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    Cynbel et Zothia : Hommage a Haïti roman

    Cynbel et Zothia est un roman d’amour d’une portée universelle qui suggère à ses lecteurs de découvrir un nouvel univers, à la fois cocasse, captivant et distinctif de par la texture de ses personnages et les vertus historiques noblement révélées et soigneusement traduites dans un langage romanesque et chantant.

    Cynbel et Zothia sont deux jeunes conquérants élevés dans la stricte tradition de la bourgeoisie et de la province haïtiennes, destinés à la profession d’avocat. Ils se cherchaient pendant longtemps sans le savoir, jusqu’à ce qu’une troublante circonstance les entraîne dans un tourbillon insaisissable où leurs vertus réciproques vont, au bout du compte, se plier aux exigences irréductibles des rituels de leurs pères pour l’accomplissement de leur dessein.

    Comme on dit, entre avoir une idée et la mettre sur le papier, il y a un monde. Le stress de la feuille blanche n’est pas un mythe, et c’est pourquoi l’écriture est un art. En ce sens, Roland Rodené, né à Les Anglais, Haïti a bien su en faire usage pour exposer au monde l’autre facette de la société haïtienne et l’authenticité de sa foi en Jésus-Christ, qu’il croit être au-dessus de toute chose.


    About the author:

    Cet homme est un grand amoureux de l’histoire et de ce pays ponctué de malheurs en tout genre. Roland Rodené est d’une grande culture générale. Dans la foulée, il est détenteur d’un mastaire en sciences administratives de Boston University. Il épouse Mona Louis, avec laquelle il a un garçon du nom de Josué Rodené. Avec le temps, on a pu le voir étonnament évoluer sur scène en tant qu’acteur de théâtre, avec un réfl exe artistique bien ajusté. Cynbel et Zothia est une oeuvre littéraire d’une éloquence historique, chrétienne et Culturelle très émouvante. C’est à lire par toutes celles et tous ceux auxquels échappe l’autre dimension de la société haïtienne, facteur d’émerveillement et d’espoir.

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    You Are Your Brother’s Keeper

    Reading this book will encourage you to allow the love of God to live within you. You’ll be able to forgive, show love, make sacrifices, mentor and care for someone else other than yourself.


    About the author:

    My name is Minnie Russaw Jordan. I live in a small town called, Clayton, Alabama. I love the peace and quiet of country living. My hobbies are reading, writing, and gardening. I like to see things grow and I have a passion for outreaching. I have five brothers and five sisters. I also have two sons, seven grandchildren, and three great grandchildren.

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    You Are Not Alone

    YOU ARE NOT ALONE! I too have been through ALL these traumas and I survived to write this book for you. I offer you hope and victory.

    I think there is a huge market for this work. Millions of people suffer with the aftermath of trauma. There is no age limit on pain.

    From these words emerge three truths.

    You are not alone!

    There is hope and victory after trauma.


    You need to get help!

    I present this collection because I think I have something to offer the world. I believe my writing fulfills my purpose in this life. To help others.

    It is uniquely done in a collection of poetry that tells a tale. They are related and based on actual events and thoughts. There are dark poems to show that I too have been there. There are also victory poems to show there is hope. I believe the book is going to help people have hope and the power to move on.


    About the author:

    I was born Patricia Louise Cox in Cleburne, TX. I am the original Danskeanna! I created the name over 30 years ago and since then hundreds of people are using the name online. I have one son and two granddaughters. I started writing when I was 14. This collection represents 50 years of writing. My childhood was a nightmare plagued with chaos, violence and abuse. Those events became the platform on which my writing is based.

    I worked in the publishing industry for many years. I worked at AUTO TRADER MAGAZINE and THE DALLAS MORNING NEWS.

    They say women base their relationships on their first experience with a man, their father. I have been married three times. I never knew love from my father making it hard to accept love from other men. I had nothing to base it on.

    In spite of the trauma I had been through, I found myself emerging as a stronger person. I am now confident and loving.I am still growing . Proving that you can survive any trauma and come out a better person.

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    Alternate Reality : The Mostly True Story of How I Became A Sociopath

    Alternate Reality is the comical telling of the mostly true story of how Steve Ross grew up in a dysfunctional family with dysfunctional relationships and overcame the pitfalls of his youth to live a good and prosperous life. Those who have been in an abusive or bad relationship know the doubts and fears we take into the next relationship as emotional baggage. That baggage has a tendency to negatively affect the new relationship and eventually doom the new relationship adding more doubts and baggage to the next. This culminates in an avalanche of bad relationships with seemingly no end. In Alternate Reality, Ross uncovers the secret to overcoming the avalanche in a comical and down to earth way, sharing wisdom about life, how he ruined every great relationship he had, and how to treat people. Ross is a great story teller with a great story to tell. Join in with his adventure and his mistakes during life.


    About the author:

    A Master Electrician living with Sociopathy for over 35 years Steve Ross has cracked the code on how to live as a functioning part of society with this mental disorder and is intent on helping the rest of the world. Steve Ross grew up in a dysfunctional home in the hills of Georgia and joined the US Navy at the age of 19. After more than 8 years of service as a Naval Nuclear Power Plant Electrician, he focused on an electrical career as a Journeyman Electrician and eventually became a Master Electrician. The decision to write his story came after a family reunion where he (for the first time) shared with his family not only that he was a sociopath, but how he became one. Alternate Reality is Steve Ross’ first published book

  • Ron Kase- front

    Kavanagh’s Dilemma : A Novel

    Like Leopold Bloom, James Joyce’s protagonist in the epic Ulysses, Kavanagh’s life is inconveniently influenced by his relationships with women. Bloom’s appointments and encounters on that single day in Dublin (June 16, 1904) is an unfortunate model for Kavanagh’s life in the 21st Century as a dynamic seeker of passion and intimacy with the women he finds desirable. Kavanagh and Bloom are Irish Jews, decedents of the members of small migrations from Eastern Europe that somehow found their way to Ireland, the most Catholic nation where they were welcome and lived peacefully and prospered.

    Kavanagh’s odyssey to find enjoyment and pleasure, centers on his time with second wife Millicent the sophisticated literary agent and lawyer, the long affair with Bianca, and his deep feelings for the beautiful, elusive and mysterious Lydia who haunts his dreams. Kavanagh’s instant attraction to Ciara the lovely Irish physician, and the puzzling relationship with Mary Lucy, a university president and Catholic nun, confuse and confound him. Somehow Kavanagh has successfully maintained his equilibrium as a popular professor, bestselling author, activist, atheist and acceptable parent, but he worries, for how much longer? Kavanagh isn’t Everyman, although he’s more like us than we want to acknowledge.


    About the author:

    Ron Kase enjoyed a teaching, administrative and grant writing career spanning more than four decades that included positions at the New York City College of Technology (CUNY), Fairleigh Dickenson University, Empire State College (SUNY), and Ramapo College of New Jersey. As a sociologist Dr. Kase is intrigued with the national political process and the influence of religion on elections and legislation, which is contrary to the Constitutional guarantee of the separation of church and state. He also believes that the Second Amendment clearly does not guarantee anyone the right to be armed except for “members of a well-ordered militia.”


  • Bishop Craig L. Cobb - front

    Live and Not Die : Using Your Faith in Spiritual Warfare Volume 1 of 3

    This volume is part one of three volumes.  I believe this book conveys a mandatory message for the believer through biblical analysis of the principles that faith is TAUGHT and faith is CAUGHT.  You must first understand that the blessings you long for and have yet to receive exist in spirit form (Eph. 1:3).  Wrap your mind around this truth!!  Your blessings exist, but you can’t see them in the natural.  They aren’t visible!  There is a process that must be initiated by a deliberate engagement in order to receive the manifestation and tangible possession of what exists for you in spirit form.  Your life is bigger than the level you’re living on.  It feels like you’re suffocating, but “YOU SHALL LIVE AND NOT DIE.”  Spiritual warfare isn’t a choice.  Learn how to use your faith in this dimension in this new season and live.  “For therein is the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith: as it is written, the just shall LIVE by faith” (Rom. 1:17).


    About the author:

    Bishop Craig Cobb received Jesus Christ as his Savior in 1977.  He has been faithfully preaching the gospel and training leaders for over 26 years in ministry.  He is a dynamic author, teacher and businessman who has a profound passion to see others fulfill their Divine assignment.  He has traveled extensively throughout the country empowering others via relevant workshops and crusades resulting in an impact of the spiritual landscape of individuals as well as cities.  He excitedly pastors the “City of Faith” church in West Palm Beach, FL.  Bishop Cobb has authored manuals/workbooks on Intercessory Prayer, Spiritual Warfare, Evangelism, Understand the Apostolic, Connecting to the Vision of your Leader.  He has written other books entitled “Born in Royalty,” “Prayer Force,” “Fishing for Souls.”  When asked, “What do you do for a living?”  He replies, “I CHASE GOD FOR A LIVING.”

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    With Love from Above

    With Love From Above is a refreshing, action-packed Christian comedy that emphasizes God’s protective care for two of His own. After Charlie O’Dare, a forest ranger living in the high Rocky Mountains, and Clair Blair, a red-headed, absent-minded scientist from Florida, meet in a most unusual way, they find themselves stranded in a blizzard, totally unaware of the dangers awaiting them just outside the cabin door. Will God’s angelic warriors be able to protect them from those intent upon their destruction? It’s all here…action and laughter, mixed with a tinge of mystery and romance.


    About the author:

    Rockie Sue Fordham received her degree in religion from Dallas Baptist University in 1985. She continued to serve as a pastor’s wife for thirty years, during which time, she taught high school Bible classes at Mt. Juliet Christian Academy, children’s church, and Good News Clubs. She has authored the youth book series The Heavenly Host Seriesand has recently published It’s Hard to Drain the Swamp When Yer up to Yer Ears in Alligators!(a collection of true stories and lessons centered on life in the ministry for ministers, their families, and church members who wish to know how to better support their pastors). She has also authored the series Treachery and the Innocentand written several songs. She has designed a creation-versus-evolution study for Christians who wish to better defend their faith, wrote Deacons Who Really Deek, and coauthored the Association of Christian Schools International’s fourth and fifth-grade Bible curriculum.

  • Rev._Patrick_McAndrew,_D.R.S_-_front

    Being the Way

    Being the Wayis a collection of personal experiences and insights blended with a very different view of the journey Jesus took after his baptism on the River Jordan, which led to his living in an awareness of Heaven’s Presence. Being the Way will invite you to join him on that journey, letting go of what was, so you can step into and embrace an entirely new way of being and seeing the world. Remember Jesus said, “All things I do and greater still you will do if…” This is a book of hope and shares a message your soul is longing to hear, one tugging at your heart, which could transform the world.


    About the author:

    Patrick is a friend, a counselor, a mentor and a teacher who provokes insights into an awareness of Heaven’s Presence. Many years ago, Rev. Patrick had a powerful life-changing experience that changed the way he saw the world and guided him to pursue being the way Spirit invites us all to be. Since that pursuit began he has attended many transformational workshops lead by a variety of well-known figures, attended ministerial school and was licensed and ordained as a minister in 1997. In 2017 he earned a Doctorate in Religious Studies.

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    The Messiah Seeds Resurrection

    This book was written to address all of the problems that the world face today. I asked God to write this book, and I hope these are His words. You must read for yourself and see if you want to participate in this revolutionary approach to addressing the problems that face the world today. I think it would be a wonderful adventure for any one that wish to explore this with us. I recommend you talk to God about it before you make up your mind. No matter what the results, I am sure that those who participate will be on a journey to a wonderful life.

  • Sukhmander_Singh,_Ph.D.,_P.E.,_G.E._-_front

    Monkey Wisdom and other Stories : Lessons from Professor Singh

    These are fascinating stories in that each carries a pearl of wisdom. These stories are short but full of wit and contain life lessons that are applicable to most of us. Although originally intended to help his students become successful in their career, the book has become increasingly popular among people of all walks of life. Some of these stories contain valuable advice to help make right decisions and to live a good life. The characters in the stories are humans as well as animals with characteristic human qualities and hence the reason this book is so engaging and rewarding.


    About the author:

    Dr. Sukmander Singh is the Professor in the Department of Civil Engineering at Santa Clara University in California and have been teaching for more than 32 years of which 15 years as Department Chairman. He received his Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley in 1979 and started his teaching career in 1986. He has a total of 110 publications as professor.

    Before his teaching career, Dr. Singh was a project engineer and manager of Alyeska Pipeline Company, handling seismic slope stability and soil liquefaction studies for the 800-mile Trans Alaska pipeline. Later, he became the principal investigator of the San Pablo Clearwell Dam where his expertise in dam engineering was recognized nationally.

    He currently lives in the city of Fremont with his wife and two children.