• Not by Chance: God’s “Coincidental” Guidance of My Life

    “A wonderful, inspiring, unforgettable, rollercoaster ride that will leave you breathless and amazed at God’s goodness.”

    Doug Wead
    -New York Times bestselling author

    Not By Chance is the inspiring true story of God’s coincidental guidance of one woman’s life journey. A series of remarkably improbable events signal the path she should follow as she confronts myriad challenges: polio, devastating accidents, major depression, divorce, unemployment, multiple sclerosis, and a miraculous rescue from a house fire. Discover how, during this arduous journey, God faithfully provides for her employment, her education, and then gives her a sense of purpose. Rejoice when God also blesses her with improved health and leads her on a path of service to others who also confront physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges.