are classic, varied and the essence of living and articulating thank you daily.
    Cleveland has written a book fir for anyone to give as a gift any time of the year, fir for anyone’s coffee table or shelf for a quick read and especially for anyone who enjoys expressing gratitude and acknowledging one’s kindness.
    As for my background, I am a retired National Board Certified teacher (30 years with Los Angeles Unified School District) with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physical Education and English and a Master Degree in Business Management and Education. I worked as a Mentor Teacher for the district for thirteen years, and I worked as a Consulting teacher for the Peer Assistance and Review Program under the auspices of United Teachers of Los Angeles the last two years of my career. As a writer I have been published as a poet in several local and national magazines in the past, wrote objectives for various subject areas, wrote articles for school, and for community papers.
    I have appeared on M*A*S*H, General Hospital, Sanford and Son and several other television shows and numerous commercials.