• The Fascinating Native-American Involvement in Early California History

    The Fascinating Native-American Involvement in Early California History: What you didn’t Learn in School

    Few people realize just how many Native Americans are in California’s history. For many the Donner Party, Mormon Battalion, Bear Flag Revolt, Charles Fremont, John Sutter, Governor Vallejo and Commodore Stockton are all a big jumble of history. How and why these events took place and the amazing parts that Native Americans played has never even been mentioned in the history you may have had in school. How this all came together, the amazing twists and turns, individuals and groups that made California are presented here in a way you have never even imagined.

    About the author:

    Guy Nixon (Redcorn) grew up in Gold Rush country and still lives only one mile from James Marshall’s Blacksmith shop in Kelsey, California. The Kelsey one room school house, where Guy’s father Bill attended school, was taught by Margaret Kelley until Bill entered the second grade. Margaret Kelly had taken care of James Marshall in his old age and had done a remarkable job of preserving early California history. Growing up in the community, with the old stories and original sites surrounding him, Guy Nixon (Redcorn) took a keen interest in this history and has spent more than 40 years researching this fascinating era. Guy Nixon (Redcorn) used his college degree while working for the U.S. Forest Service doing the first Abandoned Mine Survey for the El Dorado National Forest as well as the first survey of the old mule train trails that once supplied these mines. His intimate knowledge of the area and its fascinating history were the motivation for him to begin writing.

  • Rhymes and Good Times 2017

    Rhymes and Good Times 2017

    Jack Phillips invites you to enjoy a copious amount of entertainment in the pages of Rhymes and Good Times 2017; utilizing rhymes based upon a boys name or a girls name. That capture a moment in time of an event taking place to experience a spectrum of emotions and situations. Rhymes and Good Times 2017 is fun, interactive, thought provoking, and educational. It’s a wonderful book to share with your family. It also makes an outstanding gift.

    About the author

    Jack Phillips is a native of Tupelo, MS but has lived in Zion, IL most of his life. He enjoys spending time with his child, Britney. Jack’s interests include ATV riding, movies, water parks, tractor driving, snowmobiling, UFC, NFL, NBA, and NHL. He enjoys driving his 1979 Pontiac Trans AM, Cummings Diesel Ram truck, and 1968 Firebird. He would also like to share a picture of his massive, 302 pound, killer croc carved pumpkin he carved in 2016. There is a size 12 shoe in front of the pumpkin to show comparison.

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  • Escape Artist An Anthology

    Escape Artist An Anthology

    Escape Artist was first published in November of 1995, and this anniversary edition contains virtually all the same poems.

    Let me quote from my description from the original version: “Escape Artist tells of my retreat into my little world, the protective cocoon from which I observe life.” The poems are, in a simple phrase, “life, according to me”. Most of the experiences are personal, but some are borrowed from others. The observations, however, are all mine. Welcome to the “hideout of the visionary”.

    One key difference worth noting here: I have added an extra poem – ‘in loco parentis’ – that did not appear in the earlier version because it did not exist at the time.


    About the author

    Byron Sogie-Thomas was born and raised in Freetown, Sierra Leone, and is a naturalized American. A thirdgeneration public servant, he graduated cum laude from Howard University and earned a Masters degree at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. He resides in Maryland with his wife Yewande. His most recent anthology of poems, entitled Razor Bumps and Stretch Marks, also published by LitFire, is available from the publisher, Amazon, and a variety of online booksellers. You may follow Byron on Twitter — @yrubored.

  • Sunshine


    After losing the “Sunshine” of her life, her four year old child, Jeane Temple, can find little to live for. Leaving everything in her life behind, she drives off on a journey of solitude into the barren California desert, where she witnesses a brutal murder. Running from the near deranged desert killers who are now chasing her, Jeanne faces her own survival and finds she has more to live for than she once believed.

    Author Bio

    Donald Reiker has worked in television and motion pictures as a writer, producer and director with such artists as Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks and Michael Keaton, among others. He produced and directed many of the episodes of the television series “Fame” which still airs throughout the world. He has written and directed the theatrical feature, ‘’Mona Must Die”, which is currently playing in Europe, Asia and South America. His first novel, ”Sunshine”, a thriller, is loosely based on the true story of his wife’s experiences.

  • The Caribbean Killers: A Novel of Murder and Intrigue

    The Caribbean Killers: A Novel of Murder and Intrigue

    When Miami Detective Michael Preston was sent to Nassau in response to urgent pleas from the Governor General of Bahamas, he had no idea his entire life would be forever turned upside down. Searching for a serial killer preying on young women, Preston becomes deeply involved in events threatening the existence of the entire islands. He allies himself with attractive computer analyst Jennifer Winslow and the two fall in love. Immediately they become overwhelmed by the murders of five women and an impenetrable world of voodoo and witchcraft. Daily facing death threats, more than once they narrowly escape the attacks of a pathological murderer intent on destroying the peaceful tropical paradise of the Caribbean.

    About the author

    Teacher, author, and photojournalist Tom Becker spent a fifty-five-year career teaching space science technologies and satellite mechanics to gifted upper high school and undergraduate students in forty-five of the fifty states and five years in England/Wales.

    He was an eyewitness to twentieth-century global events (Apollo spacecraft to the Moon, 1960′s/70′s; Cuban Missile Crisis, 1962; Detroit Riot, 1967; US and Soviet space explorations, 1960-2000).

    He is an award-winning author of 16 books on world affairs and more than 300 magazine and journal articles. His writings include some of the main political personalities of the twentieth century.

    Tom maintains a website at

  • The Mystery of the Blood

    The Mystery of the Blood

    Apostle Hans Blunk was born in Germany during World War II as the second son of Johannes and Helene Blunk in a small village with the name of Malente – Gremsmuehlen in the Province Schleswig-Holstein. He started to work at the age of 11 years in a bakery as a delivery boy and later he did undergo the apprenticeship as a baker and confectioner at the same place. This was necessary for the survival of the family after the World War II.

    After serving the German Army (Deutsche Bundeswehr) he immigrated to South Africa at the age of 21, giving his heart to the Lord in December 1965 in Malvern South Africa (Durban) at Past. Freddy Roberts Church. He gave his heart to the Lord, went back to Germany in 1967 to undergo training as a preacher, started to smuggle bibles behind the Iron Curtain in the 1970′s, returned to South Africa 1979. He served the AFM Church in Mohlakeng, as a part time Pastor and later also the AFM Congregation in Evander, where he still lives.

    Apostle Hans is a well-known international preacher, teacher on bible schools and university, giving training in Africa to uplift the people for a better standard of living. Visited over 30 countries in the continent of Africa and Central America and Europa. The first call from God came to him in 1967 in Rotterdam, (Netherlands) but he was running like Jonah away for 35 years of his calling before he started to obey the Lord our God, to fulfill the position he is in now.

    (Jon 1:3) But Jonah rose up to flee unto Tarshish from the presence of the Lord, and went down to Joppa; and he found a ship going to Tarshish: so he paid the fare thereof, and went down into it, to go with them unto Tarshish from the presence of the Lord.

  • Their Own Anam Cara: A Journey of Destiny

    Their Own Anam Cara: A Journey of Destiny

    Everything is a differentiation of itself; what has a front has a back, what has a back has a front, and the bigger the front, the bigger the back. is certainly holds true in THEIR OWN ANAM CARA…A JOURNEY OF DESTINY, the first of the Anam Cara Trilogy.

    Sir Ailin Drummond and Sarah “Angel” Evangeline Hale, a direct descendent of Boadecia, Queen of the Iceni, in the 1600’s in Scotland and Ireland, are caught up in the turbulence of the times. ey’re faced with plantationists, dark and light magyk, pirates, druids and druidesses, clan battles, the whisky trade, and magical creatures. rough it all, they begin to learn what love, hate, loss, vengeance, hope, and faith can do to break or transform their lives.

    Author Bio

    Laura Veazey Morrison-Roets has a diverse background in traditional naturopathy, allopathic health, therapeutic and outdoor recreation, has earned an EdD in Applied Educational Studies and a PhD in Traditional Naturopathy, an MA in Athletic Administration, and is a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor, Certified Reciprocal Alcohol and Drug Counselor Supervisor, Certified/Licensed therapeutic Recreation Specialist, and a Case Manger III. She is Scottish, Irish, and Cherokee, and a member of Omicron Eta Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi, member of the Scottish Society of Northwest Arkansas, as well as a re-enactor for Scots of the Old West, portraying Belle Starr and Calamity Jane. She is a musician and writer and loves camping, kayaking, geocaching, raising Angus and Jake, and spending time with her children, and as much time as she can at her cabin in the Mark Twain National Forest.

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  • Caledonia Lost: The Fall of the Confederacy

    Caledonia Lost: The Fall of the Confederacy

    “During the siege of Petersburg at the end of the American Civil War, a Confederate soldier, manning the trenches, reflects on life, love, and the War, while awaiting the climactic battle of the Breakthrough.”

    Caledonia Lost: The Fall of the Confederacy tells the epic tale of a young Confederate soldier, James Augustus McEachern, hunkered down in the trenches of the besieged City of Petersburg in the hours before the climactic battle of the Breakthrough, in which the Union Army overruns the Confederate Army, leading to the surrender at Appomattox. James retells, in mental ‘letters’ to his wife, his experiences in the War. His story starts with joining the militia during the heady days after Lincoln’s election and South Carolina’s secession. Next, he recalls the firing upon Ft. Sumter. Joining Wade Hampton’s Legion, he is brigaded with John Bell Hood’s legendary Texans. Seriously wounded at Seven Pines, he still participates in Lee’s first victory at Gaines’ Mill. His exploits include fighting in many of the greatest battles of the Civil War in both the eastern and western theatres of the War, such as Antietam, Second Manassas, and the siege of Chattanooga, and as well as on lesser known fields of honor, such as Wauhatchie and Riddell’s Shop. Uniquely, he serves as infantry and as mounted infantry. His ‘letters’ to his wife reveals the depth of their relationship and the sacrifices each has made for the other. Through the War, he comes to know some of the most famous Generals of the Confederacy, including A. P. Hill, James Longstreet, and Braxton Bragg. Has this prepared him for the greatest charge of the Civil War-the Breakthrough-and its consequences, including watching Richmond burn to the ground?

    Caledonia Lost: The Fall of the Confederacy is the result of years of research. This journey has taken the author to the National Archives to find the actual military records of James Augustus McEachern, as well as surveying the battlefields of the Siege of Petersburg and Breakthrough at Pamplin Park, and all the other battles recounted in the novel. Finally, Caledonia Lost: The Fall of the Confederacy employs actual letters written by James to his wife, Victoria, during the War.

    William D. McEachern lives in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, with his wife. He is a father and a grandfather. Mr. McEachern received his B. A. from Duke University, his Juris Doctor Degree from Fordham University School of Law, and his Master’s in Law Degree in Taxation was from New York University School of Law. He practiced trusts, estates, and tax law for 39 years, before becoming a full time historian, writing novels of historical fiction. An avid reader of history, he thoroughly researches and travels extensively to lend authenticity and realism to his works. To write Caledonia Lost: The Fall of the Confederacy, Mr. McEachern visited, among other battlefields, the site of the Breakthrough, preserved in Pamplin Park in Petersburg, Virginia on numerous occasions and consulted with numerous Civil War historians. His areas of expertise include the Roman Empire, Early Christianity, Scotland, and United States History with a particular emphasis on the American Revolution and the Civil War. Mr. McEachern’s first novel, Casting Lots, the life story of the Centurion who presided over the Crucifixion, garnered excellent reviews. His 2nd novel, Caledonia: A Song of Scotland, explored Scottish history up to the Battle of Culloden and the beginning of the Highland Clearances. New Caledonia: A Song of America, the 2nd novel in the Caledonia series, follows the Scots migration from Scotland to America, as they walk the Great Wagon Road and finally settle in North and South Carolina during the era of the French and Indian War and the America Revolution. Caledonia Lost: The Fall of the Confederacy is the story of the experiences of a Scot from South Carolina fighting for the Confederacy in the days just before the end of the Civil War.

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  • Perspective: The Golden Rule

    Perspective: The Golden Rule


    In Perspective: The Golden Rule, David Meakes brings passion, revealing insight, and thoughtful analysis to illustrate his visceral hatred of the immorality and cruelty of war. By taking the reader through his growing years; his rational doubt of traditional religions; his political belief; his five years of WWII experience; the assassinations of President John Kennedy, Dr. Martin Luther King and Senator Robert Kennedy; and his comprehensive review of the causes and solutions of war, he presents a distinctive and informative approach to the age-old quest for world peace.

    Meakes uses a historical timeline, incisive analysis and relevant quotations to illustrate his intelligent and carefully researched commentary on global education, political issues and historical events. His hope? That this tiny seed, combining with others, will culminate in a global peaceful society.

    About the author

    DAVID MEAKES is a 93-year-old, Canadian-born, five-year WWII veteran, and a retired pediatrist. He has one son, one granddaughter, and he lives with his wife Olga in Mesa, Arizona.


  • The Marshall Minister: The Beginning

    The Marshall Minister: The Beginning

    What if God chose someone to clean up the earth before he sent his son Jesus Christ and we all know what will happen if he sends his son. Who would you send? A mild-mannered office worker? Knowing the villains that you have to face, it would have to be only one individual. He is a tired old truck driver that loves the Lord more than his own brothers. Just like the Scriptures of old, God sends his chosen that can do the job and gives him an name that will be respected in the ages. “Marshall Minister” The law man With a no nonsense in the ability of God. You have to be rough and you have to be tough. To preach the gospel and be the Marshall you have to be. But the loving kindness of the family man that he is.