• The Fruitful Prayer Life

    The Fruitful Prayer Life

    Prayer is fundamental to the life of faith. At the heart of prayer is intimate fellowship with God. Yet many seem to view prayer as just another religious activity to engage in, not really knowing whether God will answer or not.

    In this book, Pastor McClinton E. Porter provides many thought-provoking insights and practices that will create a desire in you to develop a lifestyle of consistent communion and fellowship with God. The contents are presented in a conversational tone and practical manner that makes prayer “doable” and perceives God as approachable, not austere and condemning.

    Some of the topics addressed in this volume are:

    • Prayer and Faith
    • The Covenant Names of God in Prayer
    • Prayer and Worship
    • Prayer in the Spirit

    Use this book for yourself and then with a small group, encouraging others to find this place of prayer. One of the disciples who observed Jesus’ prayer life asked Him, “Lord, teach us to pray…” With God’s help, Rev. Porter is doing just that and you can continue to do likewise for others. The anticipated result is a “Fruitful Prayer Life.”

    About the author:

    McClinton Elliott Porter was ordained into the gospel ministry in August 1998. Subsequent, to his ordination, he served as an associate pastor at Maranatha Church in Chicago, Illinois until 2015. Shortly thereafter, McClinton launched and became senior pastor of Revival Outreach Ministries International.

    Since receiving Christ in February of 1992, McClinton has had a heart for the lost and disenfranchised. Throughout the years he has consistently engaged in ministry to the homeless and incarcerated, having regularly ministered the gospel to inmates at the Cook County Jail in Chicago from 1994 through 2013. Additionally, McClinton served as Assistant Executive Director of a community-based nonprofit organization that provided housing, educational, life skills, mental health, and recreational services to Chicago’s at-risk inner-city youth.

    McClinton holds a Diploma in Theological Studies from Oral Roberts University Midwest School of Theology and Ministry in Tinley Park, IL, a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Roosevelt University in Chicago, Illinois, and a Master of Science degree in Nonprofit Management from Spertus Institute, also in Chicago, Illinois.

    In addition to his role as senior pastor, McClinton is focused on providing practical, instructional material to the Body of Christ to help facilitate spiritual growth and development. His first publication is entitled “Manifestation of the Sons of God.” McClinton has ministered at various churches throughout the Chicago area and provides management consultation for nonprofit organizations and ministries, primarily focusing on governance, capacity building, resource development and leadership development.

    McClinton resides in Chicago with his wife Tammie and their children.

  • The Jaws of Agnes

    The Jaws of Agnes

    The Jaws of Agnes is a historical novel, documentary, and satire about hurricane Agnes. It describes the hurricane that flooded Elmira, New York, and adjacent towns in mid-June, 1972.

    Edgar Biamonte is an accomplished musician, educator and writer. As a pianist, he has been professionally performing in restaurants and various occasions since he was 18 years old. He joined the 686th Air Force Band as a beginning pianist in 1950. After being honorably discharged, he and his band toured Europe with Frank Sinatra, Tony Curtis, Janet Leigh, Rhonda Fleming and Ava Gardner during the Christmas season of 1952. He received his B.A. in English from Queens College, Flushing, New York in 1961 and his M.S. in Education from Elmira College Graduate School, Elmira, New York in 1968. He taught English, including poetry and creative writing at Southside High School in Elmira from 1962 until he retired in 1985. Over 100 of his 325 poems were published in literary magazines and many won or placed in various contests. Among his works are Window of Eternity, a life/death book published by Ashley Books in 1984 and Window to Eternity, a sequel published by Balboa Press in May 2012. He also wrote four novels and a collection of short stories. He eventually became an accomplished jazz pianist and composer and soloed on several Carnival Cruise ships and “Mariner of the Seas,” Royal Caribbean Line. He still plays piano professionally and appears on the Internet under edgarbiamonte.com. Currently, he is a resident of Hemlock Farms since he moved from Miami in 2002. He has three sons, one daughter, two grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

  • Outhouse to Whitehouse

    Outhouse to Whitehouse

    In his autobiography, Jimmy Mosley portrays what life was like for a young black man living on a plantation in southern Mississippi. During his lifetime, he was also exposed to the racist practices within the infamous ceremonial unit serving at the White House. Even in extremely different circumstances. Jimmy found that life is not about what you are given, but about self-motivation, determination to win and succeed, and willingness to make a change. It is still possible for people to overcome barriers, even in a country where fathers often abandon their children, where people ignore the wisdom of the past, and where people have turned away from the teaching of God.

    In his life, Jimmy Mosley has seen numerous examples of God freely giving grace to the needy. As a teacher, Jimmy Mosley has found that his students have always enjoyed listening to his stories about his past. By remembering the past and being committed to being the best we can be, we will realize how blessed we truly are.

    About the author:

    Jimmy Mosley is a father, educator, veteran, husband, and a Christian believer. He is fifty-three years old and has a message for humankind. His book is a generational message about responsibility, hope, commitment, encouragement, and change.

    His thirty-five years of military service and thirty-three years of committed married life have taught him many
    informative and inspirational lessons. Jimmy Mosley is a Sunday School teacher and a mentor for youth challenge programs, and he enjoys fishing.



    Have you ever felt like something was watching you, in the place you’d least expect; out with friends on a warm summer night. You’re taken on an unexpected journey and discover a secret hidden within someone or something. This book is based on true events so brace yourself.

    About the author:

    Author Randall B. Linn has a very descriptive style of writing. He expresses his ideas in specific ways by using just the right word and putting it in just the right place. He developed his style from reading copious amounts of literature and studying science. The stories he writes tap into feelings of unfamiliarity within one’s self and spirituality. He writes non-fiction short stories that come from unique experiences he himself went through or things he seen happen to others in his past. The Thriller “The Night I Met the Devil” is the first of 5-series published from his collection. He writes stories based on true events that some might call scary; sometimes the truth is scary. Some people can face it head on; some run from it….

  • Walking on Broken Pieces: Discovering God in Times of Hardship

    Walking on Broken Pieces: Discovering God in Times of Hardship

    Do you feel as if you are not doing what you
    were created to do? Are you struggling in life,
    despairing that your situation will improve?

    You may find it difficult to hope, but God has a good plan for your life. Walking on Broken Pieces will bring you that hope. You will see that God only broke you to make you better. God knew your beginning and ending before you were formed in your mother’s womb.

    Dr. Loretta Howard experienced her own devastating times of financial hardship and loneliness. through it all she found God able to provide for her needs spiritually, physically, and emotionally. As she was Walking on Broken Pieces, God encouraged and strengthened her. Discover the call of your heart and accept encouragement for your time of need through this touching testimony of God’s grace as you create a closer relationship with God and find your way out of your brokenness.

    Dr. Loretta Y. Howard graduated from Bethune-Cookman University in Daytona Beach, Florida, with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. She taught public school for eighteen years. She gave her life to the Lord at the age of twenty-eight. Loretta is a widow, mother of five, mother-in-law of two sons, and grandmother of nine and lives in Jacksonville, Florida. She is a member of First African Missionary Baptist Church in Green Cove Springs, Florida. She received her Doctor Of Divinity Degree from St. Thomas Christian University in Jacksonville, Florida.

  • The Called: The Office of a Prophet: My Prophetic Journey

    The Called: The Office of a Prophet: My Prophetic Journey

    When we think of a Monarch butterfly, the first thing that comes to mind is the beauty of its brilliant colors. So easily forgotten is the process the Monarch endured to achieve its regal beauty. The butterfly goes through four stages of development which is referred to as metamorphosis. We can prophetically compare each of the unique stages to the making of the prophet of God. As the prophet goes through various stages in life, he or she eventually comes out demonstrating the supernatural, and speaking prophetically with signs, wonders, revelation, and humility. Following the accolades of others, the prophet of God struggles to maintain his or her own sanity while going through the death process behind closed doors for purpose.

    Follow the journey of prophetess Jacqueline Boynes as she takes you into the prophet’s life.

    Prophetess Jacqueline Boynes has traveled international unlocking the prophetic ministries in people’s lives, by tapping into uncharted waters under the prophetic anointing. She has the gift of structure and sees the gifts in others. She is a motivational speaker, mentor and entrepreneur. She is the founder of Sha’ma Leadership and Prophetic Institute International. Prophetess Boynes holds a Bachelor of Ministry, Masters in Divinity, an Honorary Doctorate in Ministry and is a Board Certified Chaplain.

  • A CAT with SPOTS

    A CAT with SPOTS

    Oliver struggles to fit in because of the way he looks and begins to question why he is different. He is teased and bullied by his friends and siblings because of his unique spots. Eventually he visits Theodore at the Kuddly Kitten Klinic who painted his coat and learns the secret of his spots, and finally accepts himself.

    About the author:

    SHELBY BELFORD loves that through her books she has the opportunity to encourage children in the fight against bullying through her love for animals. She is delighted with the liberty to influence the upcoming generation of children by writing encouraging stories from her childhood about the furry friends in her life. What began as a senior project in high school has now blossomed into her becoming a published children’s author and advocate for many accredited non-profit organizations through her movement, Shelby Belford Books. You can find out more about Shelby and her vision for bringing awareness to non-profit organizations at www.shelbybelford.com.

  • Critical Thinking Skills for Students

    Critical Thinking Skills for Students

    In our fast-paced lifestyle of our modern world we spend much of our time gathering information. The internet and cell phone world we live in has changed our lives forever. The question arises as to what we should do with all this information? How do we make it useful to our everyday lives? This book gives some much-needed guidelines to do that. This book is made for all but especially focused on students. Be a learner and not just a gatherer of facts. Make your research practical. See all aspects of a subject.


    About the Author:

    TIMOTHY SAUDER has a wide experience in many fields of study and work. He owned his own kitchen design business for 23 years in Canada and does consulting business around the world. As to historical studies he has a BA in Biblical literature and other postgraduate degrees in Education and counselling. He is a world traveler spending time each year in Asia, mainly Cambodia, doing research and writing. He is author of several books including “Your path to learning English idioms,” On Amazon. Having taught English second language in Korea and Panama he saw the need of this book.



    Voilà l’histoire de trois générations québécoises qui aboutit à l’émigration aux États-Unis en Nouvelle-Angleterre. Elle est tissée d’aventures et d’événements assez frappants pour susciter l’intérêt de ceux et celles qui jouissent des effets de la passion d’amour, de l’attachement à un héritage vibrant, du défi de l’émigration, du chagrin de la mort, en plus du bouleversement d’une jeune femme hantée par ses incapacités intellectuelles et qui est connue sous la l’appellation de Lucienne, la simple d’esprit. Son histoire nous emmène au centre des filatures en Nouvelle-Angleterre où oeuvrent ces émigrés, souvent appelés les travailleurs de moulins. Cousue dans cette aventure est l’histoire de Célie et son amant algonquin, Timiskamengo, ainsi que l’histoire de Héloïse Lanouette Charbonneau, la femme qui a du “casque” et de l’entrain. Sa fille, Lucienne, découvre, malgré ses limites intellectuelles dites d’arriérage, qu’elle a des dons de la guérisseuse. Lucienne devient la femme qui, en dépit de ses challenges, se voit femme entière et mûre dans une communauté en gestation façonnée d’émigrés de la descendance des colons pur-laine telle les Lanouette de Batiscan au Québec. Plus qu’un roman, c’est une page de la réalité historique qui nous révèle les défis et les luttes, ainsi que les accomplissements et les succès d’un peuple d’émigrés qui devient à la longue les Franco-Américains.

    Normand Beaupré est né dans l’État du Maine en Nouvelle-Angleterre où il grandit comme Francophone, et plus tard, devient écrivain bilingue. Il a passé plus de trente ans dans l’enseignement universitaire. Il est présentement Professeur Émérite à l’Université de la Nouvelle-Angleterre au Maine. Il a beaucoup voyage en Europe, au Mexique, et en Amérique du Sud. Il est l’auteur de vingt-deux oeuvres publiées en français et en anglais. Sa dernière oeuvre est un roman basé sur la vie artistique de Rosa Bonheur. Il fut décoré par le gouvernement de France alors qu’on lui décerna une médaille avec le rang d’Officier dans l’Ordre des Arts et Lettres en 2008.

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    The human and non-human races do not mix; to be a half-breed is to be a pariah. This truth rules the life of a young half-elf boy named Freeborn. His sole friend is Tishamon, an elven woodsman, who frequently visits the boy. Tishamon adopts Freeborn, taking the boy along on his life of wandering, working and learning.

    When Tishamon becomes lamed, he settles in the Fire Hills and sends Freeborn to the local academy. The Fire Elves’ obsession with family lineage, and Freeborn’s contempt for the same, ends in violence, starting Freeborn on the trail to ever greater adventure.

    Author Bio

    Steven Calkum was born in 1967 and grew up on a small ranch in East Central Colorado. He earned BS and MS degrees, and worked, in natural resources for 13 years before becoming disabled in 2011.
    A voracious reader, he created his own style by rewriting drafts until he would want to read his own work.

    He remarried in 2016 and plans to be a househusband and work toward a career as a writer/storyteller in addition to raising more children.

    He currently lives in Wyoming with the youngest of his children from his first marriage.