• Bipolar

    The Trilogy of Bipolar Management: Part II Grounded: Facing the Down Side

    This book is the second part of a trilogy about the author’s battle with bipolar disorder. In this volume, the author struggles with depression as it affects every part of her life. The medications she is prescribed make her feel detached from her emotions and dumbed down. She learns ways to deal with these obstacles and finds better medications that don’t have bad side effects. She is learning how to be a “high-functioning” manic-depressive.

    About the Author:

    The author is a happy grandma who lives far from her children but loves living in the state of Virginia with a roommate who happens to be her ex-husband and their affectionate Border Collie. She loves swimming, reading, and watching well-made movies. She works part-time as a Technical Writer and Editor in the real professional world, and in her spare time she edits books written by hopeful, mostly unpublished authors.

  • Demand Excellence

    Demand Excellence: On and Off the Field

    As coaches, we want to be successful and we want to win. As Christian coaches, we know we are called to a much higher purpose than just winning football games. We are called to be great husbands, great dads, and men who shine as lights for Jesus Christ. As a coach, what does that look like and how are we to go about putting Christ before winning? If we do not have a plan and are not intentional in pursuing our plan, we will fail. We will find ourselves once again bowing down to the god of winning and success.

    About the Author:

    Coach Jonathan Gess has been the head football coach at Eagle’s Landing Christian Academy (ELCA) since 2007. He attended college at the Citadel, where he started at center for the football team as a walk-on. After graduation, he became an officer in the United States Air Force in 2002. While he was in the Air Force, God called him to surrender his life to Christ. God led him out of the Air Force and into coaching high school football. Through the 2017 season, Coach Gess and his staff have gone 118-26 and won 4 state championships in the GHSA Class A-Private division.

  • Lord Show Me Your Purpose

    Lord Show Me Your Purpose

    Have you ever started out in life to be successful, only to fail at doing it your way? Well, author Teresa Walls has discovered a better way. rough her latest book, “Lord Show Me Your Purpose” she has found that crying out to God in all sincerity, asking the Lord for His plans instead of her own, and discerning that God’s ways are the better plans for her life is what it would take to become a success in life.

    About the Author:

    Teresa D. Walls is an inspiring author, teacher, conference speaker, and an ordained minister of the gospel. She is co-founder of Walls for Christ Ministries. She is the wife of Pastor Charles F. Walls and the mother of Charles F. Walls Jr.

    Teresa has spent over thirty years ministering to hurting people interceding, praying and standing in the gap restoring God’s people.

  • The Poet's Scribe

    The Poet’s Scribe: One Hundred One Days To Harvest

    As the title suggests there is a harvest soon to come. That harvest was spoken of by Christ when He said that the harvest is great but the laborers are few. It is the hope of the author that over the next 101 days as you read these morning devotional poems and scriptures that you will find a deeper more intimate connection with the Lord of the harvest and be better equipped to serve Him in the reaping of souls.

    About the Author:

    Some call me a renaissance man. Others simply want to know if I will ever grow up and decide what I will be someday. Personally, I am quite satisfied to try as many things as I can before I can try no longer. I have had the fortune (I believe) of being a commercial diver, a certified welder, a Paramedic, instrument rated private pilot, restauranteur, radio broadcaster, general contractor, roofing contractor and international expositor on scripture and Biblical prophesy with a focus on the wonder and power of an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.

  • How Kitten Found His Purr

    How the Kitten Found His Purr

    One of the sweetest sounds I can think of is a kitten's purr, the ultimate expression of contentment and love. Join our lost little kitten as he takes the advice of an old parrot and searches for his purr at an animal shelter where he asks his zany neighbors if they have seen his purr.

    Finally, quite naturally, after seeking and believing, he experiences all the wonderful feelings that explode inside of him like a gentle motorboat. “Yes, he finds it… he really, really finds it,” when he receives the love of a little girl making his dreams come true.

    About the Author:

    Dawn Sloan Verosic was born in New Jersey, worked for an airline in New York City, won an Interline contest, and ended up living in Hawaii. It was on the sunny island of Oahu that she met her husband Ron and first heard the purr of her beautiful white cat, Snow. Life has been filled with many pets and much love for Ron, Dawn, and their three treasured children, Eric, Shane, and Star, as well as their five grand-children. Dawn has been married to Ron for 48 years and wrote her first book in 1976 called, “Freedom Come Home!” With a lifetime of stories to tell, Dawn has been blessed by her faith in Jesus.

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  • Ocean Depths

    Ocean Depths: A Life Book Three

    Callista is living in another time, long ago in Triton’s past. Each day brings new adventure and conflict, she becoming more entangled with Triton and his family of mermen and mermaids. How she handles what she discovers about Triton and herself where nothing is as it seems, is beyond anything she could have imagined.

    About the Author:

    C. L. Sherman enjoys writing novels, movie scripts and creating illustrations for her novels. Her hobbies are playing piano and guitar. Ocean Depths A Life is the third book in her continuing award winning Ocean Depths series.

  • Nanny in Prada

    Nanny In Prada

    She wore shiny red spiked open toed extremely high heels. I guess to look taller than her five-foot
    frame. These shoes not acceptable for work attire and would be destructive if someone stepped on
    your foot or used them as a weapon. However, this endearing woman who came to help me raise my
    children was too impressive for me to notice. Her name Mnemosyne, how impressive a soft woman
    with a silky dress and a gentle disposition, I could not have wished for a better nanny than what she

    About the Author:

    My name is Michelle Vermon-Vondra. I published two poetry books under the pen name Shelly V
    Vondra that were my first creations. One was My Life in A Nutshell and the other Pancakes for Sasha.
    They explain life growing up with my family, friends and children. I am publishing my first short story,
    Nanny in Prada, in hopes that my readers will be interested in my abilities to write fictional short stories. This story is based on events in my life, but fictional to keep my readers interest. I am thrilled to have this opportunity to keep the readers I have and introduce myself to any new readers of interest. I am a mother of three children that are now grown and accomplished and love writing fictional based short stories. You will find I love getting to the point and find that writing a novel will be my focus someday in the future. Thank you for reading!

  • Love Me

    Do You Love Me? : Discover How To Deepen Your Love For God

    “Do you love me?” Imagine Jesus asking you this question. How would you answer Him? What really constitutes loving God? In the Gospels, Jesus proclaims that loving God is the greatest of all commands. He even asks the Apostle Peter this question three times! But how do we really know what Jesus thinks of what we call ‘loving God’? This book of daily devotions addresses human heart issues that everyone faces, regardless of culture, giving practical illustrations and valuable insights on how we can grow more passionate and genuine in our love for God, bringing joy to His heart.

    About the Author:

    Don was born in St. Joseph, Michigan. He graduated from Michigan State University in 1970 and earned a Masters degree from Wheaton College Graduate School in 1978. Most of his career was in business in NE Ohio but from 2009-2011 Don served as VP of Operations and Director of Student Life at Williamson College in Franklin, TN. There he began writing a devotional blog for Staff and students at the college. He and his wife Donna have 4 wonderful married sons and 10 delightful grandchildren. They reside in NE Ohio and recently celebrated their 48th wedding anniversary.

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  • You're A Christian Now What

    YOU’RE A CHRISTIAN NOW WHAT?: A New Believer’s Handbook

    A no nonsense guide for the new believer in Christ that is a must. Explore the next steps that are vital for you to thrive as a Christian. This book can be used as a reference that you will go back to time and time again.
    • Get a good foundation as a Christian using the principles included.
    • Be inspired and strengthened with a key Bible memory verse in bold in each chapter.
    • Gain inspiration from personal experiences and lessons learned from the author.
    • Dig deeper using the questions for reflection and discussion at the end of every chapter.

    About the Author:

    Tracey Mulherin is a Born-Again Spirit-filled Christian. In this book, she shares her insights, tips, and personal experiences to get you started on your new journey, living the exhilarating life as a Christian. She was ordained as a minister in 2017 by Jameson School of Ministry. She was certified in 2018 as a Christian Growth Coach by the Christian Coaching School. In 2017 the Lord prompted her to start a business. She has a passion for equipping Christians for their destiny and calling. You can learn more about what she has to offer at www.TheEquipmentFactory.com

  • Evergreen

    Evergreen: We Are Not The Masks We Wear, We Are The Light That Shines Through

    We often allow the external world to define us and tell us who we are, but in truth this is not us. At our core we are something much more than the masks we put on with family, friends, and at work. There is a light within us emanating from our heart, and when we remember it we begin living our truth. Through a traumatic injury Trey began looking at himself only to realize he had no idea who he was. Evergreen brings to life Trey’s vision of waking up to our true nature within. We are already enough.

    About the Author:

    TREY JACKSON is the founder of Free-Minds blog & podcast. He is also the author of this book, part one of a three book series. Trey graduated from the University of Tennessee with a BA in History & Supply Chain Management. He grew up in Nashville, TN, with a short stint in Knoxville, TN. He now resides in Atlanta, GA. He also spent a short time working as a stand-up comedian between college and his first corporate job. He now serves as a medium, and authors books to promote growth in himself and others on their journeys of self-discovery.

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