• Alone in a Canoe: One Man, One Canoe, Five Solo Journeys

    One man, one canoe, five solo journeys to five remote wilderness regions in Western Ontario, Canada.

    Can you imagine being retired (over 60), healthy and determined to research and travel alone for three weeks or longer on numerous wilderness trips into areas that you know little about? Can you imagine not being in verbal or social media contact with anyone for over one hundred days of travel? What does it take to be self sustained and responsible for all of one’s actions and decisions?

    The solo canoe journal stories are a combination of the day to day excursions and decisions that a solo paddler must make to successfully navigate from one lake or campsite to another and to another and so on while managing to stay safe and to not get lost in the wilderness. The journal stories are also filled with very real and personal insights into the mind frame of the author who attempts to relate to the reader the intense feeling of what wilderness, or solitude or fear or a number of intimate emotions means to him in the moment.

    Alone in a Canoe also includes detailed gear and food lists and trip statistics. The stories are inspiring. It is a must read if you ever dreamed about what it would be like to be alone in a canoe in the wilderness for any length of time. The book is printed in a 8 ½ by 8 ½ format to enhance the more than 200 color photos documenting the journeys.

    People who Paddle a Canoe, Outdoor and Wilderness Enthusiasts, Backcountry Educators, Adventure Advocates, Future Campers, Fisherman, Recreators, Dreamers, Individuals who Cherish Solitude, and Folks who enjoy great Nature Photography will enjoy this book.

  • King Frog: 100 of the Very Best Group Games, Includes Group Games Curriculum

    “Stop Playing Games” and “Start Leading Them”!

    Finally, a game leader’s “dream” book that is thorough yet succinctly written that combines group games that actually have been played and that participants immensely enjoy. Here in one book are all the elements for effectively leading and participating in group games that are fun, that require little or moderate equipment, that range from high to low energy, and that can be played with players from all ages. The unique and consistent game template with a game on each page is easy to follow and results with leaders and players getting the most out of the activities. If you ever wanted to own just one book—one game book—this is it! The book is printed entirely in color and is available in a 8 ½ by 11 inch user friendly format. Inside you will find the one hundred of the very best group games ever played, along with key terminology, play statements, effective teaching techniques, methods to select teams, learning theory, guidelines for processing the games, tournament information, and a creative game matrix with nearly three million different combinations of games.

    Playing games can be lots of fun. Leading games can be extremely rewarding. Every game in this book has been played and replayed, analyzed and tweaked, and written from the heart by an author who loves to have fun, laugh, and see others caught up in the enjoyment of play. Games are not just frivolous or about playing; people tend to play the way they live their lives. We can learn a lot about players when games are a “tool” to observe human behavior. Effective leading and leaders who ask the “good” questions can make the play experience more powerful. The “template” format of the book is unique and treats each game as a serious endeavor. Variations and safety considerations to each game create new and fun possibilities. Games can be used for many, many purposes. So why not be realistic and include tag, guessing, competitive, collective score, team building, problem solving, relay, and name games? Why not let the leaders and the people who buy the book decide how they will use the material? The appendices and all the support material make leading these games much easier and more fun for all involved.

    A special feature for the physical education teacher is a ten day curriculum for middle school students which include lesson plans, teacher notes, handouts, homework assignments and a final test. Why not get “kids” moving in PE with group games?

    For more information, please visit: http://kingfrogbook.com