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    Once Upon A Summer: Penobscot Boy

    Marjorie Worster Thibodeau was born in the small town of Prentiss, Maine. She attended one-room schoolhouses until she moved onto Lee Academy in Lee Maine.

    She is the mother of five; grandmother of fifteen; and great grandmother of sixteen.

    She loves to write children’s stories and tries her hand at poetry now and then.

    She is an avid bird watcher and likes to work with her flowers. She likes to bake, her specialties being strawberry-rhubarb pie, chocolate chip cheesecake, peanut butter pie, and all sorts of other goodies.

    She currently lives in Lincoln, Maine with her husband Stuart, who is an avid hunter and fisherman. Some of the stories in this book came from the many stories he has related to her over the years (some slightly embellished, I suppose).

    The other member of the household is Murphy, a well-mannered and much loved Shih Tzu.

  • Once Upon A Summer II - The Year 1890 On Mount Desert Island

    Once Upon A Summer II – The Year 1890 On Mount Desert Island

    The year is 1900. Wilhelmina Tuckerman and her family board the steamship, the Mount Desert. They had just entered Frenchman Bay. Samuel Tuckerman couldn't wait to show his family their new home. Wilhelmina's anticipation to see her friend Emma was high.

    She could just imagine all of the wonderful memories they would make this summer, including a fishing trip in Rangeley, an exciting nature trip, and above all, a trip to Bangor to witness a theatrical play of Uncle Tom’s Cabin.

    The trip slowly becomes a trip to remember, destined to be cherished by the Tuckerman family for generations on end.