• Dr. Marvin C. McMaster -  The Seventh Seraph

    The Seventh Seraph

    Dr. Mathhias Mort Samael, the Archangel of Death, is seeking a psychiatric consultant to travel through time with him to keep him from falling apart while he does his hardest jobs. Dr. Susan Fernandez, a recent graduate from Harvard Medical, has an incurable brain stem cancer that the Death Angel tells her can be healed by Raphaella, the Healing Archangel.

    Together they address the death of the Egyptian first born at Passover, then go on to travel through time to treat the other great collections of deaths, such as the Inquisition, the Black Death plagues, World War II, and the final soul collection at the Last Judgment.

    About the author:

    Dr. Marvin McMaster has a Ph.D in Organic Chemistry and Postdoctoral experience in Biochemistry and Analytical Chemistry. He has worked for DuPont, Kraft Foods, and Ciba-Geigy as a research and process development chemist. He worked 25 years as a Technical Sales Representative selling and supporting HPLC analytical systems. During this time he conducted over thirty HPLC schools for his employer’s customers and for students at University of Missouri – Saint Louis as an adjunct professor. He has supported and networked Macintosh computers for Washington University Medical School. He retired in 2002 to teach Bible study for St. Andrew United Methodist Church while continuing to writing technical text books and fictional novels full-time.

  • Larry Gene Klech - Messages for Everyone

    Messages for Everyone

    About the author:

    Larry Gene Klech was baptized in 1977 in Pamona California and has been a dedicated Christian ever since.

    He is a member of the community of Covina California where he has lived for the past 38 years.

    He has one daughter, Rhonda, of whom he is very proud. Several stories involving Rhonda’s experiences are included in this book.

  • Robert Buckingham -  Trafficking


    Have you ever wondered how we age and why we get sick? Trafficking, the third book in a trilogy that includes Hazing Aging and Rejuvenation!, exposes the chronic inflammatory underworld and how it does its dirty business to transform end organ interstitial spaces into a sea of diseases. The book clarifies how this transition is evoked, how it disables the signaling apparatus of the protective capillary cells, and then proceeds to dismantle all of the cells within the interstitial space that capillaries are friendly to. In the end, after mission accomplished, the interstitial space footprint now belongs to chronic inflammation and the anti-organ. In this final apocalypse, capillary cells have long since stopped dancing, and their feedback loop signals to the allied partners have been replaced by rogue influences. White blood cells, cytokines, platelets, and immunoglobulins within the darkened corners of end organ interstitial spaces now belong to chronic inflammation. The interstitial spaces becomes barren and lifeless as we no it. A perfect backdrop for disease venues, pain, fatigue and aging. It is not too long afterword, that the end organ takes a slit to the throat.

  • Gwen Mouliert -  Miriam the Prophetess

    Miriam the Prophetess

    There are only four women named in the bible as prophetess, the first is Miriam, then Deborah and Huldah and in the New Testament we have only one women named and her name is Anna.

    This is a bible study on Miriam the older sister of Moses, she has four events in her life that this bible study will help you to understand. Each of these can be incorporated with valuable lessons we can learn from her example.

    All the bible verses you need to study her life are included in this study, so grab a pen and a quite place and may the Spirit of God open your heart and touch your life.

    About the author:

    Dedicated to the Word of God, Gwen Mouliert is a celebrated author, evangelist, teacher, and is excited about helping others to engage in what the Lord has in store for them. Gwen has ministered extensively across the United States, Canada, India, and Europe. She is the founder of Proclaiming His Word Ministries Inc.

    As a national and international conference speaker, Gwen has been faithful to compel God’s people to live victoriously through applying the Word of God within their lives. Full of wisdom and revelation knowledge, Gwen utilizes a blend of strong, sound, practical, biblical teaching, along with her personal humorous life-lessons to transform the lives of those who have an ear to hear what the Spirit is saying. She continues to be faithful to compel the Body of Christ to live a life style that is pure and full of integrity and too continually seek the face of God.

    Gwen’s compassion and energy exudes passion to fulfill God’s mandate to equip believers to find hope and restoration through the redeeming work of Jesus Christ. The unique anointing and gift the Lord has entrusted to her will heal your heart, refresh your spirit, and bring you closer to the Lord.

    Gwen has authored several books to include the book Satan’s Secret Weapon, (formerly entitled Overcoming Bitterness), which has been featured in such publications as Winds of Fire, Charisma Magazine, and Spirit Led Women Magazine. Presently, she resides in Pomona, New Jersey with her husband and family where she operates her ministry headquarters.

  • JoAnn Miller - Paradise

    Paradise: A Short Story About Life After the Shift

    Can you imagine life without fear?

    The “unthinkable” has occurred. The Great
    Mother Earth has endured too much abuse and throws a tantrum to end all tantrums. Her body shudders and the ground heaves, volcanoes erupt, tidal waves and wind explode! As the dust settles, those remaining see clearly the ramifications of a fear-based society working against nature.

    The vibration of the planet and her inhabitants has increased. A “remembering” blossoms as does the resolve to establish a peaceful, loving planet filled with joy. This new Earth manifests as Paradise. Life in all things is realized along with the understanding that we are all one. What does life without fear look like?

    About the author:

    “My life has been profoundly changed by many of the books I have read. My desire is that Paradise leave the reader changed in a positive way– willing to release fear and go forth in peaceful expectancy.”

    JoAnn Miller, writing under Daugherty and associates, is a Peace Prophetess and an Intuitive. She specializes in a variety of readings designed to lead the client toward their destiny. You are invited to visit her at www.windancer-JoAnn.com.

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  • Donald Hord - Shortcut and Friends

    Shortcut and Friends: Australian Outback Adventure

    This is a story about Shortcut, a young Aboriginal boy, who lives in the Outback of Australia with his animal friends.

    The Aborigines are native people of Australia who live off the land, hunting wild animals, different plants and roots.

  • Richard Allen Pender - The Sojourners Volume 1

    The Sojourners Volume 1

    The United States was just beginning to emerge from the Great Depression of 1930’s when war began to rage in Europe. The United States at this time was not an active participant in the war. However, the U.S. was shipping war materials to England and Russia to aid their effort. The draft to conscript for the service had been initiated in order to develop a state of readiness in the event the U.S. would enter the European War. It was against this backdrop that the Imperial Japanese Navy, allies of Hitler’s Germany, made a surprise attack on the American Fleet at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii on December 7, 1941. This single act mobilized the entire nation to build the military forces that would defeat the enemy in Europe and in the Pacific.

    The story is about that mobilization and it is developed around one eight-year-old boy and his family as they are forced to move from the rural south into the industrial northeast. The boy becomes a witness to the history that develops daily. He, along with the boys from other families also forced to move to the region, have many adventures as they assimilate into the new community. During this time of shortages and rationing they must improvise in order to try to lead a normal life without the standard accoutrements of their age group. In their desire to live and grow they become ensnarled in many situations that illustrate the temperament and values of the time.

    The story hearkens back to a much more innocent and simple time. The historical content is complemented by the humorous activities and behavior of the young boys and their relationship to the adults of that era.

  • Marianna Peters Quiring -  Prune City

    Prune City: GROWING UP IN PRUNE CITY, DALLAS, OREGON (1917 – 1936)

    Marianna Peters, the daughter of German-speaking parents, takes us back to quieter times when a family’s life and industry was centered in the family farm. As you read Growing Up in Prune City, you will walk through that delightful time at the turn of the century when the “stuff” of life for many families consisted of hard work, making clothes, cooking, baking, and canning, along with social breaks for church and school. In 1917, the Peters and other farmers planted many acres of prune trees around Dallas, Oregon. The town became known as “Prune City.” Prunes were shipped from Dallas throughout the United States, to other countries, and to troops deployed in Europe.

    You will enjoy getting to know Marianna, the youngest of four siblings, as she goes to the small country church where she learned, and then embraced, her family’s religious values and practices. You will sit beside her in a country school as she learns. You’ll smile with her at cherry and prune-picking antics and activities. You will watch her play with other young friends as they wait for the daily mail delivery. You’ll hear her gasp, a few years later, when her name is called as valedictorian for Dallas High School’s graduating class of 1934. Then after a few years in college, your heart will be warmed as you see her falling in love and becoming Mrs. Elvin Quiring.

    About the author:

    JULIA D. QUIRING-EMBLEN is Marianna Peter’s daughter and Jason M. Quiring is her first grandson. Both spent countless hours listening to the stories Marianna told about her life on the farm. For years, Grammie, as Marianna is called, entertained neighbor kids, her own children and grand children, and the children in her classrooms as she told these delightful stories. With her permission, we have captured a few of these stories of her life in Prune City, Julia Quiring-Emblen lives in Dallas, Oregon

  • Bertha Beck -  The Sweetest Taste of Love

    The Sweetest Taste of Love

    This is a life of hope and gracefulness a struggle that only I and God knows about, I am a woman of many measures and have seen so many things in my time, I hope for much more than what I am giving right now.

  • Christopher Schmehl - The State of Oz

    The State of Oz

    Everyone has heard of little Dorothy Gale of Kansas and her exciting adventures in Oz. Not everyone knows there is more to tell beyond the 1939 MGM film. Those in the know have read some stories shared by L. Frank Baum, Royal Historian of Oz, and his successor Ruth Plumly Thompson. But what is happening in Oz now?

    Two youngsters named Jon and Ben enter Oz accidentally when they follow a strange, old man across a bridge at Hawk Mountain. They find themselves caught in a bizarre series of events as Oz’s citizens celebrate the opening of their new hall of fame while trying to understand several natural disasters.

    Princess Oima takes Jon and Ben on the adventure of their lives: flying in the reconstructed Gump, facing bandits, enchantments by a long-lost magic mirror, and a showdown with representatives of the American government. It will take every bit of bravery and skill they can conjure to help the princess and make it back home.

    About the author:

    Christopher Schmehl is tickled pink to offer you his first published novel. He has dreamed of this since his days at Wilson G. Sarig Elementary School. Schmehl has a BA in English/professional writing from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania. He is an Eagle Scout. At different times he has been a summer camp counselor, a machine operator in a microelectronics/integrated circuit facility, a security guard, a produce selector, a cashier, a material handler, and a grocery stocker. He lives with his family in Laureldale, Pennsylvania.